Chapter 15…

Chapter Fifteen

It’s time for battle


2 Chronicles 20v15 ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s’.


Derek Greyer slipped on his loose-fitted Armani suit trousers and loose shirt and then threw on his favourite Armani trench coat to cover up the sword and other weapons. All the time he wondered if he was really ready for a showdown with Milo and Seth but he had singlehandedly sought and tracked down the mighty Slayem for back up, so no going back now.

Slayem did likewise and was eager to get started.

Milo and Paul, back at the church, were in a blind panic.

‘Where’s Adam?’ Milo was worried. ‘Check the LPS on the computer and then track him, Paul.’

‘He’s out of the city limits, Dad.’

‘Just buzz him. Get him back now. There’s two professional killers on their way.’

Adam answered the LPS. ‘What’s the problem, Paul?’

‘Where are you, Adam?’ Paul’s voice was filled with fear. Adam could sense that there was a major problem.

‘It’s Slayem and Deygar, they are on their way to kill you and Dad – I mean Milo.’

‘I’m on my way. I’m around ten minutes away, so hold them off till I get there. Lock yourselves in. And Paul; I hope you’re ready because there’s no going back.’

‘God didn’t heal me for nothing. I’m ready.’

Adam had his sword with him at all times and a few other items in the boot of the Beamer to protect himself.

‘Rachel, we have to go. It’s time. Once we’re there, get out of harm’s way and don’t come back for anything until I contact you, okay?’

‘What if…?’ It was the first time Rachel had been truly scared for her husband.

‘What if nothing, Rach. If they see you, you could be the target – you or Grace – they could hold you for a blood ransom. Sometimes it pays to think like them and what they would do to meet their objective. Just do as I say and pray for us all.’

Adam, Rachel and Grace were about a street away from the church when they stopped to let Adam out of the car.

Adam ran so fast toward the church. But as he approached Deygar’s Bentley was parked up, empty, and the main door had been kicked off its hinges.

Adam was fearful and could clearly hear swords clashing upstairs. As he ran towards the sounds of shouting and swords striking one another Adam quickly prayed: ‘Lord, please be with us in your house at this our time of dire need. Amen.’

Adam burst in the room to see Milo holding his own against Deygar, but he was beginning to struggle. Paul, however, was under Slayem’s sword and he was ready to kill Paul when Adam shouted.

‘Stop, Slayem. I’m Seth. I am your challenger not him.’

Slayem jumped towards Adam and struck him in the chest with a powerful kick throwing him six feet into the air. As Adam hit the floor he reached for the beanie gun strapped to his ankle and quickly pulled the trigger, shooting Slayem in his chest, thrusting his powerful frame into the far wall, indenting the plaster.

Adam quickly got up to help Paul to his feet. ‘Are you ok?’ Adam asked.

‘Yes, just about, though.’

‘Go and help your father.’

Milo’s and Deygar’s battle had moved downstairs into the main sanctuary and Milo was struggling to overpower him.

Paul quickly stepped in. The sight of him well and fighting fit and not suffering from the crippling effects of cancer was such a shock that he focused again, stumbled and fell over a chair.

‘No, it can’t be true. You were dying.’

‘Yes, Deygar. The keyword was ‘were’, not anymore thanks to the life-giving Blood of Jesus.’

Deygar composed himself and got to his feet ready to fight but now with the two of them ready to strike back he was unsure and doubted his own ability.

Slayem didn’t expect to get shot, so was a bit stunned by the close range shot to the chest. But the torso protector had done its job. Adam went over to Slayem nervously, his sword ready to give the fatal strike to end his immortal life, but Slayem flicked himself upright and kicked Adam again. He fell to the floor. Slayem’s sword drew back to give Adam a fatal strike.

Adam again, thinking quickly, pumped the beanie shooting Slayem, and again the force of the shot threw him over the desk and into the wall.

Adam was convinced that the shot would disable him for a moment, so he could compose himself, but he was mistaken. Slayem was back on his feet with his sword ready.

Adam was weary and tired. Slayem jumped the desk that was between them and went for the kill. Adam defended himself with every sword strike. Adam was taken aback at the power Slayem possessed. His sword was huge and looked heavy, medieval in its design.

Slayem was trying harder and harder to kill Adam, and he was finding the going tough. He just couldn’t get over the immense power and skill Slayem possessed.

‘I thought you were good, Seth. Lose that ankle weapon and let me do my job.’ Slayem was intimidating Adam, trying for a mind game technique.

Adam was having none of it. He struck Slayem with a powerful kick to his side leaving his guard down for Adam to go for the throat. Slayem’s quick reactions guarded it just in time.

Adam’s turn for the mind games: ‘Don’t let your guard down for a second. I’ll take every chance I can.’

The pair stopped and paced round the room to take a break, sizing one another up.

‘Just in case eh, Seth.’ Slayem pressed a button on his chest protector and then a titanium collar sprung up from beneath his Kevlar collar; only his Adam’s apple was exposed now, making a kill next to impossible for Seth.

Adam’s mind was a mess. ‘What do I do now? What I’d do for an actual firearm now; just shoot him in the head and it would be all over.’ But even that wouldn’t kill him, just slow him down for a moment.

Paul was downstairs in the main church and had more or less fought off Deygar, who ran from the church, back to his car.

Paul helped Milo back onto his feet. ‘Let’s see if Adam needs our help.’ Paul was on a mission and Milo felt confident in his son’s new found skills and abilities, thanks to Adam’s quick training.

Adam and Slayem were ready to go again, their swords held aloft, when Milo and Paul rushed in the office.

Slayem, assuming the worst, that the pair had killed Deygar, quickly headed for the stairs, watching the three Master Disciples carefully as he slowly paced the stairs and out, only to find Deygar in the car ready to go.

‘What’s the problem? Let’s go back and take them out.’ Slayem’s anger was clear; his face enraged by the adrenalin that flowed through his body.

‘No. We need to go. There’s three of them now. It’s all different. He was at death’s door a few months ago. It’s impossible. It can’t be true.’

Deygar’s mind was a mess, trying to figure out why Paul was fighting fit and now apparently healed and fighting alongside his father.

‘Let’s go. We need to form another strategy, maybe a separate attack.’

Reluctantly, Slayem got in the car and the pair left to form another plan of attack.

Meanwhile, back in the church, the trio of Master Disciples were checking out the damage. Milo was shaken up pretty bad. Paul was ready to go again; the adrenalin still flowing, but Adam was thinking if he hadn’t shown up just in time, the events may not have been as they were.

‘Are you okay, Adam?’ Paul asked, his voice cracking under the stress of it all.

‘Yes, I’m fine. That Slayem is very powerful and skilful. He had me down in seconds.’

‘I dread to think what might have happened if you hadn’t shown up. It was also a good thing you had that beanie gun thingy.’ Paul’s voice was starting to break.

‘I’ll be ready next time,’ Adam said with a glint of hope, rather than a statement of declaration.


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