Chapter 1…The Grace of God…

Matthew 7v7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Beyond the Door

Seek….Knock…. and the door is opened

Sean and Simon only could manage a look into the vault from the safety of the basement. Trepidation haunted them like a plague. But finally, the pair stepped in, all their nervousness and fear were short-lived the vault was more like a library; and it was immaculate apart from all the dust.

The room the pair stood in wasn’t huge in the sense of the word but vast in its careful design. Whoever had constructed it would have been a true master craftsman. With a quick wipe of Sean’s hand, he brushed off a little of the many years of dust and neglect to reveal a rich deep mahogany table at its centre with an elegant leather chair. The three walls of the nine by nine-foot vault were clad in matching mahogany shelves, cupboards, glass-fronted cabinets and filing units, all antique and very expensive looking.

The pair had never seen a mahogany filing cabinet before and Simon was so intrigued by it.

‘’I’m going to get some polish and a few dusters this stuff looks amazing’’.

Sean stopped his brother getting the supplies to clean, after noticing amongst all the unique antique furniture was a modern looking bag on top of the table and a single cable running from it down onto the floor into a plug bank that was set into the concrete.

Sean grabs the bag and spins it towards him but it only turns half way the cable stopping it, the dust gave the table a distinctive scar right across it from where the cable had pulled taught.

Sean walks around the desk and takes the only seat; not caring about the dust so intrigued by this bag, consumed with finding out its contents sits down in a cloud of dust.

Simon waves his hands around wafting the dust away from his allergy riddled chest, whilst giving his brother and hard look of ‘should have fetched the duster and polish’ as he suggested.

Sean was transfixed on the bag now and nothing could get in his way. He proceeded and started to unzip the dust-covered bag on closer inspection it looked like a laptop bag and after he’d opened it, his suspicions were confirmed. It was a very early Sony Vaio unit and it was wired to a clock set to switch the computer on every 2 days. Simon was now intrigued looking at the wiring set up of the dated timer it looked part of an old VCR set to click the mains power on to keep the laptop’s battery topped up with charge.

Simon had his doubts to whether it would power up, but Sean still pressed the power button, not a bit worried if it did or not. 

But amazingly the laptop started up after and flew moans and groans from the processor.

The start-up screen asked for and password and the twins looked on puzzled, starring at a screen with a spinning roulette wheel as a screen saver.

Simon immediately got it and reached over and started to type.

Three keys were struck but Sean couldn’t work out what his brother had typed in and then he pressed ‘enter’.

The Laptop was now open and the pair had full access to its contents. Sean was puzzled to how his brother had worked out the password to his late father’s secret laptop.

‘’Wait for a minute brother, how did you know that’’.

The smug looking Simon couldn’t wait to let his brother on how he cracked the code.

‘’It was simple the roulette wheel gave it away though, see all the numbers on a roulette wheel all add up to a total of six hundred and sixty-six, 666 the devil’s number that’s always been a bit of a trivia that was bound to be useful one day, and today was the day’’.

Sean gave a quick scan of the vault and also noticed many occultist symbols all around the room etched onto or showing through the many draws and glass cabinet fronts.

Thoughts ran through their heads at the fascination with the occult and what bearing it had with their father.

As Sean sat distracted for a moment Simon had full control of the laptop and notice the e-mail ‘inbox’ was showing over two hundred unopened messages in, he scrolled down to the last entry.

The date was November 12th, 2002 03:00am Simon’s finger hovered over the mouse pad, his heart filled with fear as to what he would find.

‘’Press it’’ His brother urged, eager to find out the truth, eager to start an adventure that could potentially change the twin’s lives.

Simon double clicked the mouse pad, there was a moment’s pause, and then the media player came on.

The twins watched as they see a figure appear before them for the first time, was it their father, who was this man, all was about to be revealed.

‘’Like the video, I posted before you will understand the reason for the secrecy, I haven’t got long using this computer, this office is the least watched, this building has many cameras and surveillance. I will be glad when my mission is over.

Boys as I have said many times before, I am sincerely sorry for all the secrets I hope to make it up to you both very soon, but if my mission fails please use the information that you have at your disposal, use it, learn from it and we will be united’’.

‘Forever your father’.

The boys looked even more confused Sean played it again trying to see where he was, looking for any clue to his whereabouts.

Simon sat motionless searching his heart for any emotion, anything that he could cling onto for security he couldn’t go to his mother with this; the information could shatter her belief that her husband could be remotely alive. But there was a possibility that he was dead.

The boys looked even more confused Sean played it again trying to see where he was, looking for any clue to his whereabouts.

Sean scrolled through the other messages and came across one that intrigued him; it read as message ‘COPY OF COPY ORIGINAL TAPE mp4 rip’ my precious boys’.

‘Simon’ Sean shouted to snap him out of what trance he was in. Simon turned to see over the shoulder of his brother he noticed the running title of that message and was instantly transfixed by it.

‘’Play it, play it now Sean’’.

‘’I have made this message many times and on many formats, you may find it throughout this vault, to which I am very sorry.

Sorry will be a word that you will find new meaning from, it will run as a commentary throughout many messages I that have left you both.

If you are seeing this for the first time, I need to say ‘Happy Birthday’ my sons.  

Your mother, I hope she has fulfilled her promise to me and has raised you both well.

Please, my sons, go through the many files, logs and journals I have collated over the years.

If you are sat their Sean and Simon well at least one of you is sat there. I am no longer with you and for this, I have failed you and again I am sincerely sorry, I have let you both down.

You will soon fully understand my reasons for the many secrets that will be revealed to you over time, this is crucial to your survival the logs and journals will help you, read and seek out the truth.

These will assist you in your quest in finding out my killer or killers.

This may all sound very strange for you to hear from your father that looks very alive, but I must be dead due to one single fact if I wasn’t dead I would be with you in person and you wouldn’t be sitting in the vault that I constructed for this purpose alone, over twenty-one years ago.

Please trust what I am saying to you, do what you can to discover whoever is responsible.

My calculations have been worked out thoroughly the rest is up to you both just find out fast and work out your mission.

The mission is of such importance your births were destined by it, for you hold the key to everlasting life, a life filled with opportunity and purpose. Trust me my sons and seek out your destiny’’.

With that said the video stopped, much to the surprise of the boys.

Sean was frustrated by this message; his mind searches for any reason why a father would go to the lengths his father had gone to conceal this message.

‘’Why, Simon why, why is this so important, why go through all this to tell us nothing’’.

Simon was trying to make sense of it all himself without letting on to his angered brother, that he felt the same way.

‘‘It’s just one of the many messages that he’s left us’’.

Simon walked around the table at the vaults centre and was looking at the many cabinets and other expensive looking highly crafted mahogany units that decorated the room, with that, one particular unit caught his eye.

Simon had stumbled across the glass-fronted cabinet but the glass was all dusted up he had a tough time trying to see inside he gingerly wipe the surface with his hand, then wipe his hand down his trousers.  But he still couldn’t make out its contents the glass had a dark tint similar to a blacked out limousine.

Now his brother was intrigued by the contents of the mysterious cabinet he made his way over and before he barged his way towards the handle to pull it open. Simon quickly did the honours and it was locked.

Sean was quick to move his brother out of the way and have a go himself.

‘’Just need a bit more muscle bro’’ but Sean tried and the door to the cabinet held firm.

Simon noticed a keyhole and quickly went over to the desk and opened the top draw, the immediate draw under where the knees to anyone sitting at the desk would be. He pulled open it to find the key attached to a key ring with a single silver coin that had, had a tiny hole drilled into it. Then a piece of fine leather had been threaded through it holding the whole thing together.

Sean quickly snatched it from his brother to examine it more closely; the scrutiny Sean gave it wasn’t at all through. All he wanted was to open the intriguing cabinet to reveal its contents.

And so he did with gusto and nearly shattering the glass in the process.

What Sean found gave him a chill that riddled his spin like a cold shower. The cabinet was filled with swords and other weaponry. Sean just stood motionless trying not to think of the purpose of such items.

Simon gave a glance and was also shocked to see swords of varying styles and sizes.

Their heads filled with many reasons why their late father would have swords in his possession. 

They just needed to search out the rest of the vault and finally piece together the rest of this intriguing puzzle.


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