Chapter 17…

Chapter Seventeen

The Truth and Shame of It All


Proverbs 16v13-14 ‘Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value a man who speaks the truth’.

‘A king’s wrath is a messenger of death, but a wise man will appease it’.


Rachel was soon downstairs and holding her hero in her arms. Adam quickly brushed aside that he was a hero; he was just someone that loved his family with a passion.

Paul quickly stepped in with his thanks and appreciation for the day Adam heard God tell him to get that gun, even though Milo disapproved of them.

‘That’s the second time that beanie thing has saved us from near death.’

The panic-stricken Mr White drove his high-powered car into Derek Greyer’s private estate, totally forgetting the rule of no contact, especially contact with Derek Greyer’s home. That was a big ‘no no’ in Derek’s own rule book of hiring hit men or any one of the many people he had hired to carry out dirty work for him in the past, but Mr White had good reason; he had just witnessed the murder and slaying of his partner and was in quite a state of shock.

Deygar was furious and let rip on Mr White. ‘What are you doing here at this hour?’

‘Please, sir, let me speak.’ Derek could see that he was a little shaken and it wasn’t because of his rant at being at his mansion at the ungodly hour.

‘Adam shot Mr Black with a shotgun, killing him.’

Slayem heard this and came in from the bar area almost spilling his double whisky and ice. ‘Get a grip, man. He shot us with that thing; it only fires bean bags, like they use in riots. He’ll be fine.’

‘No. He’s a big guy. He would have shaken it off. I was there. He was motionless.’

All three just stood there shocked. Slayem wasn’t having any of it and shook his head in disbelief; Derek went to the bar to pour a stiff drink because they all needed it for what was going to unfold in the next few minutes.

Slayem’s rage was getting the better of him and was he trying to convince Derek of an attack on the Master Disciples as soon as possible.

Derek was reluctant to go with his plan. He was now very nervous at the fact that Adam had killed Mr Black. So he told Mr White to get a stiff drink, and to rest and wait for his next assignment.

The pair’s voices echoed around the large room as they shouted out their grievances.

‘I’m a business man. I can’t go around killing people willy-nilly, especially now Paul’s back from the brink of death. We have three to fight and dispose of. I don’t think I can do this.’

‘You can and you will. What are you – a man or a mouse? That’s what comes from hiring someone to do your own work. It’s idle – bone idle of you. It’s the old saying; if you want a job doing right, do it yourself.’

As the pair’s volume came to a normal level Mr Black burst in, in a blind panic. ‘They’ve killed him. They’ve killed Mr White and buried him.’

‘What’s going on here?’ Deygar was furious and was outraged by this conduct. ‘We have claims that you are dead, and you are clearly not.’

With all the commotion, Mr White heard. He came back from the bar and pool table area, only to be confronted by the sight of Mr Black. The pair looked at each other and said simultaneously, ‘You’re supposed to be dead.’

The pair were struck with horror; two professional, ex-army soldiers, who contract themselves out to VIPs, diplomats and celebrities as their personnel protection were foiled by an ex-government worker in is home with the help of an ex-cancer sufferer. The two of them held their heads low for the onslaught that was to follow.

But before Derek could get a word in Slayem said, ‘Look at this. They are laughing now. They played you good and proper. Look, Derek, no more playing. Tomorrow we strike back.’

Before Derek could really go to town on Mr Black and Mr White, Slayem told them to go and get out of his sight before someone did get killed.

‘Why did you send them away? I wanted to give them what for. It is an outrage that they could get away without facing the consequences of their actions.’

‘I assure you, Deygar, you saying nothing will play on their minds more than death itself. They don’t know when their punishment will come, whatever shape or form of punishment you see fit, and most of all, when.’

Deygar could see his logic and now felt so much more relaxed about the whole mess up, but what really troubled Deygar’s mind now was how they knew that they were sending someone to get to his family on that night.

Slayem stepped forward and again freaked out Deygar with his mind trickery.

‘The man truly knows God and he acts on what he hears. God told him we were coming, and that’s why I must kill him – no one else.’

The morning after the night before: Adam’s knees were swollen and he was having difficulty walking after his own pro 34 baseball bat was used on him.

Rachel was concerned and was begging Adam to get back into bed, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Adam was convinced Deygar was hatching another plan against them and he would be right there when they were at their most vulnerable, especially with him being injured.

‘All I’m doing today is getting you out of here. You and Grace are going to the home. There’s an apartment in the top loft in the main building. I know it hasn’t been lived in for a while but we’ll soon fix that up and the fewer who know the better.’

‘Wo there! We are going where? And why, may I ask, do you want us out of the way?’

‘No, Rach. You don’t understand. I don’t want you out of the way. I want you out of harm’s way. There is a difference – a huge one. I fear they will try again.’

Rachel wasn’t having any of it. ‘We are a couple, a family. All or nothing, we are one flesh, one body. Why separate us all?’

Adam tried to reassure her the best he could. ‘It’s not the best plan, Rach, but the only way I can protect my family – the only true treasure that’s mine. Everything else can burn – the house, the cars; all we own can burn, Rach. You and Grace are everything and I can’t lose you.’ Adam grabbed hold of Rachel by her shoulders and pleaded with her just to trust him. She could clearly see that Adam was hurting emotionally as well as physically; his eyes were filling up and he was finding the whole responsibility of it too much to bear. Finally, Rachel relented and went along with Adam’s plan and it was a good one. After all, Adam knew if ever she was followed, there was ample security. Any sign of her whereabouts could be kept a secret, keeping cars out of sight in the spare garages and, on a plus note, the loft had a 360 degree view of the whole surrounding area; she had a laptop computer, a mobile phone, plus the LPS system all at her disposal.

So, after breakfast they loaded the car out of sight in the garage. Adam was taking no chances just in case someone was watching the house. The car was mostly filled with Grace’s most needed items; including the travel cot, chair, toys, food, clothes and mum with just an overnight bag of essential items. She wasn’t making a big thing of it all.

‘I’m not being driven from my own home by these people.’

‘We aren’t, Rach. We are keeping you and especially Grace out of harm’s way.’

Paul was still there and it was now 9.45am. The phone rang; it was Milo to tell them that Slayem and Deygar were in his office and it would be a good idea to get moving now.

Adam couldn’t get his leathers on to escort Rachel on the M.V, so Paul and Adam went together in Milo’s Mondeo. The plan was to follow Rachel in the Legacy and have constant verbal contact with her on the hands free phone, just to keep Rachel calm. It was at this point Rachel felt the enormity of it all; simply moving from one place to the next was like a military exercise.

The two cars started off and it was all going well. They got to the first set of traffic lights and Paul could sense Adam’s tension. Paul tried to calm him the only way he knew and prayed out loud.

‘Please, Lord. Travel with us all this fine morning and place your Angels around us, Lord. Amen.’

Adam simply said ‘Thanks.’

The lights went to green and they were off towards the edge of the city limits, towards the north end of the district heading to the home, when Adam thought he saw the Black Range Rover in his side mirror. Adam quickly grabbed hold of the driver’s mirror to get a better look and prove he wasn’t just seeing things. His paranoia getting the better of him again, he thought, but unfortunately he was proved right; it was the Black Range Rover of Deygar’s. Adam read the number plate, DEY 10.

‘What is it?’ Paul was now worried by Adam’s twitchy actions and dropped down the vanity mirror to see behind.

The black Range Rover had pulled up into the devoted bus lane and was clearly waiting for Rachel to pass so he could follow.

‘Paul, Rachel’s going to be followed soon by that Black Range Rover.’ Rachel heard Adam say that over the phone and started to panic, as she looked into the driver’s mirror and gave a fearful glance at Grace. She was smiling at her mum’s concerned look, not aware to their imminent danger.

Paul was now cranking his head around to get a glance, but Adam soon told him to keep calm, as the two cars in convoy stopped again at yet another set of traffic lights.

‘What do I do, Adam? Please, I’m scared.’

‘Just keep driving until I say otherwise.’

The black Range Rover pulled out and got behind the line of traffic waiting at the lights. Adam could clearly see that they were three cars behind.

As the lights changed, Rachel drove as she would under normal driving conditions, straight on with Adam and Paul behind. Two of the cars behind them made a left turn so now there was only one car separating them from Deygar’s car.

The four cars carried on for a few more miles until getting to another set of lights, but this time Adam told Paul to get into the right hand lane, to pull alongside Rachel in front. Adam wound down his window.

‘Rachel, don’t panic. Just drive the long way round. Don’t go directly to the home until I say it’s safe, okay? Okay, Rach? Talk to me.’

‘Yes, I hear you. Just please be safe.’ Rachel was concerned now and was fearful. Not knowing what was going on was ripping her apart with anxiety and stress. ‘Please, Lord. Help us,’ was all she could muster up.

As the lights changed again, the cars pulled forward and Adam instructed Paul to get behind the Range Rover, so now they were following them.

‘So now what’s the plan, Adam? We follow them, and for what reason?’

‘You’ll see at the next set of lights.’ And as Adam had predicted all the cars were caught in the next set of lights, before the road opened up to the leading dual carriageway. So it was now or never for Adam.

Adam got out of the Mondeo as quick as he could with those injured knees, then quickly pulled out the beanie and smashed in the driver’s window, throwing broken glass all over Mr Black.

‘Hello boys!’ Before Adam could utter another syllable, Mr Black floored the Range Rover, going round Rachel and through the red light, narrowly missing another car going the other way.

Adam quickly got back in the car with Paul. ‘Go! Follow them and don’t lose them. Rachel, go to the home now. You are now clear and safe.’

Rachel was relieved by this news but, again, was concerned for her husband’s well being. ‘Okay. Just be careful, and I’ll be praying.’

Rachel was now safe and the black Range Rover was heading for the duel carriageway that would eventually lead them onto the motorway. It was really fast; the powerful, top of the range, Range Rover was nearly hitting the ton, and Paul was struggling to keep up.

‘Come on, Paul, catch them. This is a quick car, Paul. Use it. Put your foot down man, we can’t lose ’em. Come on!’

Adam was finding the whole chase very frustrating and ached to be in that driver’s seat, but there was no way he could drive with his knees the way they were.

The Black Range Rover was getting further and further away and Adam reached over and placed his hand down hard on Paul’s right knee, hitting the very sensitive accelerator of the ST2OO to the floor. Paul, finding it hard to control the car, and gave Adam what for. ‘I’m not you, Adam. I’m not good at everything. I’m doing the best I can. Please!’

With that said the LPS went off. Adam quickly answered it. It was Milo back at the church. ‘It’s a trap. Get back to the church now.’

Adam didn’t know what to do. They were stuck on the motorway and could not turn around anytime soon.

‘What is it, Milo?’

‘I don’t want to panic you both, but Deygar and Slayem are on their way to the church.’

‘Rachel, are you still there?’


‘Once at the home get out of sight and hide the car and wait for us to contact you.’

‘What’s wrong, Adam?’ Rachel was now a nervous wreck and was at breaking point but Adam had no choice but to tell Rachel about Milo.

‘It’s all been arranged. It’s a trap so they can get to Milo on his own.’

Paul’s head turned towards Adam. It was a shock for Paul he had heard it all. Adam nodded to confirm to Paul. ‘We have to get back to the church now.’

Milo had lost contact with the evil duo. Derek had obviously had left his pen in his jacket pocket in the office, so now he could not estimate their time of arrival and was genuinely worried for his safety and well being.

‘We must kill Milo,’ Slayem said. ‘He is clearly their spiritual leader. There’s no other way they could know of your plans last night. He is the main one who is most in tune with God. He knows our every move, so now we take him out of the picture and kill him.’

‘It’s been long overdue,’ said Deygar, as the pair drove frantically towards the church.

Deygar’s phone rang; it was Mr White. ‘Hello, sir. The plan is going smoothly and they are following behind us as we speak. These two clowns are very much occupied for the foreseeable future.’

‘Thanks, Mr White. Carry on.’

Mr Black gave a quick glance in the rear view mirror – no sign of the Silver Mondeo.

‘I told you to take it easy. It’s that car of Adam’s missus that’s quick. That Legacy is a really quick car.’ With that said, the silver Mondeo streaked past them doing 135mph.

Adam and Paul were clearly worried about Milo, but the pair soon realised that they had no swords in the car. Even if they did get there in time they had no way to defend themselves, but the pair carried on regardless of the dangers that lie ahead.

Milo was scared and fell to his knees in the main sanctuary, holding his sword ready, knowing full well that his son and apprentice Master Disciple would not make it in time; so he decided to make a last, heart felt prayer to his Lord at this time of need.

‘Oh, Lord. If this is my last mortal prayer to you before my last battle just let me say what a privilege it has been for me to defend your church all these years. Thank you for granting me a long and fulfilled life of servitude to your people and a much appreciated thank you for the healing of my son, bringing back him back from the brink of death; for that I am forever in your debt. I’m not going to ask for a miracle, Lord. Just let your will be done on this your day.’ Milo paused for a moment and looked around at what his son had achieved – building an amazing place of worship – then said ‘Amen.’

With that uttered from his weak dry lips, the church doors flung open.


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