Conclusion and acknowledgements…

Novel cover photograpy courtesy of Hugh McCabe


Rebuilding the Future


Jeremiah 29v11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’


No one knows the end from the beginning; no scientist, no fortune teller, no medium, not anyone but the maker and author of our very existence.

Adam gazed up into the heavens with a thankful heart, not knowing where to start when it came to thanking God for all that He’d done for the church and the greater city.

It humbled him knowing the city’s greatest triumph, was also its biggest secret.

The Council of Reference had outdone themselves with every angle covered by the ‘keepers of the truth’.

The police had made the investigation their top priority, sending top detectives criminologist, crime scene forensics and it’s own designated police chief, brought out of retirement, to head up the entire proceedings.

The billionaire’s activities had brought many theorists to make their own conclusions and conspiracies to his involvement. Some surmising a hostile takeover, the depth of someone’s deliberations were laughed away. ‘The sword is mightier than the pen,’ after all, was one of the journalist’s take on the whole series of events.

But Adam’s theory was one he could not share with anyone; the fact was that the whole investigation had been handed over to the Keepers of the Truth – the true Council of Reference.

The power and influence that the council had was limitless and there was no problem with the financial help required to clear up all the mess.

Milo, Paul, Jason and Adam were all on the mend. It had been the best part of a week since the ‘surrender’ – as the Council of Reference put it – of Slayem and Deygar and the police had made their enquiry to why their cars were on the scene.

The explanation into the reason their cars were there was that ‘they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ said Jason. Pastor Miles car had been stolen and Paul’s identical car was there parked up due to an urgent meeting in a nearby building and that was the nearest space to park it. ‘It was unfortunate that the car that hit it had been driven by the unidentified deceased man, ‘Slayem.’

Adam needed time alone, so he made his way to Paul’s office. He made all the necessary pulls and pushes to operate the door that lead down to the training room.

It was a strange, small journey into the training room. But every step Adam took was a sudden reminder of the battle that had happened days ago. As he placed his foot down, his mind would recall a blow or a strike, and with each and every step down into that training room; it was like reliving it all over.

Adam clenched his eyes closed and, as he walked, they filled up with tears; he couldn’t make out if they were tears of joy or tears of relief. But as he got closer to the far wall he managed to open one eye just enough to see a towel hanging over the weights bench. He grabbed hold of it and pulled his sword from its sheath. Adam ran the towel down the sword’s blade, cleaning it and removing any blood from its precious edge, but he had already done it moments after their battle. It was just something he’d done without thinking; it was like he was reliving the whole experience again with every vivid detail. Then he opened the cabinet that Milo had originally pulled the sword from, for what seemed a life time ago. Back then Adam never realised the full potential of that first encounter and with it a responsibility that far out reached the boundaries of his thinking.

He then gently placed the weapon the bible speaks of so frequently on its stand and closed the cabinet door, turning the key.

Adam turned round to face the stairs and, ultimately, the way out and thought to himself, ‘Will we ever need this again?’

He then hung the key on a rusty old nail on one of the many beams, with this thought running through his mind:

‘Please let me forget where I have placed this key. I hope I never need it, ever again.’

Was it just a thought?

Or a heart felt prayer?

You be the judge…

The End…or is it…



Firstly I would like to thank the Lord for giving me the most vivid dreams ever, for which this book was inspired from.

I would like to thank my wife Rachel and my beautiful children Grace and Zachariah for the endless inspiration they give me on a daily basis.

All the leaders and pastors at ‘The Church at Junction 10’ for their words of encouragement, the long and short sermons, for which I’ll be forever indebted to.

Thanks to my family, when told I was writing a novel were as surprised as me, ‘and this from a man who left school with no formal qualifications’. Was one quote, thanks again.

A big thanks to Gemma Till (now Gemma Arias), my first victim in reading the early draft copies of my book, thanks for taking them from my shaky nervous hands, I know I held on tight for a while, thanks again for all the encouragement you gave me, when I was thinking the opposite.

All my friends, (can’t name you all), for all the help and support you’ve given me, thank you. Especially throughout the dark times, when I was filled with self doubt and unbelief.

Hayley Sherman whose help on the editing was fantastic, a huge thank you for your massive contribution in getting it to, not only look good, but make sense. I hope we can work together on future projects. Link to her site:

Thanks to Hugh Mcabe for the use of the photograph, he took, that graces the cover of this book. You have a genuine gift, not only did I find an image worthy to be placed on the front cover, but I also found a friend. Thanks again. The picture is called “Cloaked Figure” and was taken in the Pere Lachaise graveyard in Paris. Link to his site:

Last but certainly not least. Thanks again to God for strengthening my faith and to the apostle Paul, the first true Master Disciple, for all the inspiration your words in the ‘good book’ gave me.


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