Chapter 9…

Chapter Nine

Seth ‘Tools Up’


Ephesians 6:17 ‘Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God’.

The proximity sensor was buzzing, alarming the whole household to amber status.

‘Adam, why have you set that for? It’s noisy. It could wake grace.’ Rachel seemed to have underestimated the resent following and chase episode. The car and Rachel’s skill and bravery were all factors but most of all God was with them both. Adam, however, was a nervous wreck and was taking control of his home, upping the security of the family home.

‘Rachel, if someone comes walking down the driveway we will know won’t we. That’s all, Rach. I’m not trying to worry you but you seem to be handling the recent goings-on a whole lot better than me’.

‘Yes, Adam, but we can’t live in a constant heightened level of worry and anxiety. It will just overwhelm us and wear us out for when we need be on alert. Trust in God’s favour. Practice that faith; God has called you to a great commission. I now believe that and I will stand with you and trust God for you, if I have to, but please turn that buzzer off and give me a cuddle.’

Adam soon realised she was right and just he needed to trust more in God. His faith was the most important weapon he had, but as Adam went to the alarm control box the buzzer sounded, startling Rachel.

‘Who’s that?’

‘It’s Dad. He’s come to pick me up. He’s early.’

‘Why? Where you going?’

‘Don’t worry. I won’t be long and don’t answer the door. Check it out first and keep the phone close by. And double lock this door when I leave. I will call you when I’m on my way back.’

Adam closed the door behind him and then heard Rachel lock it. As he walked up the driveway towards his father, he checked his pocket for his mobile phone; it was there. A little pressure was released from Adam’s ever-increasing stress-filled mind.

‘Hi, Dad.’ A little anxiety was on show and Andy could see it clearly. Just like any caring father, he could always tell when his son was feeling it a bit. Even though Andy wasn’t a believer he still had those father-like instincts and he could tell.

‘Shall we get going then, son?’

The two of them were soon on there way to Mick’s shop.

‘So have you had any more incidents like the other week?’

‘No, but Rachel thought she was being followed the other day. I think it was on Tuesday. Anyway, how’s Mum?’ Adam just wanted to change the subject. He hated to tell lies to his father and felt it was always bad practice to lie in general anyway.

‘Mum’s fine.’ Andy was short with his answer. He also was worried about his son’s family and hoped this visit to Mick’s was a good idea.

‘Do you think Mick will come through with something?’

‘Knowing Mick, yes, he will come through with something.’

A few twists and turns and within ten minutes they were at Mick’s shop. Adam quickly got out of the car and walked briskly to the door, making sure he got to that door first. He was aware that Rachel was home alone without him there to protect his family.

He pressed the security buzzer on the huge metal door the CCTV camera quickly turned. The sound of the motor alerted Adam and he looked directly towards the camera’s lens. The intercom crackled and popped with the sound of Mick’s voice.

‘Who is it?’

Andy reached forward to press the intercom and get into the camera’s gaze. ‘It’s your old friend, Andy, and his son.’

‘Come in.’

The door buzzed open. Adam pushed the door and soon felt the immense weight of it, like the enormous weight and responsibility of carrying a weapon. Was he making the right decision? Was he going against the code of the Master Disciple and the result was to upset Milo? After all, he was doing all of this behind his back without his full knowledge. This quick thought disturbed Adam for a moment, but it was soon lost when hearing Mick’s voice for the first time in ten years.

‘Hiyah, mate,’ was Mick’s patter. A typical cockney originally from north London, he moved twenty years before to set up on his own and has never looked back. ‘Long time no see, eh Adam. How are you? It’s been years, mate. I hardly recognised you on the CCTV monitor. You still doing all that kicking and chopping martial arts stuff, eh?’

‘Yes, Mick. Still practicing and keeping fit. Still keeping sharp, eh.’

‘So, what can I do you for, mate?’

‘I would like a protection weapon, something non-lethal. I was thinking of the pump-action shotgun that fires those little bean bags, like the police use.’

Mick nodded along. ‘I know the exact thing you’re talking about. But, Adam, Mate, the ammo for those things are pricey, but if you’re dead-set on one I can get a load custom-made.’ Mick was getting excited by this. It really perked him up and he quickly got carried away. ‘Come with me. I’ve got a pump-action gauge that I’m cutting down in the workshop. Come this way, my fellows.’

He had all sorts in that workshop. It was like an Aladdin’s cave of the gun world. There were carbines, rifles and lots of shotguns. He even had a semi-automatic shotgun that even Andy got excited about and quickly grabbed.

‘How much, Mick?’

‘No, it’s not for sale; it’s for a special client.’

‘Who? Al Capone?’ Andy said with huge grin.

Mick laughed. ‘No, mate. Here’s the weapon for you.’ He handed over a shortened pump-action; a ‘Gauge’ was the term used by professionals and the police but mostly criminals. ‘This is the ideal weapon to convert to a ‘beanie baby’, mate, I can tell ya.’

‘A beanie baby? Is that a name you’ve given it, Mick?’

Mick nodded with a cheeky cocky grin across his face. He seemed more excited than Adam. Adam was a little worried but once the weapon was in his hand he felt reassured by having a form of defence that was non-lethal.

Mick could see that Adam was interested in the ‘beanie baby’.

‘Hey, I’ll tell you what I can do for you; that particular weapon was on order from a regular and he only called me earlier this morning and changed his mind and diverted his deposit on a carbine rifle. So if that’s what you want, I can have it converted no probs for you in a couple of days and throw in a couple of boxes of ammo. So, the balls in your court, as they say.’

Adam looked towards his father for permission. He just frowned and raised his eyebrows, like fathers do, then tilted his head towards Mick. Adam then took control and went ahead with the deal.

‘Yes, Mick. Wrap it up, as they say.’

‘Are you sure, son? This may upset Rachel knowing you have a weapon in the house.’

Andy had every right to be concerned for his son, but was using Rachel as a pawn in his little game of guilt chess

‘Rachel is the whole reason for being here and especially now we have Grace as well. I want to protect my family.’

Adam felt a surge of adrenalin talking about his family and most of all the true reason for the extra protection. He quickly rose to his feet to the surprise of Mick and Andy which gave them a shock.

‘Ok! Sorted! How much, Mick?’

The question took Mick by surprise. He scratched his head, trying to rack his brain for a figure that would not insult Adam or Andy and, most of all, wouldn’t leave him out of pocket. ‘Adam, just give me four hundred quid, mate, and that includes converting it and the 100 rounds of ammo for it. Is that a good figure?’

‘Yes, mate. That’s fine.’

Adam reached for his wallet and got ready with the cash. Andy looked over and felt obligated to provide for his son and his family’s wellbeing. He pushed his way in and threw in two hundred pounds towards the gun. Adam was surprised by this.

‘You don’t have to do that, Dad.’

‘Yes I do, son. I still worry about you. Tell me you’re not in trouble, please. You would tell me if you were?’

‘No, Dad, I’m not in any trouble. It’s just a precaution, that’s all. Rachel was followed and it has really spooked me. She’s a nurse; people die on her ward and some people take it personally. She has been threatened a number of times, Dad, and that part of her job worries me, that’s all.’

‘Then why doesn’t she give up the nursing? You make enough from the retirement home, don’t you? And you make a good living.’

‘Well, Dad. We have been waiting to tell you and Mum together that I have quit my job to work for the church two to three days a week and work at the home for the rest. We decided this a while ago and it means we can spend more time as a family.’

‘You quit your job? That was a great job. Why? That was a bit selfish. What about Rachel’s job? Instead of buying a gun to protect your family why not Rachel quit and get out of that job and you keep your old job? I will never understand you pair.’

It wasn’t the place for an argument and Mick was a little embarrassed. He walked into the armoury to find the ammo for the ‘beanie’ and made himself busy.

Andy had always had a problem with the level of commitment Rachel and Adam had for church. With Andy not being a believer it made it harder for him to understand what Adam had done, what he had signed up for and, most of all, what exactly he was doing for the church. Andy, being a hands-on worker and being in the building trade for over thirty years, had a massive problem with made-up jobs that just didn’t achieve anything, in his opinion.

‘Dad, calm down. All this happened after I gave up my job and Rachel still loves her job. It’s only for a few days a week. You see, what we are trying to achieve, at some point, is being self-sufficient. With me working for the home, the money we earn stays in the home, if you know what I mean. You always said if you’re going to make money why not make it for yourself. This way we have started that process, so just let me get this item from Mick so I can finish what we have started. It’s just so that I feel okay. It’s added security, that’s all.’

The weapon in question held eight non-lethal rounds (about the size of teabags) and could knock over a twenty stone man easily, once Mick – the ‘Gun genius’ – had altered it and adapted the chamber.

Mick came back to the pair of them when it had all calmed down.

‘Ok, Mick. I need just one more little favour. Could you drill a bevelled hole in the butt of the handle?’

Mick gave him a look that could only suggest bewilderment.

‘Yes, Mick.’ Adam took the weapon from Mick and tried to show him his idea. ‘You see, if you drill a hole here…’ he pointed to the bottom of the handle ‘…I could wear the gun on a belt and hide the thing down my trousers and if the need arose for its use I could access it quickly.’

Andy and Mick gave a quick look. Adam soon realised what his so-called idea could look like, and he may have given the game away.

‘Why would you want quick access? That would also indicate that you would be carrying this weapon around with you a lot of the time. Please explain, Adam,’ Andy said with a stern tone in his voice.

Mick was also nervous of Adam’s intensions with this converted shotgun. Basically, it was a very dangerous weapon in the eyes of the law.

‘It was just an idea, that’s all.’ Adam racked his mind for a viable explanation for this. ‘The idea was to hang the weapon behind my head board on our bed just for quick access and so I wouldn’t be messing around looking for a gun in the dark. You get it? You see what I’m getting at? You should know, Dad, you used to have a speed loader with rock salt filled shells and a 357 Magnum by the side of your bed.’

Andy blushed and nodded towards Mick. ‘Yes I do admit it and maybe now it was a foolish thing to do, but it doesn’t mean you have to repeat history. I thought you were a little wiser than me.’

‘Maybe you are right, Dad, but you did it for that macho reason. I’m doing for the safety of my family. Rachel was actually followed. It was not made up, Dad. It did scare her and I would appreciate you not worrying Mum about it, thanks, Dad. So, with that explained, Mick, I’ll see you on Thursday.’

‘Yes, mate. Fine. See you then.’ Mick looked towards Andy and said ‘I do see the point of hanging a weapon on a hook behind the headboard, especially with small children crawling about.’

With all that sorted out, Andy went for mooch around the shop looking at a auto shotgun and was tempted, himself, to purchase a weapon but felt restrained to do so. The pair left Mick at the shop and were soon on their way home.

Andy was quiet on the journey back to drop Adam off, but as the pair pulled up to the driveway he turned to say ‘Please be careful and if you need me for anything just call.’

Adam knew that could only mean one thing; he was saying if indeed you are in trouble, I’m here for you. I’m in your corner. Adam nodded. ‘Thanks, Dad. I do appreciate that.’

With that said, Adam got out of the car. He hated lying to his father and felt riddled with guilt. He went inside to try to relax a little (the whole evening had worn him out), but his plan to relax was short lived, when he found Rachel upset in the kitchen.

‘What’s wrong, Rach?’

‘It’s Pastor Paul. They’ve rushed him to hospital. It doesn’t look good. They’ve just rung me to start praying.’

‘Let’s just do that, eh Rach.’

‘Lord, we have no words to explain this and we don’t understand why Paul has Cancer but just be with him at this time. Be with the doctors and nurses caring for him. Let him still be a witness for you. Give him great peace–’

Adam stepped in. ‘Give him health, Lord. Give him health. We don’t want him to have cancer, Lord. We rebuke it, Lord, in your name. Just bless Pastor Miles and Margaret as they would worry and stress. Lord, strengthen their faith. In your name we ask it. Amen.

‘Sorry, Rachel. I just don’t want him to die. I just felt it right to be direct and just say what I truly mean.’

Rachel came round to where Adam was sitting and gave him a huge hug. ‘I know. I was thinking the exact same thing.

‘So why all the secrecy with your dad?’ Rachel quizzed Adam about his resent shopping trip.

‘Don’t go mad but I’ve brought a weapon.’

‘What type of weapon?’ Rachel was nervous by the news of another weapon in the family home.

‘A gun.’ Adam was awaiting the huge reaction but was surprised by Rachel’s subdued attitude.

‘Why a gun? You already have a sword. What happened to faith?’

‘My enemy has a gun. I just feel, ‘like for like’, that’s all and anyway it’s just for defence.’

‘What do you mean, just for defence?’

‘It won’t kill; it’s a beanie gun. It shoots little teabag sized bags that just knock a person over. If it gets a bit rough and I need to escape I have that back up.’

‘But why, Adam?’

‘Deygar pulled a Glock on me and Pastor Miles. I didn’t want to scare you as it turned out to be flash rounds to temporally blind us so he could escape. For all we knew they could have been live rounds. So I did what I felt was right to do.’

Adam was filled with adrenalin and the whole episode was quickly replayed in his mind. Rachel could see Adam was clearly shook up by this and reassured him.

‘Ok, Adam, I’ll have to make my peace with the gun. Just do me this small favour; just keep it out of harm’s way and mostly Grace’s.’

The very next morning Adam went to the church to see if Pastor Miles was there. After his night with Paul, Adam would understand if he wasn’t, but, as ever, he was there bright and early and was eager to get on with Adam’s training.

Adam felt awkward telling Milo about the gun, but as it turned out he was fine about it; not clear on what it was could have been a reason for his sudden change of heart. But their encounter with Deygar, with his semi-automatic pistol, had shaken him up also and he was still open about the whole subject of the gun/sword debate.

‘Together, Adam, we will be a powerful force, but as soon as we lose sight of God, our vision is blurred and the mission is lost. We will fail as ambassadors for God. You see, Adam, we must keep this a secret, but at the same time keep a relationship with God. I know it must be hard at the moment having no one to share and lift the burden but it is important for God’s people that this remains a secret.’

It always amazed Adam that Pastor Miles could sense when Adam was troubled without even saying anything to suggest so.

‘So, how’s Paul?’ Adam was eager to find out what had happened the previous night at the hospital.

‘It was a scary night, I can tell you, but Paul’s a fighter and he is bearing up.’

The pair of Master Disciples went on and trained for a few hours as normal but their hearts pondered for Paul, still in hospital, and they remained in a reflective mood. There were moments of long silences and they felt in a real place of solitude, quietly praying as they went about their duties.

The remaining months of Adam’s training went smoothly and Grace had started to try her first steps. Rachel was doing fine, especially now they had the LPS system working and they could pinpoint their exact location to the nearest metre. The tiny screen would show a grid reference and even a street name. Scott had done well and it gave Rachel reassurance and made her feel at peace whilst out in the car with Grace.

The six months was coming to a close for Adam and on the last day, even though Pastor Miles said you’ll never stop learning, their official training time together had come to as close and they would spend the time together in prayer and exercise purely maintaining what they had started over six months ago.

‘Mind exercise and body Exercise’, Milo call it.

They had all arranged to meet in the training room; Pastor Miles and his wife, Margaret; Pastor Jason and his wife, Lorraine; and finally Rachel and Grace; they had thrown a surprise for Adam.

‘Surprise!’ they all yelled as Adam walked down the stairs to the training room.

‘So, what’s this all about, eh?’ Adam was taken aback by the sentiment of it all.

‘It was Paul’s idea to do this for you, and we have a surprise for you later,’ said Rachel with a huge grin on her face. ‘But now let’s eat.’

Pastor Miles felt great that they were all together, but missed Paul. ‘Let’s raise a cup up to my son, Paul, and pray a blessing on him.

‘Lord, we raise our cups and remember Paul and his loving wife at his bedside right now and we just pray that you restore him and build him up in faith at this time, in your name Lord. Amen.’

As the evening went on Adam was getting more anxious about his surprise. Then the top buzzer sounded, alerting Pastor Miles that there was someone at the main doors of the church.

‘Ok, everyone, it’s time for Adam’s big surprise. So if you would follow me up.’

They all went up to see the reaction from Adam; they quickly put a blindfold on him so everyone could get up there before he saw the surprise.

There was a huge box waiting on the car park near to the main doors to the church.

The box was all bound up, secure, so Rachel started to cut through so Adam could see what was in the box, fully.

Once all the binding was removed and the box taken off, all that remained was the packing and the plastic cover for Adam to take off. They quickly took off the blindfold.

‘Wow! What is it?’

‘Take it off then,’ they all said loudly. All were just as excited as Adam was. Adam quickly pulled the plastic away to reveal a MV Augusta F4 Motorcycle, complete with leathers, gloves and a helmet, all matching.

Adam fell to knees with shock and just turned his head round to see everyone.

‘Why, I don’t deserve this.’

Milo stepped up. ‘It’s not brand new but it was the best we could find. We asked Rachel for the specification required, so thank her for this. We all chipped in and decided that you needed a vehicle to get from place to place quickly, so we got you this.’

‘It’s your favourite, right Adam?’ said Rachel with a concerned look on her face.

‘Rach, it’s fantastic, honest. I would never have guessed this was the big surprise.’

‘We’ve had some modifications made to the bike.’ Milo was eager to show Adam.

‘Come on, Pastor. Let him take it for a spin,’ Jason said, quickly passing Adam his brand new helmet.

Adam soon got himself kitted out in the leathers and got on the bike. Rachel went over to him carrying Grace in her arms; she was nearly asleep. ‘Please, Adam, go steady. You haven’t ridden for a few years and this bike is very fast. Don’t forget I ordered it.’

‘Ok, Rach, I’ll try,’ he said and gave Rachel a quick wink.

Adam pressed the bike’s starter button and it roared into life. He selected first gear and made his way to the car park exit, but first he familiarised himself with the MV’s controls before hitting the main road. Then, with a blink of an eye, he was gone. Adam buried the throttle and hit 60 mph in less than three seconds.

Rachel heard the bike and thought, ‘I said go steady on that thing’ then quietly prayed to herself.

‘We’ll wait for him to come back, eh,’ said Margaret

‘We’d better get inside. Knowing Adam he’ll be ages. It’s been a while since he’s been on a bike and, to be honest, he deserves it.’

As Rachel said it, her heart was filled with worry; the worry wasn’t the danger of the bike. It was the true reason for the bike that filled her heart with such dread and fear.

It didn’t take Adam long to get his bike confidence back, riding the MV. He was loving it and was soon getting his knee down in the corners and muttering to himself inside his helmet: ‘Man! This is the business! The handling is fantastic!’

In the twenty or so minutes that Adam was gone, he soon realised that he ought to get back, especially as the party and surprise that everyone had planned was for him.

When he got back the car park was all deserted; everyone had gone back inside.

He got back to the party and was quickly questioned by Pastor Miles. ‘So how was it, Adam?’

‘It’s absolutely fantastic, and I would like to thank you all again and especially Rachel for all your hard work and for everything that you are going through. It must have been a shock for you, especially with your work, having Grace and everything that goes with that and the news of my new career change.’ Adam was skirting around the whole Master Disciple title and all its responsibilities. ‘So I just want to say a big thanks and that I love you so much and I could not have done any of this without you. So, Rach, I love you and I thank God for you.’

As the evening was drawing to a close and guests started to leave Adam was also aware that Grace was now fast asleep and tucked up in the corner of the gym. It was time for them to leave too. He didn’t want to appear rude, as he was the guest of honour, but Grace needed to be in her bed and Rachel was at work the next day.

Adam rode the M.V. home, still not believing it was his, and Rachel drove the Legacy with Grace still fast asleep.

The very next morning Adam left home for church eager to get on the M.V. to see Pastor Miles. The journey to church took barely minutes; the bike was impressing Adam every second he rode it.

In the office, Pastor was in the study quietly praying. Adam walked in tiptoeing his way past, trying not to disturb him, but Pastor knew he was there.

‘Morning Seth.’

‘Oh, morning, Milo. Sorry, did I disturb you?’

‘No, not at all. We had a great time last night, and what about that surprise, eh?’

‘Yes, it’s still sinking in.’ Adam was having to pinch himself whenever he thought about the bike. He still couldn’t get over the generosity of everyone.

‘You know that you can’t wear your sword on your back when riding on the bike, well, without being arrested anyway. I have another surprise for you.’ Pastor Miles went over to the wall to open the safe behind the picture and pulled out a case and handed to Adam. Adam quickly placed the box on the table and opened it; it was a shortened version of his sword, especially designed to fit into the M.V’s frame. Milo was keen to show Adam how it fitted into the bike’s frame to conceal it. The pair quickly walked to the car park. Milo took the sword from him to give him a demo.

‘You see, Adam, the sword fits in here. Did you notice the faring was slightly flared out to allow the sword to be fitted. There’s a sheath fitted inside so there’s no chance you will damage anything to the inner workings of the bike. And did you notice the handle on the sword, on its very end, was an exact copy of the damper control switch, so you can leave the sword in and it locks within the bike. It is only released when you press the correct button when the ignition is turned on.’

Adam was taken aback again and was soon thinking of when, how and who had done all of this work to the bike. Even with all of his car and motorcycle knowledge, he couldn’t tell that the bike had been altered at all.

Adam quickly took the sword from its new home in the bike and tried it for its weight. He quickly thrust it either side of his body, spinning the sword through and around his hands, changing direction so quickly that Pastor Miles could only see it as a blur.

‘We have everything we need now, Milo. It’s great and I even had a chance to test the LPS system just the other day; Rachel was at the shops so when I called her I knew she was at the shops before she told me. It really freaked her out. It’s a very vital piece of our equipment, Pastor Miles.’

‘Adam, would there be any chance that we could have a system here at the church, like a central base unit where we could oversee everything?’

‘I like that, Pastor. That’s a great idea. I will see my brother and ask him. He always likes a challenge.’

A few weeks into their new prayer and exercise program and Adam and Pastor Miles had wondered why it had all gone quiet in the Deygar camp. And just then there was an urgent news flash on the TV.

‘We’re sorry to interrupt your program, but computer micro-chip tycoon, Bill Barns, was involved in a tragic accident in the last few hours. He and his wife, Janet Barns, were killed instantly when their leer jet crashed near Montego Bay, Jamaica. Their pilot, Captain Graham James, was also killed, leaving a wife and two children. We’ll have more on this story as it arises.’

Pastor Miles gave a raised eyebrow look, like there was a link with the fact that they were only just speaking about Deygar and his lack of activity recently. Then Pastor Miles quickly recalled a newspaper article he had read recently; he started to walk around the training room nodding his head as he walked, muttering under his breath.

‘What is it, Milo?’

‘I don’t if there is a link but, Adam, hear me out. The article I read was about Mr Chan Wong, whose chairman of DigiLab Holdings, who had approached Barns Tech with an attempt to merge the three companies, but there were complications with the final contract and they ended up with lawyers fighting it through. Now, with the chairman and his wife both dead, it would mean the contracts would be void and the companies could merge as a result of the accident. I don’t know; maybe I’m reading in to this too much; maybe we will know more on the news later.’

‘Or you could try the internet. That’s constantly updated. But first, let’s backtrack. You mentioned only two companies, DigiLab Holdings and Barns Tech. What’s the third?’

‘Adam, it’s Greyer Industries. They all come back to him; DigiLab Holdings was his company (well, his father’s from back in the early eighties) to which he sold for millions to still have a controlling role as a ghost chairman, but only I’m privy to that knowledge. Money, eh! It can bring its little perks like insider trading and the knowledge that no one can stop you because you’re the boss.’

‘How come you know all this Milo?’

‘I knew his father well. He knew my business and I knew his. It was a way of control for us both; a way of keeping our distance, if you know what I mean. Back then it was a simpler time.’

Milo was reminiscing, thinking of his youth and – just for a moment – being a little envious of Seth’s youth, courage and eagerness.

‘I have it, Milo. If what you say is true he could have a hand in five of the world’s wealthiest companies, but this is the worst of it; he could potentially be the unseen controller of all that wealth and power.’

‘It’s not that, Seth, that bothers me the most, it’s the reason. It’s not a human trait, it’s an evil one. The more he relies on the blood of a betrayer for greed, power and, most of all, immortality, the more he takes on the character and traits of the Devil, the king of lies, the true betrayer; that’s who we are up against.’

‘But we need to be sure. This is all theory and speculation. We have to find out for sure, concrete truth. We can seek God on wisdom but in what direction and wisdom in what area exactly?’ said Adam as he looked at the computer screen, with his head in his hands.

Adam was onto something with that last statement, but Milo didn’t respond.

‘Milo, I thought it was a believer’s blood that sustained his immortality.’

‘Not necessarily. It can be anyone that betrays their own beliefs, whether it’s business, personnel or religious, but he needs Christ’s own blood to give him a life that won’t end – immortal living – and the only way he can get that is to kill a believer or betray a believer. Let’s say, a weaker form ‘diluted’ from the real stuff, the powerful stuff.

‘As believers we not only share in Christ’s suffering and blessing; as believers we share His blood type, so to speak. We share His life and we share in His death.’ Milo’s eyes lit up with every word he spoke. You could clearly see his faith at work in him and through him. It excited Adam to the depths of his core.

Milo jumped into step. ‘That’s it! He can’t sustain his immortality. He’s running out of time. He gave away his plan. ‘Eighteen months’; that was it. The stupid fool even told me. I can’t believe he told me.’

Adam was all confused, nodding his head with a scrunched-up face. Adam was more than confused; he was a little frustrated, but he did not interrupt Milo mid-flow. He was a having total recall of something and Adam feared he would lock up if asked at this point.

‘That means he’s got less than a year to find new blood in the form of a believer who is prepared to betray, or worse, kill one of us in battle.’

And that was it; the pair of them looked at each other with a fear that stopped them in their trains of thought. Adam dared not say anything; he was clearly troubled by Milo’s last statement. It finally hit home for Adam that it could be any one of them or anyone from the wider church, which was the worst case scenario for Milo.

‘Only we know him as the evil ‘Deygar’, Dark Lord of the ‘Judas Cult’,’ said Milo, ‘but what if he’s using his wealth to pull together others in the cult? If there are any left, they could form an alliance. With enough wealth, they could go on forever.’

Milo was struck with discernment at what Adam had just said. ‘It’s not the blood he wants, Adam. That’s it; he’s trying to find more members, very important members, key members.’

‘We need to find out for sure, Milo, and I think I know how we can do it.’

Milo was excited and his faith was growing even stronger, until Adam came out with a statement that shook him, to his core.

‘We should bug his office, Milo.’


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