Writing is tough, but you must love it…

My motivation words, are mainly aimed at me…

Well writing, it is the main medium of the blogger, and often I get a little envious of other creative mediums, especially music. I love music; it really helped me in the years I was writing my novel. But the one thing with regards to music is the investment that the listener as to make in regards to the search for new music.

Ok, let me explain my thoughts on this; if I discover a new artist, normally via the radio, I wait with baited breath for the DJ to inform me of the artist, to do what most do I expect, search for them on Youtube. We invest our time and seek out the song that ignited our intrigue, and the average is 3-4 minutes of time. And this is the crooks of my envy; we can’t do this for writers…

It’s relatively easy for us to give up 3-4 minutes for the average track – and I know that it could be the accumulation of months or even years of hard work – but the end results are still a notably shorter investment for the listener when compared to the creative offerings from a writer.

My first novel in its draft form was over 120,000 words and I was warned about creating a first novel with over 60,000 words was a risk. But how to do you entice an audience to a book that no-one has never heard of and engage their intrigue?

It’s a tough question.


Because they’re never be an X-Factor or The Voice style talent show for writers…and this is it. We have to purely work, work, work, work and work some more in order to find ways to engage a following and audience…I write all the time, I write quotes, thought provoking ideas…and social media and blogging as ultimately become our talent shows.




So PLEASE give writers the thumbs up or spin your chair around and take notice of those writers that are spending hours, weeks, months and years honing their craft and art.

We are all novices until we get paid professionally, and even after that, it’s still a very raw art form that is continuing to push the writer…just like any other art form.

This was a great exercise in blogging too…and having a little mess with the format and insert a few photos etc…

my Instagram is literally littered with my work, its a great resource and note pad to my day as a creative…I often get it wrong and make errors, dyslexia is a pain… https://www.instagram.com/writermotivator/




So keep on writing…its exercise for the mind…

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