Chapter 12…

Chapter Twelve

‘We Seek Help’


Psalm 121v1 ‘I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from?’

Adam, together with Milo, spent the whole of the next two days training intensely; with Milo, at last, seeing sense and stepping up his own training, even though he was still trying to convince Adam he was officially retired.

As well as their physical training, the pair also continued to pray for God’s protection and most of all His wisdom at this there most challenging time.

Adam had a burning question on his mind and thought he had already asked it in some kind of dream or something. ‘So what!’ he thought. ‘If I have already asked this I’ve forgotten the answer.’

‘Hey, Milo, are there any other Master Disciples around or anyone in the higher church who could help us?’

‘Good question. There was once an MD. Council with over a hundred members. I was once asked to join a long time ago but unfortunately it, like everything else, died out with a lot of its members actually dying and some just got too old and retired from service.’

‘You were asked, and you declined? How come?’

‘Well, Adam, it was a long time ago. I still had my own church; Paul was very young and it was just bad timing, unfortunately, and so my plan was to train Paul to be my replacement and then within 15-20 years the Council was finished, no longer in service for God, but…’ Milo rubbed his chin for a moment whilst the thought ran through his mind. ‘It’s a long shot, but I do remember a few still pray and intercede for active MDs. It’s been a long time, before Paul was diagnosed, since I last contacted them.’

Adam was shocked to hear this and spoke out at his frustration. ‘You knew this and didn’t tell me? If I had never asked would I have never known, eh?’

Milo just gave Adam a quick cheeky wink and said ‘Well, I’m old, don’t forget.’

Milo got to work on contacting the MD Council. They communicated via the internet using coded email and creative ways of using scriptures to convey their requests.

Adam was glad; anything was good enough if they were going up against Slayem. The pair of them were more than convinced that he was pure evil and was more of a threat than Deygar. And Milo did say that they would need more spiritual help than physical.

‘So where are you going?’ Milo asked Adam as he grabbed his helmet and gloves.

‘I’m going up to the rest home. I haven’t been for a few days. I should really show my face once and a while.’

‘The rest home?’ Milo was intrigued by the sudden name change.

‘Yes, well Rachel hated me calling it the old folks’ home and Rachel calls it a home for rested mature people, so we settled on rest home.’

‘So, I’ll be off then. I’ve got the LPS if you need me, ok?’

So, Adam took the bike for a blast to save time and he needed to practise; you lose your confidence and your nerve the less you ride and Adam hadn’t ridden for over a week, so a good blast is what he needed. He was really going for it, getting so low in the corners those knee sliders were getting red hot from running against the road.

Once at the rest home, there was a lot going on with many unfamiliar cars parked up and an ambulance with blue lights flashing and siren sounding coming towards Adam as he rode up the driveway to the main entrance.

Adam rushed in to find Julie, the home’s administrator and manager, all upset and crying.

‘What is it, Julie?’

‘Oh, I’m so glad you came today.’ And with that said she wrapped hers arms around Adam and just held him for a moment. This was unlike Julie – a firm and solid character who commanded authority. ‘It’s Mr Patterson; he’s had a heart attack and we have had a break in overnight. Mr Patterson will be fine, I hope; it’s his third.’ With that, Julie broke down again. Just the thought of a resident dying made her cry again. It was the part of her job that she hated but unfortunately it happened from time to time. It came with that kind of work but it didn’t stop Julie making people’s last days there, their best ones; that was her motto.

Adam was guided to the office where they had the break in. He collated the damage and was convinced it was kids. ‘Kids, I’ll bet,’ he said out loud.

‘No actually,’ said a deep voice, as it bounced around the air for what seemed like seconds within the halls of the old Victorian building.

Adam turned to see an out reached arm, and shook the hand.

‘I’m DC Charmers. I gather you’re the owner of this establishment.’

Adam was taken aback. ‘No. My wife’s the owner. I’m her husband, Adam. Adam Fuller.’

‘Well, Mr Fuller, after your expert analysis of the situation, it wasn’t kids. All that were taken at this time, as far as we can see, were confidential files.’

‘Why would anyone steal files from a rest home?’

‘That’s exactly what I said, Mr Fuller. Missing files, one half-dead resident; that’s a lot for one morning, don’t you think, sir?’

‘What are you saying officer?’

‘Detective, please.’

And then it hit Adam: Why send a DC to a break in on a rest home? It all seemed very suspicious.

‘If you are wondering why I was sent, it was because of the nature of the crime. They really meant business. Whoever it was got past your security system, cleanly broke the lock by spraying freeon, then tapping the lock cylinder, breaking it very cleanly and virtually silently. Very professional, don’t you think, Mr Fuller?’

Adam was quickly racking his mind of all his old associates who could have pulled off a job like that and come to one conclusion – he was the only one he knew who could pull it off and he had a suspicion that DC Charmers was coming to that conclusion also.

‘So what are you implying, Detective?’

‘We’ve checked you out, Mr Fuller. You have quite a reputation; never charged with anything but still, just proves what a clever chap we have in our midst.’

‘You can’t say that. It’s slander. I am an upstanding member of the community and have been for a number of years, I might add. So what if I was a bit of a ‘jack the lad’ as a youngster. It’s now that I’ll be judged, not my past. Ever heard the saying ‘it’s not where you’ve been but it’s where you’re at’?’

‘Yes, yes. I’ve heard it all before, sir. Just look at it from a police point of view. With the evidence so far it looks like an inside job.’

‘Detective, why would I rip off my wife’s home?’

‘I don’t know why you would rip off your wife’s home. That’s why I’m here.’

‘Come on, Charmers!’ Adam was losing it and Julie had stopped crying to see a side to Adam she had never seen. It really surprised her to hear a chapter of Adam’s life that was so private until now.

‘DC – if you don’t mind. I think I’ve earned it.’

‘Since when has it been a crime to call the police when your property’s been broken into, eh?’

Even DC Charmers was seeing that Adam was not handling it all well and tried to calm him down.

‘Calm down, sir, please.’

‘No, Charmers, no. You don’t come round here and accuse me, who through marriage more or less owns the home that’s been broken into.’

‘This is the last time that I’ll tell you, sir; don’t call me Charmers. It’s DC or sir, thank you.’

‘May I suggests – ‘DC’ – you investigate this crime and don’t keep bringing up my past. I, admittedly, may have been a bit of character in the past, and that’s the key word here – Past, Detective – in that statement and this is in the present, so I assume you have my phone number, so you know where to contact me. I have to go and see Julie and tend to her, if that’s all, Detective.’

DC Charmers was at last stuck for words and let Adam carry on tending to Julie, who was now fine and back to her normal self, after seeing Adam tear shreds off the DC.

‘Julie, are you ok now? Well, if this guy starts hassling you, just give me a call. I’m off to do my own investigation.’

Adam started to walk towards the bike to head back to church, when he heard the LPS go off in his pocket. He quickly grabbed it. ‘Yes. What is it?’

‘Adam, just get back to church quick.’ Milo sounded panicked.

‘What is it? Tell me.’

‘Just get back.’ With that said, the LPS went dead.

Adam got on the bike, put on the helmet and gloves and started the bike with an almighty roar. As he pulled away the engine roar was so loud that the police standing around, including DC Charmers, turned to see and gave Adam a judging glance.

Within minutes Adam was back at church; the brake discs on the MV were glowing red. An unfamiliar car was parked up near the main entrance and Adam grew suspicious. He quickly pulled the extendable baton from down the sleeve of his leather jacket, just in case, and made his way up to Milo’s office.

Once up the stairs, Adam opened the door to find Milo sitting at his desk with a stranger in front of him. His back turned with a serious glance on his face, as Adam passed to sit next to Milo.

Adam knew straight away it was ‘Slayem’. He was sure of it, and he was right, but Slayem himself was totally unaware of their knowledge of him, so they had the upper hand – well, they hoped.

Milo’s face was a picture of hope and faith, and Adam even noticed a little grin starting to appear now Adam had shown up so quickly. Slayem got up to introduce himself.

‘So you are Seth?’ He quickly sized Adam up, looking up and down at his frame, then said ‘So where are your L plates, eh, apprentice?’

He knew who they were and this shocked the pair of Master Disciples.

Adam quickly grasped the baton tightly in his hand ready for a stand off, and with his other hand removed his bike helmet.

The thing that was running through Adam’s mind was whether he had been there the whole time he’d been out at the Rest home. Was all that just a way of getting Adam out of the way, so Slayem could slay Milo in cold blood?

Adam quickly sized Slayem up, as he went in to shake hands, but as he got closer Slayem sat back down again, totally disregarding him. He quickly weighed him up; he was about six foot five and fifteen to twenty stone. It was difficult to work out the exact amount as he was wearing a long trench type coat, like the kind that Deygar would wear; designer type; expensive; perhaps hiding a sword or other kind of weapon. Adam soon realised that he only had the baton; his sword was on the bike and the beanie gun was sitting safely in the training room. The silence of the room was overwhelming, just starry glances and fixed expressions. Milo broke the silence.

‘Ah, this gentleman has come to see you, Seth.’ Milo just played along with Slayem’s game. They had to act like they didn’t know who he was and just carry on as normal, but Slayem’s outbursts seemed so out of character.

‘The thing is, sir, I don’t know who you are, though,’ Adam said, gritting his teeth through every word he spoke, still holding that baton so firmly, it was starting to make his hand ache with pain.

Slayem sat up in his chair. Adam was ready for anything; a sudden movement or strike against any of them and Adam was ready to block or strike with that extendable baton. It just took a micro-second to extend. A strike out to the forehead of Slayem would instantly knock him unconscious.

But he didn’t do anything, he just said ‘Oh sorry, Seth. I’m Mr Williams and I’ve come to see what I’m up against in the fight of your lives and the lives of this church, that’s all.’ His smug grin and charming attitude made Milo lose it.

‘Get out now. This is holy ground. This is not happening. We all have our missions and we are abiding by our pledge to protect God’s church and His people.’

Adam was amazed by Milo’s faith and courage and stood up to Slayem. The pair were nose to nose; only the desk separated them.

Adam was amazed but fearful. There was only one weapon between them and Adam had it up his sleeve.

Then Slayem said ‘Let’s all calm down and sit.’

The three all sat down together. All eyes connected ready for anything.

‘Now we are all seated comfortably, let’s do a little experiment; if you are a Master Disciple stand up, and if you are a thousand-year-old-Master-Disciple-killer stay seated.’

Adam and Milo looked at each other with a panic, and no one moved momentarily.

Slayem edged forward in his chair. ‘So there’s no Master Disciples in this room, eh!’

Milo spoke out, but not as strong and confidently this time round, being a little tactful in his approach. ‘Have you come to kill us?’ The question commanded silence.

Adam’s fixed expression on his face was that of a man who wasn’t going to go down easily. He had a fight in him and Slayem could sense it too.

This excited Slayem to the depths of his evil core and he smiled towards the pair of them then said a statement that would chill Milo to his core.

‘Oh no, I haven’t come to kill you. I just want you to quit your mission or sacrifice yourselves. Or your last choice is to, maybe, just give me a couple of weak believers.’

Adam stood up ready with the baton to strike out at this evil thing in front of him. ‘And what happens if we don’t?’

Slayem then stood up to face Adam. ‘Well, Seth, it would be better for you if you did what I say. You have a week to think it over. I won’t come back here, but you will see me again.’

With that, Slayem got up and left the office. Adam was poised, ready to strike out if he tried anything, but the evil Slayem just left, to the astonishment of the pair of them.

‘Milo, what just happened here? Was I dreaming? Was that just Slayem in your office threatening us? How did he get in here?’

‘He said he was a friend of yours and he told me about Rachel and Grace and the old folks’ home.’

Adam ran through all that had happened that morning: the break in, the missing files.

‘It’s all connected,’ Adam shouted out and ran down towards the bike to race home.

Milo chased after him. ‘What’s all connected? What is it, Adam? Please stop! Tell me what’s going on.’

Adam jumped on the MV and raced home. The journey was horrible. The idea that the whole little meeting was a way of getting to Adam’s family; the attack on the home was away of getting him out of the way; the whole idea of it all was ripping him apart, and the idea of Rachel and Grace not being at home and just finding a note on the door or something was much worse. It was getting him so angry.

As he pulled onto the drive, Rachel’s car was still there and all seemed well as Adam opened the door and ran into the lounge. His mission now was to find the two most important people in his world: Rachel, his beloved wife and his precious daughter, Grace. And the pair were there praying, Rachel kneeling holding Grace in her arms. Adam fell to the ground to join them in this holy embrace, relieved by their presence and well being.

Once finished Rachel could sense a problem and questioned Adam. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I just love you both so much.’

Adam was filled so much with the love of God and the love of any good husband and father. The shock of meeting Slayem had hit him hard, especially now he was holding the most precious people in his life.

‘You’re scaring me now. What is it?’

‘Well, where do I start? The break in at the home–’

‘Yes, I know about that. I’ve not long got off the phone with that DC Charmers, and what’s his problem? I felt like a suspect. It was like we’d done it the way he was going on, on the phone.’

‘I know, Rach. I popped down and saw Julie and I had my run in with DC Charmers, but I think I know who did it or who had it done on his behalf.’

Then Adam proceeded to tell Rachel of the meeting he had just had with Slayem and tried to calm her at the same time but unusually she did not need calming and she was a pillow of faith and courage. Rachel’s faith had increased to beyond anything Adam had ever seen. She was amazing and acting like a real woman of God, and all she said was ‘I will fear no man, and no man can escape the fear of my God. We’ll stand firm in faith together.’

‘Wow! Where did that come from?’ Adam thought and was glad she was on his side.

Meanwhile, Deygar pulled up to the kerb in his Bentley next to the car he’d loaned Slayem for his little trip to the church.

‘I’ve been circling for ages waiting.’

Slayem just got out of the car and got in the back of the Bentley with Deygar, abandoning the loaner car like it was trash. One of Deygar’s associates got out of the Bentley and drove it back the office.

‘So how long does it take to scare a man of God, eh?’

‘Well it wasn’t all a loss. I had that Milo in his office like you said, but Seth managed to get back before I could do anything. ‘Men of God’ – all they are now are very scared men of God, fearful of who I am and what I can do. I just want to thank you, Derek; I haven’t had this much fun in years.’

Derek was glad he had found Slayem but was starting to think maybe he was now running the show. ‘Was he the new boss?’ he kept asking himself as the pair were driven back to the office.

As they entered the underground parking area of Greyer Towers, Slayem asked the driver to stop.

‘Can I ask you for something, Deygar?’

‘Yes,’ said Derek, wondering what ever could this guy need.

‘I need a car. It seems you have a few spare. I’ll take that one there,’ he said, pointing to a car in the third row.

‘Which one? The Aston?’

‘No.’ replied Slayem.

Derek Greyer was a selfish man and didn’t share anything, especially his cars; they were a no mans land in his world, as he walked sheepishly past the Aston Martin Vantage and onto the next car parked up – a Bristol Blenheim. And again there was a resounding ‘No’ from Slayem.

The next vehicle was a BMW M5 and that was the car Slayem had his evil eye on. Slayem headed off Deygar and hand slapped the bonnet of the car. ‘This will do. This is all I’ll need; quick and reliable and it fits in, not like the others, they stick out too much.’

‘You’ve wasted a lot of money, by the way, Mr Greyer,’ said Slayem, shaking his head as he walked on towards the lift.

Milo had to go and see Paul at the hospital. He’d been going like clockwork to see him, but he had an urgent call from the hospital. Milo feared the worst and called Adam to come for support, so Adam picked Milo up and the pair went together. Milo didn’t say a single word the whole journey and Adam was fearful of the outcome. Was this the call they had all been waiting for, for the past year or so?

Once there, the pair walked down to the ward where Paul was. Those halls seemed longer than ever. Milo was weary and you could clearly see it on his face; a face that could break any minute; a face that normally held everything together for the greater church; a face that had told everyone to have faith, it was finally at breaking point. Adam couldn’t do anything to help; he felt totally helpless.

As the pair made the final left turn toward the doors to the ward, Paul’s doctor came rushing out, his face all a glow and his adrenalin was seriously up – way up.

‘Come quickly.’ The doctor pulling at Milo’s elbow to rush him along. Adam was fearful; the curtain had been drawn around Paul’s bed, trying to hide the fact that someone had died on a very busy ward in an attempt to calm other patients.

It didn’t work, and Pastor Miles fell to the floor near to Paul’s bed, not making the last few steps. His legs finally gave in. It was the last straw for Milo.

The Doctor yelled out ‘No! Pastor Miles, your son is up and well.’ He flung the curtain back to reveal a fit and well Paul eating a full English breakfast.

‘What’s going on?’ asked Adam.

Milo was speechless, then the doctor proceeded to tell the pair that this is how they’d found him this morning, so they took him for a scan and the cancer had shrunk.

‘Virtually gone! A miracle you’d say, eh Pastor.’

With that said, Pastor Miles fell to his knees again but this time it was with gratefulness not despair.

‘A Miracle! A Miracle!’ Adam was amazed. He had never seen such a thing close up. He had read about such amazing things but never had he seen it and he quickly grabbed his phone to tell the world, but was quickly asked not to in the building, so he quickly ran to get out in the open and make the call the whole church had been waiting, hoping and praying for, for so long.

As soon has Adam had hit the front door to get out, he speed dialled to call Rachel.

‘Rachel, call the leadership at once. Great news! Great news – a miracle!’

Rachel was overwhelmed by Adam’s excitement. ‘What is it? What’s the great news?’

‘Paul is well. The cancer has gone. He’s healed. He’s in bed looking fantastic.’

Rachel was over the moon and was soon on the phone telling others of the great news – the news the church had been waiting for.

Adam rushed back in to see Paul. Milo was still praising and thanking God for this miracle.

‘So, how do you feel?’ Adam asked excitedly, so overwhelmed by the amazing miracle that God had done.

‘I feel great, like a new man, and – before you ask – yes, I would like to go home now.’

Adam thought there was something else going on here. Paul wasn’t just healed but transformed, perhaps a Prophet or Apostle.

Paul placed his hand on Adam’s shoulder and then said ‘God has poured his blessing upon you and will see it through to completion.’

Adam felt a surge of the power of God enter him and was taken aback. His feet shook and his legs buckled, having to take a couple of steps to steady himself.

Paul turned to gather his things and pack his bag ready for the off.

‘Jane’s picking me up. I called her before you came.’

‘Oh, okay Paul.’

Adam still couldn’t believe what was happening; Paul was acting so blasé about the whole experience, like it was an everyday event. Adam felt he should leave it; maybe it was Paul’s way of dealing with it all. Death’s door one day, completely healed the next – ‘I don’t know how I would deal with it,’ he thought.

Milo turned to the both of them and embraced them like the shepherd would his flock, knowing this was a pinnacle event for all of them.

‘This is a mighty miracle and it is for a special purpose; us three men of God will defend against the evil thriving in this city and crush it with the power of God’s Anointing. The healing of my precious son was the first stage in God’s plan; the next is His protection over our families, so our minds are focused on the mission at hand, so God’s people can praise our Lord with new found faith and focus.’

Adam felt a little out of the loop with Paul’s healing and now Milo getting amazing words from God, but he heard every word and wanted desperately to apply it to his life, especially the part about protection and his family.

That following Sunday, at church, was fantastic. The whole place was alive with the blessing and thanksgiving of Paul’s amazing and miraculous healing. The church had their pastor back and he was on good form.

‘My mid-life crisis was cancer and its curse was lifted by the power of God.’

The whole Church cheered and clapped and got to their feet just so show their appreciation to God.

It all came together; Jason’s message was all about when we hit our personnel crisis and how God can bring about peace and having a faith with you through it can make all the difference.

And when Jason brought his message to a close, around ten people went forward for prayer and the closing song went on to be seven songs. People simply did not want to leave. The worship was amazing and Adam and Milo momentarily forgot all about Deygar and Slayem and really entered into a place of peace.


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