Chapter 16…

Chapter Sixteen

The Wake Up and Rematch


2 Chronicles 32v8 ‘With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and fight our battles.’

Deygar skidded his Bentley into the loading area of Greyer Industries, barely missing Slayem’s huge container. The pair got out, Slayem punching the code into the armoured door with Deygar in hot pursuit.

Slayem’s mood was a little hot to say the least, as he pulled open the steel drawers, pulling out several guns and ammunition.

‘If he wants guns, we shall give him guns.’ Slayem slipped several weapons into his belt.

‘Wait! You told me not to use a gun and to be proud of the true traditions of a Dark Lord. Plus there’s always the great risk of being caught by the police through forensic and ballistic testing. Bullets leave to much evidence – bullet cases, powder burns, shrapnel and hundreds more pieces of valuable proof that could all lead back to us.’

Slayem wasn’t listening. All he wanted was the kill. Seth had dishonoured him and not fought fair as a true warrior should; now he would face him as an equal – both with guns.

Deygar couldn’t reason with him. He was not listening to anyone but the voice in his head and that voice was pure evil.

Deygar took evasive action and stood directly in his path. ‘No. I can’t let this happen, Slayem. You told me, convinced me, taught me that the sword was an honour to carry into battle and deserved respect by the user, and the challenger. Seth isn’t even using live rounds just the bean bags that police use in riot control situations.’

‘No, Deygar. You are lazy. You’re the disgrace here not me. If I want to finish this I can. You’re not even out years of your mortal years. I should be the one taking it easy in a huge leather chair. You are greedy, lazy and the one who contacted me to do your dirty work.’

Slayem loaded the Glock 34 with an extended magazine and tucked it in his belt along with the other two other guns, both Glocks.

‘Don’t worry about the police. You worry too much.’

Slayem then paused and took a moment, he soon realised that taking any kind of weapon other than a sword was breaking a tradition that he had tried to uphold for hundreds of years. He quickly placed the guns back to where they had come from and relocked the cabinet.

Slayem was hesitant and was dying to show Deygar his special recipe for death and destruction. He was quickly racking his brain and then it struck him.

‘You use a gun, if I recall, with flash rounds. I know it buys you some time but that’s all.’

Slayem quickly pulled open the drawer again to show Deygar the rounds he uses.

‘You and your worrying about the police and all their little tests, ballistic tests and all the rest of them. You see, all those tests need evidence. I have invented a bullet that leaves no trace, no sign that a bullet was even there.’

Deygar was puzzled and had a look of bewilderment written all over his face and before he could lift a finger to ask the burning question Slayem continued in his rant.

‘It’s my own invention. It’s a bullet made from glass and totally untraceable. It will be destroyed on impact leaving no evidence other than the dead body with a hole in it.’

Deygar’s face was in shock at this news and again, before he could speak, Slayem was off again.

‘Or I can use another of my inventions – a totally bio-degradable round and everything is gone, even the bullet casing; not a single trace of evidence is left. So now, are you convinced? Go and finish the job; take a weapon and shoot them and just make sure you bring enough blood for the both of us. Like I said; I should be the one staying in the big office taking it easy. I have been missing out on all this wealth with all its benefits.’

Deygar had heard enough of this and made his feelings known with a passion, well as much passion as an evil thoughtless man as Deygar could.

‘No, Slayem. I won’t take the gun. What about the code? What about the honour of the kill in battle? Shooting is murder. Slaying is our survival. That’s the way it’s always been.’

Deygar took a breath after his rant, amazed by his own words shouted out with such passion and conviction. He had to steady himself before he went on, but then Slayem got up, not with a look of anger, but with the look of a father seeing his son finally understand an ideal or a difficult maths equation.

‘Finally! Good! Good, that’s the answer I’ve been digging and searching for all this time – The Honour of the Kill. It is survival, you’re so right.

Slayem grabbed Deygar by his shoulder, again amazing him with his shear strength and power, and said something that resounded in Derek Greyer’s ears.

‘We are the last of the immortals. We could go on and live on and on ruling the underworld and be the most powerful Dark Lords ever. We haven’t long my friend. We haven’t long at all.’

Deygar was intrigued by his last statement. ‘What did he mean ‘we haven’t long’? We’re immortal aren’t we?’

‘You see, with my skills in battle and your skills in the business world we could be unstoppable.’

It felt right for Slayem to say that but Derek couldn’t help thinking that it was a one man show now and Slayem was running it from now on.

Milo was tidying up in the office when he felt he should be in the training room listening in on the evil duo. It could be a crucial time to listen in. He called Adam and Paul to join him also, but the three of them heard nothing but a constant phone ringing, not even his secretary answering it or the machine, which was highly suspicious. Adam and Paul were losing interest fast and got up to carry on with the clean up.

‘No, I have a feeling I should be here for the duration,’ Milo said.

‘I have no objection, Dad. You can stay. If you feel God his saying wait, then wait.’

He was right. God was telling him to stay.

The pair of evil schemers were off to Derek’s office to discuss tactics and their next move on the believers.

‘So, if you want to wait a while until we attack again I understand, but you mentioned something in the car that intrigued me.’

‘What did I say in the car?’

‘Some thing about a separate attack.’

‘Oh, I meant split them up and take them out separately. Who do you fear the most as a potential threat, Deygar?’

‘Seth; he’s quite handy and he’s a lot more streetwise than Milo and his son, Paul.’

‘Yes. Now you are thinking like a warrior; the strongest first and then we can pick off the weak later. I’m impressed Deygar, very impressed.’

‘Plus, we have inside information on Seth, or should I say, Adam Fuller.’

Milo nearly choked on his coffee when he heard Adam’s name mentioned but before he could shout him, Adam he was already there.

‘So have you had time to go over the information I provided, Derek?’

‘Yes; full name is Adam Fuller; married to Rachel; they have a daughter Grace – must be around twelve months old or older by now. Rachel runs and owns the Grange Retirement Home. Adam used to work for the Government but, as we know, now he works for the church as an assistant or what we would call a Master Disciple.’

‘Excellent. So what’s next Slayem?’

‘Well I think we do something that will just bring Seth to us rather that go looking for him, and something that requires no thought on his part; no fear; no risk; something that he holds to his heart; something close; something precious.’

‘I think the wife and daughter will have to play a part in this.’

With that said the phone rang again and Derek was quick to pick up.

‘Your timing is amazing; we need you for a job.’

The line was a closed one and Adam, Milo and Paul could only hear Derek’s voice.

‘It’s fifty large but it has to be tonight. We have to strike whilst the iron is hot… Yes, fifty each no probs… But it’s tonight… Yes not over the phone, you never know… Yes, I will see you with the details… The usual place…’ Then Derek hung up.

‘We can’t listen any more. We have to find out what he is planning. He mentioned Rachel and Grace. He knows everything. He must have been responsible for the break in on the home and the stolen personnel files.’

Milo tried to calm Adam but it was no good. He was fearful and nothing could get his mind from the thought of anything happening to Rachel and Grace.

‘Don’t panic, Adam. If it wasn’t for you and your genius brother we wouldn’t know this. We are ahead of the game. We just need to be on our guard now.’ Milo tried to reassure him but it was a futile. Adam was in a dead panic and had to leave to be with his family. Milo signalled to Paul to go with him.

Adam was soon on the phone to Rachel to tell her to be on her toes and to double lock the house and set the alarm.

‘Are you ok? I’ve been praying like mad.’

‘It’s ok, Rach. Just lock up and don’t answer the door to anyone. I’ll be home in a few minutes. Don’t worry; I’ll explain when I get home.’

Paul and Adam were soon at the house and quickly locked Paul’s car in the garage, out of sight. Then there was some explaining to do with Rachel.

‘What’s going on, Adam?’ With that said, Rachel gave Adam and great big hug. It was much needed.

‘We were listening to Derek and Slayem on the bug and they happened to mention us by name. They mentioned the home. I think they’re behind the break in. I think they’re trying to get to you to flush me out in the open, emotionally, with my guard down, so I won’t call on God for help – basically, cripple me spiritually but we have the upper hand; we know that they are coming and we will be ready. Paul and I will take shifts watching the house.’

Rachel couldn’t really say much more but, reassured by Adam’s great faith and strength in a potentially disastrous situation, she tried to settle in for the evening.

The four of them had a bit to eat, but a lot of the food saw the inside of a waste bin. Clearly on edge, the only one unaware was Grace who was tucking away at her meal as usual, but Adam was thinking about Grace; her just being a baby, totally unaware, totally vulnerable, totally innocent and at total risk. With that thought Adam broke down in tears. Rachel ran to him comfort but he tried to shrug it off.

‘Leave me, Rach. I’ll be alright. Not in front of Grace, she will pick up on it.’

It was soon time for Grace to go to bed and for Rachel to make plans just in case it went wrong.

The paranoia had got the better of Adam again and when it came to his first shift he attached his ankle alarm, which he had invented to alert him to intruders. Rachel noticed him pulling his sock over to keep it from sight.

‘Don’t bother hiding it. I’ve already seen it. What ever makes you feel relaxed enough, but please try and get some sleep. Good night.’

Sleep was the last thing on Adam’s mind that night. His mind was racing, wondering who Derek was talking to on his phone and the fifty large each; for what job? What job could possibly need doing tonight that paid one hundred thousand?

Adam slipped in and out of a semi-conscience sleep most of his shift, to at least try and get some shut eye.

Paul was in the kitchen on his shift making himself a coffee and was then struck by what he thought was a torch beam of light coming from the woodland area at the rear of the house.

Paul quickly turned off the kitchen light to get a better view. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could make out a person walking through the woods towards the rear of the garden; Paul’s heart was racing, not knowing what to do, whether to wake up Adam or go out alone.

He didn’t need to make a choice. Adam was already awake and behind Paul, awakened by his ankle device.

‘Oh it’s you, Adam.’

‘Who is it?’

Adam could make out two figures out there, walking behind each other to hide a set of footprints – a typical army tactic to reduce a trail left behind them to hide their numbers.

Adam feared the outcome of any confrontation between them.

‘I don’t know, and I’m not looking forward to finding out either.’

Adam turned towards Paul. ‘Promise me, Paul; if this goes wrong please take Rachel and Grace away.’

‘It’s not going to go wrong, mate. Have faith.’

As the beam of light got closer so did the tension of it all, then the light was gone. The two of them, watching it all through the kitchen window, their eyes adjusting again to the lack of light, noticed one of the fence panels being slid out and two men climbing through then placing the fence panel back in place without a single sound. They were completely dressed in black combat gear; clearly army – or worse – SAS issue.

Paul got up to go. Adam quickly grabbing him back. ‘No. Not yet, mate. Just check the front of the house. This little charade may be a diversion.’

Rachel came downstairs, clearly worried by something. Adam quickly sent her to get Grace ready for the backup plan of taking grace up into the loft area of the house and leaving all the beds filled with wrapped up blankets to give the impression that someone was still in them.

The two dark figures headed towards the patio windows. Paul was now on his feet, bolt upright, and heading also in the direction of the patio windows.

Adam gave chase to stop Paul from scaring away the possible attackers.

‘No, Paul, we need them to try and at least break in. They’ve come this far. We need evidence that they were here. After all, it’s our word against theirs.’

So Adam and Paul hid behind the archway that lead through into the lounge where the patio doors were, as the two dark figures attempted to get in through the glass doors.

Rachel was now in the loft area, praying like mad, whilst holding a sound asleep Grace, hoping that she wouldn’t wake up and start crying, giving their position away.

Adam pressed the intercom button to talk to Rachel in the loft. ‘Rachel, don’t worry and please trust us and stay put until I call you on this thing.’

‘Okay. I love you.’

‘Love you too,’ was the last thing Adam said as the two dark clothed men got through the glass and disabled the alarm sensor. The pair were ready with Adam getting hold of his Pro 34 sized baseball bat and Paul with a hockey stick.

The glass patio door slid silently open as the two men walked in. Adam, together with Paul, their weapons raised ready for the almightiest of swings, were poised. As the two stepped forward the pair struck out the bat and the hockey stick, hitting nothing. The two men were ready for the attack and had ducked. One gave Paul a kidney punch as the hockey stick hit the wall, sending shockwaves down Paul’s hands. The other kicked Adam to the face, knocking him out on the floor, dropping his bat.

The man that had punched Paul lifted him up with one hand and pinned him against the wall by his throat.

‘Hey, there’s two of them here,’ said one of the men in a thick cockney accent.

‘Hey get up, or my friend here will break his neck like a chicken’s.’ He too with a thick cockney accent picked up Adam’s baseball bat.

‘Well, Mr Black. He had every intention of using this thing on us. What would you say to a bit of one’s own medicine?’

‘So, Adam. Where’s the wife and daughter, eh?’

Adam was struggling for words. His eye and jaw were already swollen from the kick he received to his face.

‘They’re not here. They are somewhere safe. God told us you were coming, so we made arrangements.’

With that said the other man got hold of Adam’s bat and swung it, hitting Adam’s knees, bringing him down again, writhing in pain.

Paul tried to speak, which was difficult with his throat held so tightly.

‘Yes? What have you got to say?’

Paul’s word were limited but he managed to get out that Adam was telling the truth. ‘God told us you were coming.’

Adam tried to speak up. ‘Just believe us. We have taken precautions. How else could we know you were coming tonight?’

‘They could be right, Mr White.’

‘They might be right, Mr Black.’

‘I’ll go and check. Mr Black, you’ll be okay babysitting these pair whilst I’m gone. Adam’s not going to do anything; his knees are pretty much out for tonight’s activities.’

Rachel could hear someone coming up the stairs and, after the noise of it all, she didn’t necessary presume it was Adam. He clearly said he would call her on the intercom, so she kept quiet. Her heart was racing, fearing someone could hear it bouncing out of her chest, but the real miracle was that Grace was still fast asleep.

Mr Black checked the rooms for any sign of life, looking under beds and through the wardrobes, but he found nothing.

Adam was quietly praying that he wouldn’t check Grace’s cot; the mattress would clearly still be warm from a baby’s body heat. He also prayed for the strength to get up and finish this task. ‘Oh Lord. Amen,’ he said quietly.

With that pray said he started to get up.

‘Hey get back down here. Adam’s on his feet.’

Adam quickly gave the man holding Paul by the throat a sweep kick, knocking the pair of them on to the floor. Adam was reluctant to use the beanie gun in the house for fear of waking Grace, but had no choice and quickly grabbed it from his other ankle and shot Mr Black as he ran towards him down the hall, sending back down with tremendous force, hitting the front door.

Paul quickly got hold of the hockey stick and held it ready to strike Mr White if he moved.

Mr White’s reaction was one of shock and horror. There was no warning at all; he just shot him. He thought this Adam was a serious character, and not the man described to them and he now feared for his life.

Adam now turned his focus on Mr White. ‘Now, what to do with you, eh?’ He quickly looked at the collapsed motionless body of what he thought was his former partner lying in the hall way, but what he didn’t know was that he was only unconscious from the force of the shotgun blast and hitting the door.

Adam had only a few moments to scare Mr White into thinking he was dead before he woke up.

‘So, what I suggest is that you go back to your boss and tell of what you saw this night and know that this is not the way to do it. Leave the families out of it. Go! Just Go!’

Mr White just looked again at the body of Mr Black and ran back through the patio door, through the garden and into the woods, fearing Adam would follow him and shoot in cold blood in the woodland area.

Adam turned to Paul. ‘Quick, I have an idea. Go to the shed and get a shovel and I’ll go and check on Rach and Grace.’ As he did this, Mr Black’s body was still motionless, but Adam was afraid that he was faking it so quickly gave him another swift kick to the midsection – not one reaction. ‘He’s either a great actor or he’s still out of it,’ thought Adam, as he went upstairs. Adam didn’t use the intercom just in case Mr Black heard. So he broke his own rule and opened the loft door without using the intercom first to find Rachel. A very scared looking Rachel hit him square in the face with a piece of timber that lined the floor of the loft, knocking him down the four steps he’d managed to cover on his short climb up.

Rachel panicked and quickly realised her error. ‘Why didn’t use the intercom like you said?’

‘I’m sorry, Rach. It’s because we have a man down there unconscious and I was afraid he would hear me talking to you. I didn’t want to alert him to your whereabouts, but that doesn’t matter now; he may have heard that.’

Rachel was so glad to see her husband that she didn’t really register the fact there was a twenty stone hit man, unconscious, at the bottom of her hallway with a large bruised chest and an even bigger lump on the back of his head.

Adam quickly told her to go back up and keep Grace safe, who was still tucked up in her old Moses basket in the loft.

Paul came back with the shovel and a look of bewilderment written all over his face. Adam had collected a blanket on his travels and quickly filled Paul in on his amazing plan.

They just finished setting up the scare plan for Mr Black, as he woke up from the huge direct hit to his chest and head.

Adam quickly pointed the beanie at him and reassured him that there were real shotgun cartridges in the weapon now. ‘A lesson learnt quickly by Mr White,’ said Adam. Whose ‘body’ was now lying on the concrete patio covered with a blanket with a conveniently placed shovel standing next to it.

Mr Black’s face was filled with fear. The bold, confident man of twenty minutes ago was now looking rather scared and worried, fearing for his own safety and well being.

Mr Black’s mind was a cloud of emotion. ‘What are you going to do with me, eh?’

‘You’re going to go back to your employer and give him a message from us, not to try anything like this again and to leave the families out it, or I will have to resort to killing someone else. You see, Mr Black,’ Adam leaned in towards him and said ‘I turn into a morally unstable individual and I would willingly kill for them, so I suggest you go now before I start getting upset, because I keep thinking what if this night had gone your way, eh, and you now would have my wife and daughter?’ Adam quickly pumped the shotgun and held it under Mr Black’s chin.

Paul stepped in on the tough act and said ‘No, Adam. Don’t do it. It would make a terrible mess and I’m not cleaning that one up.’

Adam quickly calmed down the act, although Paul thought it was quite convincing.

‘Go, before I change my mind.’ And with that said, Mr Black got up and ran the same route Mr White had ran only moments ago.

He was soon into the woodland area and, still fearing for his life, got to the place where their car was parked. He presumed that Adam had ditched it, to cover his tracks, so he made his way on foot. Upon reaching into his pocket Mr White’s mobile phone had been completely crushed under the enormous blast it had received from the beanie weapon, so he couldn’t even call ahead for help or a lift.


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