Chapter 18…

Chapter 18

The Surprise


1 Peter 4v12 ‘Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.’

v14 ‘If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.’


The church floor was cold where Milo was kneeling and all he could think about was his crippling arthritis – ‘And at a time as this,’ he thought. Milo’s ears pricked up to the sound of a car pulling up at great speed and skidding to a halt on the gravelled area in between the shrubbery. He waited and said in his heart ‘So this is it for me, Lord. I have done my best and you have sustained me all these years. Thanks, Lord. It’s been an honour.’

Then he heard footsteps and the door slam shut. Milo went to get up and face his adversary toe to toe but the pair got to him before he could.

‘Milo, get off your knees. We’ve got a plan.’ It was Adam and Paul and they had got back just in time. Deygar’s Bentley had just made the turn into the church car park.

The three Master Disciples quickly got themselves composed. Adam and Paul got their swords and hid.

Milo was most surprised to see the pair of them but it was no time to explain and have a party about it; they had work to do.

In the car park, the evil duo got their weapons from the boot of Deygar’s car and then proceeded towards the church. They just stood for a moment before entering.

Once in the holy place of worship, Deygar was eager to unsheathe his sword ready for the kill. Slayem’s was still under his long jacket.

‘Anxious are we, Deygar?’

‘This time I’ve come to finish this. Like I said, it’s long overdue.’

As the pair climbed the stairs, quickly racing through their heads was the memory of last time and their battle with all three Master Disciples, but little did they know they would do battle again with all three, and Slayem was clearly going to let Derek Greyer make that all important kill of Milo on his own. He still hadn’t reached for his sword.

Slayem opened the door to the office to be greeted by Milo, sitting at the desk, sword atop ready.

‘I’ve been expecting you both,’ Milo said with a new found confidence, but he was still very nervous at the outcome of this meeting. After all, Slayem was a formidable character and highly skilled, but he had noticed that his sword was still sheathed. The pair gave each other a quick glance. Slayem went for the hilt of his sword just in case – just a precaution in his eyes. He was uneasy being around such a highly filled man of God, even though he had such power and skill in the natural sense, but when it came to the spiritual he still got nervous from time to time.

Slayem stepped forward. ‘That’s why we are here, Milo. You always seem to know our every move; my associate is going to take your life in battle.’

Milo’s mind was racing but he couldn’t help thinking about the polite way Slayem said that Derek was going to murder him in a fight where there was only one winner. Milo hoped it would be the Lord celebrating the victory at this time.

All three Master Disciples could cut the tension in that room with a knife or even a sword for that matter.

‘I know because God feels I should know. So if you have to take me that’s your mission.’ All three gave a quick glance around the room then Milo added, ‘I too have a mission and I will uphold it even with my life.’

With that, Milo stood up, grabbed his sword and held it in the ready position.

Slayem stood motionless but Derek stepped back, he too with his sword ready for the first strike.

Slayem lost it. Derek was stalling. He pulled his sword from it’s sheathe. The twin-bladed sword filled Milo with fear. His mind was fixed on what that kind of weapon would do to the human body, but then he quickly re-focused his mind on the situation.

‘Seth and your son will be much easer to deal with, with you out of the picture. No more tip-offs. No more spiritual insight. Kill him Deygar or I will.’

With that said, Adam and Paul burst in with their swords ready. Paul made the first strike, hitting out at Deygar’s readily aimed sword heading for Milo, blocking it and then he made a very strong kick to Deygar’s chest. As he fell, Paul struck again giving him a well aimed punch to his kidneys, winding him as he hit the floor.

Slayem yelled out ‘Seth! No!’ turning the twin-bladed sword towards him and swinging it with no regard, without any skill or technique and with a mass of aggression. He yelled again. ‘I’m going to kill you all.’

It was that evil switch that Slayem had and it was turned all the way up to maximum, bypassing low and medium all together. With his aggression turned up, he just swung out with his huge twin-bladed sword that Adam was trying to avoid at all costs. He moved around and, as he did, he gave Milo a swift kick, knocking him over the desk.

Adam was fearful for the welfare of Milo. Being a man in his age, a kick like that would kill a normal pensioner but Milo was no ordinary pensioner – he was a warrior and he was at work.

Adam blocked the strikes of Slayem but after just several massive strikes Adam was tiring. His knees were still swollen and he was in agony. He soon remembered the last time he had confronted Slayem; his power and skill had well surpassed his pitiful few years of training in a garage gym.

Whilst Adam was doing his best with Slayem, he noticed Milo get up from behind his desk, clearly hurt from the powerful kick from Slayem. But Adam noticed something different about Milo; he seemed Happy, as if to say he was glad to be there in the midst of battle, like a look of purpose – a look of focus and determination.

Paul was now the one getting into difficulty, with Deygar giving him a massive swinging drop kick, knocking him to the ground, but Paul quickly countered the next strike from Deygar’s sword and managed to flick himself back up, kicking Deygar in the chest.

It was the best battle Paul had ever seen and gave him a burst of faith at a time when he needed it the most. But then Paul lost the rhythm of the fight and Deygar brought him down, as Deygar was ready to give the fatal strike with his sword.

Milo yelled out with his arms held aloft. ‘By the power of God within me, bring these evil men down.’

With that said Deygar and Slayem were thrown across the office and into a solid bricked wall; slain in the spirit of God; rendered completely unconscious by His mighty power.

Adam and Paul were in shock to see this amazing act of God in its fullness; even Milo was taken aback by this show of God’s amazing power.

The two evil men just lay there totally paralyzed by the power of God.

Adam quickly went over to Slayem’s motionless body and was so tempted to finish it. ‘Let’s cut his head off now. Let’s finish this right now.’ And Adam grabbed hold of Slayem’s sword. The massively heavy sword would easily remove his head. The shear weight of it would do the job even with his armoured collar on, but Adam had noticed that he wasn’t wearing it.

Milo stepped forward. ‘No, Adam, it would be murder.’

‘But God slayed them for a reason. He always has a reason for doing things; you’ve preached on the subject several times.’ Adam was getting frustrated by Milo’s stalling. He didn’t know how long they would stay down for. Adam was just trying to make good of a very convenient situation.

‘Just get them out of here.’ Milo was just surprised by this. In his whole walk with God this had never happened and he was totally confused. He had a moral obligation to the code of the Master Disciple – not to murder but to defend, even defend to the death, but never murder in cold blood.

Adam was getting more and more frustrated by Milo’s stalling, but he had respect for Milo’s many years of experience and insight. After all, he had been doing this for years.

Paul was still in awe of it all and it gave him a boost of faith he had never experienced before, but he was more confused about what to do next than the pair of them. They both had good ideas but he knew in his heart which one was the moral one and finally he spoke up and supported his father. ‘Yes, we should just get them out of here.’

Adam hit a new low and struggled to hold back the anger of these men that lay at his feet. They had the power to end it right now, and especially after their plan to kidnap Rachel and Grace.

Adam pulled himself together and started to move the evil duo. He first moved Slayem’s twin-bladed weapon by kicking it away from the motionless body and, in doing so, hit the release button that turned his sword into a deadly-bladed fighting staff.

Paul soon realised what it was and picked it up, admiring the quality engineering that the weapon possessed. Adam, quickly seeing this, warned Paul. ‘It takes years to master that weapon so be careful with it. Try to collapse it and make it a little safer for us to move.’

The three quickly moved the pair downstairs and into Derek Greyer’s Bentley. The two of them were heaped into the back seat and Adam quickly relieved Derek of the keys to start the car up.

Paul was getting a little nervous. It had been nearly twenty minutes and he feared the pair would wake up at anytime. The pair decided to take two cars, so Adam drove the Bentley and Paul followed on.

The two car convoy was soon into the countryside and Adam sensed that was far enough. He desperately fought the agonising temptation to kill the pair of them. ‘Just cut their heads off now and it would be all over,’ he thought. But he had to abide by the code if he was ever to make a true Master Disciple of worth and honour.

He could see Paul behind in the Mondeo, as he stopped and quickly pulled out the keys to the Bentley and through them into a neighbouring field with frustration.

As Adam walked towards Paul’s waiting car, Paul could sense the mood and found it hard to understand what Adam was feeling. He tried to place himself in that situation; would he have such restraint? He felt he couldn’t answer; kids – they change everything and he didn’t have any. It was an evil plan of theirs to go after Adam’s family and Paul found it an unforgivable act on their part.

On the drive back to the church Adam hardly spoke. He just called his beloved Rachel to simply say that he was safe, was out of harm’s way and was on his way to see the pair of them at the rest home.

Once back at church, Adam was in serious pain with his knees now that the adrenalin had worn off. He was now wondering how he would ride his motorbike if he needed to in an emergency.

Adam just sat there in silence whilst Paul made everyone a drink; Milo was checking his chest in the mirror, fearing he would have a heart attack at anytime. Milo was still in shock and the gravitas of the whole experience had took hold of his mind. He had to sit down before he fell down.

The three Master Disciples were all suffering in their own unique way; Paul was busying himself; Adam was at an all time low and just wanted to be with his family and Milo feared the next move of Deygar and Slayem.

Paul quickly gave everyone a strong cup of coffee, even though Adam hadn’t answered Paul when he had asked for it. He started to quiz his father on the whole slaying episode.

‘Son, before you ask; I don’t know how it happened. It just did. When Slayem kicked me I thought I was going to have a heart attack with the power of it, and then behind that desk I was immediately reminded of the Scripture of Moses, when in the heat of the battle he needed his arms supporting because, as you know; when his arms lowered they would start to lose and when his arms rose they began to win. I don’t know why that particular piece of scripture came to me, but I was glad it did because it worked.

‘So that’s what I did; I raised my arms and just shouted out, and then you know the rest.’

Paul pondered for a moment then said, ‘Yes. God showed up in power through you and floored the pair of them. Amazing! Praise God!’

Slayem came around first with a fuzzy, slight hangovery kind of feeling and struggled to get out of the rear of the neatly parked Bentley.

And then, he soon realised once getting into the front seat to drive away that the keys were missing, he didn’t want to, but he had no choice but to wake Derek.

He lent over and gave Derek Greyer a hefty slap across his face to wake him.

‘What happened?’ was the response. He took a quick look around and soon realised the depths of their despair. ‘Where the hell are we?’

Slayem shrugged his shoulders like a man without a single care in the world. Derek piped up with a great idea.

‘Turn the key and check the sat nav. See where we are.’

Slayem gave him a look of ‘I could have done that if the keys were in my possession, you fool,’ but declined the pleasure of such a slapping down. All that was running through Slayem’s mind was vengeance. The act of such betrayal was unforgivable, as if Slayem was capable of such of an emotion has deep as forgiveness that was way beyond him.

Derek quickly assessed the situation and acted. He reached over and opened the glove box to reveal a coded panel. He typed in 2168 and, with that, the Bentley’s sat nav came on and the key fob started to beep loudly in the nearby field. Derek quickly located it, so the pair could compose themselves and get ready for their next encounter with the Master Disciples.

Slayem was angry and let out his frustrations on Derek.

‘You have all this technology and still a seventy-seven year old man can run rings round the both of us.’

But what struck Derek the most was how the pair made it back to the church in time and the fact that they had lost their tactical advantage by losing their baring on Rachel.

Slayem soon answered him; Derek still forgetting his ability to read ones thoughts.

‘Pastor Miles is a mighty man of God, knowing our every move – yes – but he won’t next time we are to take him out. You see, this happened to me before, around two hundred years ago. A man of God had me frozen, motionless. Not like just now on the floor, but just standing, frozen, unable to defend or strike.’

Derek butts in to the story, completely taken in by it. ‘You were vulnerable to the death strike to the throat.’

‘No. Like then and like now; no man of God can spill blood on holy ground or on a church floor. We can, but they can’t. And we will. At the appointed time, we will. We will!’

Back in the church, Milo was concerned for Adam’s knees and decided to pray for restoration to his health. Milo also felt nervous and riddled with guilt for some unknown reason. So he prayed. ‘Oh, Lord. Restore Adam’s knees to their best and give him strength to continue his quest. Amen.’

Adam and Paul gave a quick glance and the pair raised their eyebrows, both thinking that the prayer was a little childlike in its simplicity and wording, but they soon swallowed whatever thoughts they were having because, before their very eyes, Adam’s knees began to reduce in size; the swelling was retreating and the colour in Adams face was returning.

The former run-down looking Adam was now back to full health and feeling amazing. The pair of doubters had been lacking a little in faith of late and began to thank and praise God in their own hearts.

But before the three of them could go into a full-blown praise and worship session, the phone rang. Milo quickly got to it. It was Jason. He was back from his break and eager to get back to the fold, even though it would mean being a day earlier than scheduled.

Milo was quick to tell the others, once off the phone. ‘Jason’s back tomorrow and very eager. God has been speaking to him, apparently, whilst on his break.’

Adam was getting a renewed infusion of faith after hearing that Jason was back, and with his new knees he was feeling even more excited to simply be alive. With that, he got up and said, ‘I’m off to see my family.’

‘But wait, Adam. What if they decide to come back?’ Paul was worried by Adam’s actions – that Adam would just up and leave like that just after being part of an amazing miracle; his knees were totally restored by the power of God.

But Milo put his heart at rest. ‘Paul, we are going to see many more miracles like that, and greater ones, before the work that God has set us apart for is complete in his name. So I’m not surprised by Adam’s actions. So go and see your wife and daughter and bless them also.’


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