Chapter 19…

Chapter Nineteen

Their Next Move

Exodus 32v12 ‘It was with evil intent that he brought them out, to kill them in the mountains and to wipe them off the face of the earth.’


As Deygar and Slayem pulled up in the Bentley towards Manor House, the evil pair sat silently just pondering their thoughts. And as the car finally came to a halt in the huge driveway, next to the other multiple hundred thousand pound vehicles that decorated his vast estate. The pair got out and Derek Greyer slammed shut the door to his two hundred thousand pound Bentley, shattering the glass, not having a single care for it at all, which wasn’t like Derek at all.

He was totally frustrated by what Slayem had told him. ‘Why not on holy ground? Why can’t we spill blood?’

‘You misunderstood what I said, Deygar. We can spill blood; it’s the Master Disciples that can’t. That is why we are still alive, because of the code they can not murder us. It is still a huge sin to kill in cold blood. They can only kill in defence. Have you forgotten that fundamental part of being who and what you are, Derek ‘Deygar’ Greyer?’

Hearing his full name shouted out to him was a major wake up call for him and he soon realised why; he was on the verge of a breakdown of some kind. His jaw was clenched like it was wired up. His fists were in a constant readiness to lash out in anger with the slightest word said against him. Slayem could see the signs clearly and knew exactly what to do.

That weekend of Jason’s return was amazing for the church. He presented the church with a major challenge to come together, pray and intercede against evil in their world; that was the main subject of his sermon in the evening service and the church’s response was awe inspiring. That evening, an all night prayer meeting was planned and the church rose to such a challenge. It was to be held on the following Monday evening.

Even though people were due to work on the Tuesday, it was like God had empowered his people to even operate without sleep. Jason had come back with new passion and a stronger faith than ever. More importantly, the church could see and they were hungry for it.

Adam, on the other hand, was worried about the security of the believers in a church building all night. It was a very vulnerable time with Slayem and Deygar on their rampage.

Jason assured Adam that this was God’s time and Adam’s worries were planted in his mind by the Devil. He didn’t have such worries, and all he said to Adam was to trust Him.

But something bothered Adam and he had a hunch. All wasn’t clear somehow. So that night, Adam prayed before going to sleep.

The loft in the main building of the home wasn’t the most modest or comfortable but the main thing was that they were all safe, and Rachel felt the same way after the initial couple of nights of getting used to it.

It was an open plan space with one separate room from the main living and kitchen area in which Grace slept in. Adam and Rachel had to slum it on a reasonably comfortable sofa bed but it just brought the couple closer together, stronger than ever. The pair prayed that if what Adam was thinking was right that God would be able to communicate that to the others in time or just prevent the evil duo’s plans, but Rachel suspected it also and confirmed this to Adam before he had a chance to tell her of Jason’s thoughts on the whole theory.

The pair slept soundly and woke up feeling fresh and alert for the day ahead of them. Adam was soon on the phone, once he had shoved a bowl full of breakfast cereal down his neck. He could never function properly without his bowl of healthy muesli and chopped banana.

Milo was at the church early. After a rough night’s sleep, he was starting to feel the pressure of the all night prayer meeting and see the magnitude of the situation. He imagined the meeting with the possibility of a full church at the mercy of Slayem and Deygar. He quickly switched on the computer and waited for the evil duo in question to start talking about their evil intentions.

The phone rang, startling Milo, who had fallen into a semi conscience state over the computer.

‘Milo, are you at church already?’ Adam asked sounding as fresh as a daisy.

‘Yes. Had a bad night last night. Couldn’t sleep; got this infernal prayer meeting on my mind.’

‘Okay, Milo. I’ll be there soon. Put the coffee on; I’ll be there in ten minutes.’

Adam quickly explained to Rachel that their prayer before bed last night had started to come to fruition; Milo had, had a rough night and was feeling the pressure. Rachel gave a grin of acknowledgement but really she hoped the other part of the prayer would fall into place instead, but she had prepared herself for the outcome.

Adam was right to be on the defensive; to be the servant he had been called to be; to guard and protect the believers, who were the church.

Adam quickly put on his bike leathers. This time he wasn’t taking any chances and prepared for the worst case scenario. His short sword, which fitted into the bike, was grabbed off the wall and so was his baton and beanie weapon.

All Rachel said was, ‘I’ll be praying for you here, okay.’

Adam nodded his appreciation and knew that her presence at the home was the conformation that he needed. It wasn’t like Rachel to miss a meeting at church, especially one called by its newest leader, but she had to stay for the sake of their daughter, Grace.

Adam blasted the M.V. to church but, on the way, topped up the petrol tank just in case. Adam was just so on the ball this morning and felt confident, but also nervous about the whole day unfolding. But it wasn’t like he had a choice; he just had to ride it out and hope and pray that the outcome was the one planned by the Almighty.

He was quickly at the church building and soon in the training room next to Milo, drinking strong coffee.

It was bad. In Milo’s mind, it was like the pair had gone to ground – not a whisper from either of the evil duo. Milo had feared the worst, that the discovery of the bugs had alerted them. But then a sound came through, of singing, which reassured the pair. It was the cleaner doing her rounds.

Adam was pacing up and down, kicking the punch bag each time he passed. This unnerved Milo and then the pair heard footsteps; it was Paul, eager to start his morning workout. He too, was anxious about the coming day. Adam felt an enormous weight lifted from his shoulders. ‘So it wasn’t just me,’ he thought.

‘I’m sorry if I’m seem a little frustrated, but last night I couldn’t get this over to Jason and now all three of us feel it.’

Milo was worried but still tried to use the ‘great faith’ line one more time. ‘We have to practice what we preach sometimes, Adam. That’s all.’

Adam was now angry and vented his anger towards Milo. ‘But not to the detriment of using the greater church as bait.’ Adam gave the punch bag a punch so powerful that the bag hit Paul, knocking him over the running machine. ‘Sorry, Paul. I didn’t know you were there.’

‘I didn’t know you felt this way, Adam. I’m sorry. What’s on your mind? Please tell me.’

Adam went on to tell Milo that it was all too soon after their last encounter with Slayem and Deygar to be planning an all night prayer meeting, whilst the pair could potentially be in such a blind rage. It could be an offer the pair could not pass up. Basically, the whole church in one place all night was too tempting. It would be the kind of plan ‘I’ would execute if on such a mission, he went on to say. ‘Think like them. Would you take this opportunity?’

All three in the training room were lost for words – it all made such sense. Milo and Paul had been blinded by it. It was so obvious, yet not conceivable, even by the evil standards of Slayem and Deygar.

‘I just feel in my spirit that tonight’s the night.’

‘But, Adam; Jason feels its going to be an awesome night of God’s work and power manifested in His glory.’

‘That’s the problem; we have no idea how and in what form that power will be coming in.’

Adam was frustrated by the lack of activity at church. No one seemed to be taking the proper precautions for such a potentially dangerous night in the history of the church and there was no one to talk to about his concerns.

So, he thought, I’ll go to the home for a few hours and try to make some sense of it all, and give a piece offering to Julie, whom he hadn’t seen for a while, to apologise for his lack of attendance for the past week.

They still had responsibilities to uphold and had to secretly defend themselves and the wider church against the threat of evil forces, which was the hardest of roles and the one for which they received the least credit. But Adam ploughed on with it and thought some kind of break would give him some clarity and, just maybe, God would reveal Himself to him in some kind of new revelation.

It was still a great clear day; the mid-morning sun gave a mirrored finish to the roads, the heat glistening from the brows of the nearing hills and bridges that lined the road towards the home. Adam gave the M.V. Augusta F4 the full beans and cleared his head. Driving and riding were the two greatest ways he could do this. Just to concentrate on one solitary activity was Adam’s therapy and, within twenty minutes of riding, he was feeling great.

The bike came to a screaming halt on the home’s car park. The brake discs glowing with the signs of excessive speed and use.

Julie had heard the bike pull up and assumed it was Adam, so she went out to vent her frustration at his lack of attendance.

But she knew him very well and, seeing him remove his helmet and his expression underneath, she immediately knew what kind of time he was having and that the bike ride had fixed it. She didn’t want to bring Adam down again.

Adam was nervous at seeing Julie and had only had the chance to speak to her on the phone recently. One of the calls was to say that they’d have to move into the top loft and to not speak of it due to an issue with Rachel being followed. The stalker story had hurt Adam; telling lies was never easy for the couple but it was for Julie’s safety as well as their own that she didn’t tell anyone. So the stalker story made a lot of sense.

Julie greeted Adam with a hug and the guilt enveloped him like her arms, as she hugged him and reminded him of the lie.

‘How’s Rachel, Adam?’

‘She’s fine. You should go up and see her. She’d like that.’

‘I was worried about giving her location away. You never know, do you.’

‘You’re right, as usual, Julie. I’m glad we entrusted you with this. We had nowhere else to turn. As you know, we couldn’t go to any of our parents because of endangering their lives and we are safer here.’

Adam tried to play it down but the words seemed to just speak out without any control, so he just left it as said.

‘So what brings you here then?’

‘I just need to do some mindless work. No offence, Julie, but no-thought-required-work, you know.’ Adam was digging an even bigger hole for himself and Julie laughed at him getting himself into a knot.

‘I know what you mean,’ she said and gave a wink.

‘So is there anything for me that’s urgent?’

‘No. Everything is up to date.’

Adam was feeling even more guilt and it was confirmed to him when he went into the office and saw Julie’s name written on the work schedule board. She had, more or less, doubled her workload. So Adam immediately stepped up and asked if there was anything to be getting on with whilst he was there.

Julie scratched her head and then remembered that Joe needed him for something and she had simply forgotten with everything else going on, which grated on the already guilty mind of Adam. So he quickly went into the gardens and checked around the sheds and garage area to see what Joe needed him for.

Joe was busy in a potting shed, totally engaged in his duties and didn’t hear Adam come through the door.

‘Hiyah, Joe,’ he said, which gave him a little fright. Adam gave his apologies for not knocking first, but the old gentleman soon came buzzing over to greet his friend.

Adam, at times, had confided in Joe. His outlook on life would give him great insight into the many mysteries of life. Older people had there own outlook, and more often than not, he would find a great gem of advice from good old Joe.

But Adam sensed something wasn’t quite right with Joe. He had a more than weathered look about him; more than usual for a man that had worked hard all his life, outside, in all kinds of weathers. Something definitely troubled Joe but he hated attention, especially towards himself which explained why he had worked such a long time on his own, tending to his chores, planting boarders, mowing endless gardens and many, many other duties; the list was as endless as were the gardens he tended.

So Adam skirted around the subject and waited until Joe was ready to say what was troubling him, in his own time.

‘So, what is it, Joe, that you wanted me to do for you? Julie mentioned that you needed me for something.’

Joe rubbed his head, rubbing a little peat across his furrowed brow, fiercely racking his brain to remember what it was.

‘Oh yes, Adam. I could do with your car taking out of the garage.’

Adam quickly remembered that the Beamer hadn’t been locked up in the garage for a while and it was in the garage at the family home, which reminded him that he must go and bring it back to the safety of the home garages.

Adam was concerned for Joe and was extremely worried about him.

‘Joe, the car isn’t in the garage. It hasn’t been for a while.’

‘I know, Adam; I just told Julie that for a reason to get you down here.’

Joe pulled out a couple of chairs for the pair of them to sit down. What Joe was about to say was serious.

‘Well, Adam, it’s me health. I’m not doing too good, sir.’

A huge lump dropped down Adam’s throat as he swallowed, fearing the worst.

‘I’ve been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.’ Joe raised his hand. ‘Do not worry, sir, Adam.’ He often went all regal at times did ‘Old Joe’. ‘They’ve caught it early, so it will be all fine. I’ll be great, so you and Rachel don’t need to worry yourselves, okay.’

Adam was shocked at the news and even more so at Joe’s attitude towards such a crippling disease as prostrate cancer. ‘Here’s a man that’s apologising for getting ill, seriously ill, and he is telling us not to worry. The man is a legend; he’s here again teaching me a real life lesson from a generation that goes unnoticed so often,’ Adam thought to himself.

‘Is there anything that Rachel and I could do for you? Anything, Joe?’

‘Please try to keep this between us. Julie doesn’t need to know. She is a little stressed and could do without the extra worry about me.’

‘And again, typical Joe, thinking of others before himself; amazing man of immense character,’ Adam thought.

Joe gave Adam a little wink and Adam understood what he meant. It was a typical thing a man of his age would do – ‘I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.’

But Adam gave him hope and said, ‘Now I have something to pray about at tonight’s prayer meeting at church.’

Joe simply said, ‘Thank you’. A man of simply faith – he just believed.

Not thinking, Adam said, ‘Why don’t you come tonight?’

‘I don’t know whether I could last the whole night, but maybe just an hour. It would be nice to go to church. I must say though, I’ve not always been a good boy. I’ve had my bad times.’

‘Haven’t we all, Joe. If we had to be perfect to go to church the place would be empty, hey Joe.’

Adam was starting to wish he hadn’t said anything. He soon remembered what could potentially happen tonight at church, but Joe needed some reassurance from something and what could be better for him than an evening in God’s house?

For an hour or so Adam worked in the gardens and gave Joe the help he didn’t like to ask for, well until Joe said, ‘It’s okay, Adam. I like to work alone. You can go, and I expect you’ve got a thousand better things to do than baby-sit an old man.’

So Adam popped in to see Julie and tried to broach the subject of Joe’s illness. He told her that the secrecy was to not bring extra stress on her; it was Joe’s idea not to tell her.

Adam felt awful about telling Julie after giving his word to Joe. But Adam needed to let her know; it wasn’t like she wasn’t trained for such things. The home had many an ill resident. But leaving Julie upset wasn’t part of his reason for the visit, and he felt awful.

After a few hours he got back to church and noticed Paul and Milo driving out together in Pastor Miles car, as he made the turn into the church car park. ‘What are they up to?’ he thought.

Adam went in to see Jason and asked where the pair of them were going. Jason just responded with, ‘If they need you, they would use the LPS, so relax and chill for a while.’

Adam responded with a simply, ‘oh!’

‘Hey, want some breakfast, Jason?’

Jason gave a quick glance at his watch and noticed it was 11.30am.

‘Adam, it’s 11.30. I had mine two hours ago.’

Jason was clearly a busy man, so Adam went down to the kitchen to get something to eat; Adam had a real craving for a full English breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage and tomato – the full works. But, when opening the fridge door, he was confronted with shelf after shelf of protein shakes. He lost the craving just as quickly as getting it and decided on a quick training session down in the training room.

Adam gave it his all and had such a good training session that, once he was all finished, he fell fast asleep in Milo’s chair next to the computer in a heap of sweat, holding his punched blooded knuckles in his lap.

Milo and Paul were on a new mission and that mission was to cheer up Adam and try to lift his spirits, but he wasn’t down at all, just frustrated by the lack of support from his peers, especially Milo. They went to a motorbike store to get Adam a gift that he mentioned a time ago; just a little something to say thanks. It was a typical way for a man to apologise, by way of a gift. They bagged up the items and then headed back to church.

The pair got back to church and Paul was so excited about giving Adam the bag of surprises that he was almost giddy, like he’d lost twenty years on the journey back from the bike shop.

Paul headed for the kitchen thinking he’d be in there stuffing his face on energy bars and protein shakes. And when he opened the fridge, his theory was confirmed; there were two shakes missing – one for before a workout and one after he’d finished.

‘He’s downstairs,’ Paul thought.

Paul signalled Pastor Miles downstairs with his hands – an internationally known gesture which made Milo laughed out loud.

The pair went to Milo’s office and noticed that Adam had locked himself down there, closing up the secret door, to not alert anyone to his presence.

Once all the relevant levers and pulleys were pushed and pulled, the pair were on their way down only to find Adam fast asleep. Paul went right up close to Adam to mimic him in his sleep. Milo was not so sure, so kept well back. He whispered, ‘Be careful. You know what they say about sleeping dogs.’

‘No way. He’s well out of it.’

With that said, Adam leapt up, grabbing Paul by the throat and pinning him to the gym floor.

‘What was that about letting sleeping dogs lie?’

All three started to laugh so much it brought Pastor Miles to tears. The three hadn’t laughed like that for what seemed a life time and they soon realised that it was the thing the Master Disciples had been missing.

Once the three of them had composed themselves, they quickly told Adam what they’d been up to and gave him the bag of surprises.

Adam quickly opened it up; it was an assortment of vital body protection parts for Adam; including the all important spare spine for Adam’s leather M.V jacket and various other carbon fibre body armour pieces. He quickly grabbed his jacket from the hook and quickly fitted them.

Adam was so impressed by their kindness that he got a little emotional.

‘I’m sorry, guys. I was jumping the gun about tonight’s meeting. I’ll try to relax a little more.’

Adam went on to tell the pair about Joe and his unfortunate news and that he was coming tonight to the prayer meeting in hope of a miracle.

The three Master Disciples had a few hours to study and pray together and did so with their minds focused on the meeting that night.

Afterwards, the three spilt up and Adam went to see Rachel and Grace to make sure all was well and tell her of the unfortunate news of Joe. As soon she heard of the terrible news she was straight on the phone to other pastor’s wives.

Adam wanted desperately to distract his mind and gave Grace a bath before putting her down to sleep. It seemed it was the right thing to do, and Adam felt like the responsible father that he was, under the circumstances.

‘A father to one; it felt like a father to many,’ he thought to himself as he poured the soft water over his daughter’s head, washing out the baby soft shampoo from her beautiful blond hair.

Adam welled up. The emotion of it all was so overwhelming and he felt weakened by it, not strengthened by it at all.

He shook his head and re-focused his thoughts. He had to focus on what God wanted to achieve on this night, not what Adam Fuller wanted.

All three Master Disciples did what they could to distract their minds from the meeting that was about to unfold before them. Milo tried a little time in his garden but it had been so long since he had spent in it that it seemed like an endless task. The garden was in such a state that this only frustrated him further. He had exacting standards that only he could match; this again infuriated him in reminding him he should be retired and not being a Master Disciple in the first instance.

Paul did what he thought was best and went for a run. All the inactivity whilst on his cancer treatment made his new love of fitness his only outlet for stress relief, and it was now his best weapon against the forces of evil that now preyed upon them.

Time did what it always did, and ticked forever closer to that inevitable time of seven o’clock.

Adam kissed Rachel and Grace goodnight before heading out on the bike. He did so, not knowing the events that were going to unfold before them.

He needed to get there early but not too early to distract Jason from his duties.


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