Chapter 13…

Chapter Thirteen

The Trinity is Formed


Mark 1v10. ‘As Jesus was coming out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove’.


Matthew 8v13 ‘Go! It will be done just as you believed it would.’ And his servant was healed at that very hour.


The following Monday morning was a normal affair for Adam. He got up, had breakfast and then went out to start the day at church.

But when Adam arrived he noticed Paul’s car parked up on the church car park. Adam quickly got himself into the church and then into the training room where he found Paul and Milo.

‘Shouldn’t you be resting, Paul? It’s a bit early for you to start training.’

‘No, I’ve been doing that for months.’

Adam was truly worried by Paul’s reaction. His frame had been weakened by all the treatment and there was no denying that. He could hardly lift the bar on its own on the bench press. Paul’s frame had been robbed of his muscle and bulk and was now a shadow of his former fourteen stone stocky build, but he was unaware of it and he was not going to listen to Adam.

Paul felt out of it, and had for a long time, with Milo’s frequent visits to the hospital or home to tell of the good news of the new boy – his replacement, an outsider – Adam, with his amazing gifts and clear talent, but Paul felt his cancer was a curse and clearly a reason to find a replacement Master Disciple. But now, with the cancer gone, he could concentrate on training again and getting back to being the one true Master Disciple and standing in his rightful place at his father’s side.

‘I have to train, Adam. There’s a war ahead of us. I’m not like you. I have ground to make up.’

That was it, Adam now realising Paul’s distress at being replaced.

Adam tried to reassure Paul and told him of the many times Milo had prayed for his son’s healing and the frustration of not receiving it sooner. ‘He had to find someone. Your church was in danger and he had to do what he felt was right at the time. He didn’t know God’s plan. Maybe it was God’s plan after all, so we would help each other. Maybe God knew all along about Slayem and the power that three Master Disciple’s would be against him.’

‘Yes maybe; maybe that is the plan. Adam, would you help me train?’

‘Paul, it would be an honour.’

The pair of them hugged and made plans for Paul’s training and new health mission.

The two of them got straight to work and Adam took Paul to the health food shop for some supplements to get his weight back up to the standard to give him a fighting chance to defend against the likes of Deygar. Paul was an efficient swordsman and was trained in classic fencing. He had also dabbled in a little Kendo, before his cancer took hold.

On the shopping list were crash weight gain, whey protein shakes, muscle gain and Amino acid building blocks for muscle strength and other protein supplements. All designed for the speedy recovery of Paul’s fitness and stamina.

The next thing was food, and a lot of it – fresh vegetables, fruit, as well as all those supplements.

Adam added ‘God may have healed you, Paul, but I’m going to make you into a fighting machine that will defend his church like it was predestined.’

Two weeks into the hardest training that Paul had ever done, and it was clearly working; a stone of lean muscle to show for it, and Paul was feeling it.

Adam was more determined to get Paul fit and strong and took over Paul’s training and dietary needs alongside his own training. Paul’s plan was simple on paper, but hard in reality. It consisted of:

6am Breakfast:

A large bowl of porridge with half a pint of skimmed milk

Three bananas

Four rounds of wholemeal toast with peanut butter (reduced fat)

Then once that was done, Adam started on the supplements which consisted of:

Three heaped tablespoons of crash weight gain (vanilla flavour) in a pint of full fat milk, blended in the blender

Three 100mg Amino Acid tablets

One Zinc, vitamin C, D, E, tablets all washed down with a pint of water

One cup of black coffee with sweetener

With all that down, Paul had an hour’s rest, then down to the training room to hit the weights for two hours, a slow session with big weights for the strength training to build muscle.

8:30am Snack:

A piece of fruit (apple or banana)

More water

More protein drink, muscle gain with skimmed milk

Rest for one hour

One energy drink ready for a two mile run

Then lunch, which consists of:

One whole chicken roasted (no skin)

Tin of tuna with Pasta

Two pieces of fruit

And then more supplements

Weight gain and muscle gain

Once lunch had an hour to settle down, it was straight into martial arts training to supplement Paul’s sword work and give him more of an edge in combat. It would also burn excess calories from the supplements just leaving good old lean muscle tissue.

And then to finish the afternoon off, Adam would bring Paul up to speed on the computer system and LPS. Paul would then go home, rest, take the rest of his supplements and eat his evening meal.

That was a typical day for Paul for the past two weeks and it was nearly killing him, not the plan but the discipline, plus there was the muscle pain. It was, however, making him stronger and Jane had noticed a difference in even in that short time.

Jane was concerned about Paul (understandably, he was close to death after all).

‘I know all this training is a good thing, but I can’t still escape the fact he was nearly my late husband. Don’t get me wrong, Adam, I think he looks great for all the training, but don’t you think it’s all a bit quick, to getting back to a fully active MD?’

Adam was trying to be sympathetic to Jane’s concerns but it was Paul’s eagerness to return to work.

‘Hey, I tried to tell him, but you know Paul when he gets it in his head, you can’t stop him. He’s a determined and stubborn man. All I’ve done is guided him and equipped him for the job at hand.’

‘I know, Adam, and I thank you for your guidance and being sympathetic to Paul’s needs. I would be lying if I told you that Paul was okay about the arrangement with you and Pastor Miles, but since you have been training him he has begun to see it through God’s eyes and he does see you as a gift from God. He prays for you every night – you and your family.’

‘Well thank him for me. I do need prayer. I’m not the guy everyone makes me out to be.’

‘Adam, I give God thanks for your abilities. You underestimate yourself. You have changed a lot in just a short time, just like with my Paul, and I do thank you again.’

With that said, she gave Adam a hug, kissed him on the cheek and said ‘bless you, Gift from God.’

Jane felt better for talking to Adam and decided to get the other wives together to form a prayer network for all the leading men of the church, especially Pastor Miles. Pastor Paul and Adam had also had to build up their faith at this most difficult and testing time.

Whilst Adam and Paul had been training, Milo had been busy on the Slayem trail, listening to every word and tracking his every move through the bugs in Deygar’s office. It was difficult; he was always up to something and he could only hear him when he was discussing his plans with Deygar.

One time, he heard them talking about a giant shipping container from Japan being shipped over. It belonged to ‘Slayem’ and it seemed to be very important to him. He was saying ‘Please be careful and use your most trusted people. I don’t need a mess up with this.’

The container was due to arrive in a week’s time so the pressure was on for Deygar’s team to deliver the goods and to be trustworthy.

He had also been seen driving around in Deygar’s violet M5 BMW – quite a rare vehicle, easy to spot; the registration plate read M5DEY – not exactly conspicuous. Milo had an idea to bug it, but that was a job for Adam’s brother, Tatter.

Milo had been busy; the MD Council had contacted him via an alarming e-mail:

Pastor Miles, thank you for contacting us. We greatly received your email. Praise God for Active members.

We, the former Council of Reference for MDs, have doubled our efforts with prayer and intercession for you both at this your most difficult and challenging time.

We are concerned for your safety: We have researched the person, whom you enquired about, and we cannot use their details over the internet. Email is widely intercepted and we cannot risk private information being made public. We will contact you via another means.

Thank you for your involvement in this issue. Our prayers and blessings be with you by the Grace of our Lord and God.  


Milo was a little concerned by the news but had every faith that the Council would come through for him in time – and they did just that. Within a few days he received a letter, hand written and – more concerning – hand delivered, with instructions to destroy by fire once the information had been received and understood.

Milo opened it in his office, it read:

Dear Brother Milo,

We had no other way of getting the following information to you. Please forgive our concern in this matter but as you read this you will understand why.

Hugh Williams, ‘Slayem’ as you may know him, is pure evil.

He is second generation Judas Cult. His Father was apparently the founder and the very person who cut down the body of Judas and made the sacrifice and discovered the immortal powers of it. The other five original members were lost over time, and rumours say they were slayed by early Master Disciples, once their weakness was revealed by the Grace of God, and others fought each other.

At one time we believe (and our research is a little rough and flaky at times) that there were around one hundred members under the leadership of the father of Slayem.

But fear of the secret being found out more widely caused the founders only son, Slayem, to go on a mission to wipe out fringe members to keep the secret more closely guarded.

Even though Slayem’s father is dead, he has still continued His father’s mission. He is a danger to all, even other Judas members. We have been closely observing Derek Greyer for years and his father before him and we are still indebted for your involvement then, but at this time we fear his life. We fear he will just be used to get to yourselves and he will be killed to become the soul member.

We are praying for you Pastor and your new recruit and also for your church. May God richly bless your plans and give you the strength and the wisdom to complete your mission.


Brother Anthony.


God may open their eyes to the evil that is Slayem.

The embodiment of pure evil, may they see his plans before he does. Give them spiritual insight to the deeds of this most evil being. May God bless and strengthen the families and leaders that are responsible for the running of the church, and Lord.

Give understanding to the Master Disciples that feel they can’t ask for prayer because of the nature of its request, thus revealing this most precious of secrets. Amen.


Once read please destroy by fire. Do not make hard copies or photocopy.

The Lord will truly bless your mission.  

Milo read the letter through a few times to try and take it all in. He then made a copy, knowing full well he shouldn’t, for Adam and Paul to read with the instruction to destroy once read.

Milo had figured out some of the info about Slayem but this new insight into his past and more importantly his intensions were very concerning. Milo had also figured out the council’s concern and knew that he wouldn’t destroy Deygar when they were out of the picture.

Milo grew more concerned about their safety and then wondered why; why would he wait to kill us? Maybe Slayem was fearful of the prospect of a full-on battle with two Master Disciples; he feared our strength. Not knowing that we were actually three to contend with now.

Milo was encouraged by such a thought but also very fearful of it.

Milo thought he should have a quiet time with God:

Lord, hear my prayer. I’m truly scared, fearful. At most, I’m old and frail but have your wisdom deep rooted within me. Please give me the strength and health to succeed. Thank you for healing my son, Paul, and giving back my right hand man. I do appreciate Adam and his God given skills and it is now that I understand why Paul was ill; it was all part of your master plan. Give me more insight into your plan. Show me your hands and help me to fathom your ideas and thoughts. I’m grateful that you hold us all in the palm of your hand. Bless you, my Lord. Amen.

Once done, Milo just sat there in silence waiting on God to speak to him, whatever way he deemed worthy, but he was disturbed; Adam and Paul came back.

‘I’m so glad you’ve came back. Read this,’ he said and rammed the handwritten, hand delivered letter into Paul’s hand.

Paul’s face said it all. Once he had read it through Adam grabbed it.

‘Cool! If that’s true, why don’t we just sit back and wait for them to destroy each other?’

‘Adam, it won’t work out like that way. How I see it, he’ll wait until we’re gone. He is using Deygar to get to us – fresh blood, nothing more to it. Then I believe he will destroy Deygar and move on. The council believe he could be the last of the ‘Dark Lord’ – no more Judas Cult; no more secrets; no more deceit. Maybe we could end all of this. This could be our time to complete the work the great apostle, Paul, started all those years ago.’

The fire in Milo’s eyes was electrifying and was infectious. Paul agreed and Adam smiled and said ‘But all this is theory isn’t it. We need to prove it. All this secrecy about a container is really bugging me. He won’t even talk to Deygar about it which now makes a lot of sense after reading that letter, which we have to destroy by the way.’

‘You’re right, Adam.’ And Milo put the letter and the copy he made into the shredder then got the contents out to burn in his metal waste bin. ‘Well, Adam, we only have a week and we will know what’s in that container once and for all.’


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