Chapter 11…

Chapter Eleven

Deygar’s Upper Hand

2 Chronicles 20 v15 ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.’


Back in Derek Greyer’s office, the man himself was sat in front of the bank of TVs (watching numerous TV news channels in a hope of finding misery somewhere to reap more money from) when he was interrupted by a stressed Mr Wong.

Derek Greyer didn’t even turn around to address him. ‘You’re late.’

‘Sorry, sir.’

‘So is it all complete this time? No more fowl ups?’

A nervous Mr Wong said, ‘Yes Sir.’

‘So where is it then?’

Mr Wong handed Mr Greyer what looked like a mobile phone but it was the long awaited tracking device he had been waiting for, for over 18 hours, and it had been held up, something Mr Greyer never experiences.

The device was state of the art, with voice activation and it only operated when Derek’s voice spoke into its microphone.

‘Power!’ And the screen lit up and the device started to beep. ‘I take it, Wong, that beep is the mark.’

‘Yes, that’s the person with whom you asked to track for business purposes.’

‘Yes,’ was all Derek could mutter. His excited grin was as evil as ever and growing more sinister by the second. ‘What’s the range of this thing?’

‘Well, sir. On its own it’s around a 30-40 mile radius, but alongside your laptop computer or a GPS equipped sat nav, like in your many cars, it will be able to track globally. It is state of the art, sir.’

‘Good. Now, so what’s the latest on Barnstech? Does the company now belong to the lawyers?’ He didn’t give Wong time to answer. ‘The contracts now are void. Only the company name is property of the lawyers. I have 38.5 billion already invested in this. It’s all mine, now pay the greedy sharks off and let’s get on with this. That’s your job if you want it or put someone else trustworthy in place and let’s start making money already. Go!’

With Mr Wong gone, Derek started to work on his computer but first he buzzed his secretary. ‘No more calls today. I’m in conference, thanks.’ Then he pressed the remote to close the blinds in his vast office and walked over to a large wall safe. He pulled out a large oversized phone and brought it over to his computer, plugged it in, then started to tap keys on the keyboard. He then placed a headset on so he could talk through his computer and then via the oversized phone, which looked very much like an army issue satellite phone.

‘Okay. I have done what you have stipulated before contacting you. When can we meet?’

It was unusual for Derek to have to answer to anyone. His voice had a worried tone like he was the pupil and he was talking to the head teacher.

The voice said ‘We can’t just yet. Like I said before, contact me next week. No other form of communication, only on the satellite phone and computer like always. Until then, goodbye.’

‘Before you go, Number 2, why no names? Why all the code and secrecy?’

It seemed very brave to ask such a question. Derek’s voice came over all nervous and anxious.

‘Don’t question my actions again, G.D. We have to. That’s all. Goodbye.’

It was highly unusual to see the mighty ‘Deygar’ treated and spoken to like this, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He quickly placed the phone back in the wall safe. The blinds were re-opened; he picked up his coat and left his office. As he walked past his secretary, he then said, in his normal tone, ‘I’ll be out for the rest of the day. See you tomorrow.’

As Adam rode the shiny elevator up to Mr Greyer’s office he was a little nervous. There wasn’t a direct lift to the top so he had to get off at the forty-third floor and walk to another bank of elevators to ride the rest of the way. Only Derek Greyer himself had an elevator that took him from the basement level personal car park area to his office.

Adam was getting a little hot around the collar. The warn bike leathers and smell of patchouli and oil was overbearing and he had to keep the helmet on because the building was filled with CCTV. He didn’t want to blow his cover.

He finally got there, through the glass doors and towards the secretary sitting at her desk, busy taking calls and writing letters. Her eyes immediately meet Adam’s. His visor was up to stop it misting up. Adam put on a deep voice to mask his own.

‘Hello. I have a parcel for a Derek Greyer’s office. It requires a signature please.’

‘Ok. Did you sign in, in the building downstairs, in the lobby with security?’

‘Yes, I showed them my I.D. and signed in. Why?’

‘We have a strict policy here: no despatch riders in the building with their helmets on.’

Adam was done for. There was no way he could take off his helmet and risk running into Derek Greyer. He had to think fast.

‘I’m sorry, they just let me through. I couldn’t carry a helmet and the parcel as well could I. Well, it’s my first time in this building. I have only been working for this company for a few weeks. I’m still getting to grips with all the rules and stuff. I can only say that next time I’ll know better.’

The nervous Adam awaited the stern-looking secretary’s answer.

‘Well, I should report you. Seeing that it is your first time I’ll overlook it this time but next time, don’t forget and there are lockers provided for helmets. Mr Greyer’s out of the office so I won’t say anything if you don’t.’

‘Don’t worry. I won’t say anything.’ Adam was feeling a little easier thanks to her kindness in letting him off about the helmet. Downstairs, the fake I.D. and the sob story about not being able to take off his helmet due to a resent operation to the back of his head (which would mean disturbing his staples from a recent bike accident), apparently, an often used reason for dispatch riders for not removing helmets, had all worked a treat.

Once all signed for, Adam was on his way, but then the secretary called him back.

‘Excuse me, rider,’ she said looking down at the scribble that Adam had called a signature, trying to make out a name, but it was impossible to make out (Adam showing off his recent Latin/Greek translation skills of unpronounceable words).

Adam stopped in his tracks. ‘Oh what is it now?’ he thought.

He approached the desk. ‘Yes?’

‘The post mark on this is nearly four weeks ago.’

‘I’m sorry I don’t post them, just deliver them. It must have been held up at the post office. Have you ordered anything for your office that could be electrical? ’Cause sometimes they x-ray for bombs and stuff. That could have held it up. We see all kinds of stuff going on with parcels nowadays, miss.’

‘Hey, I thought you’d only been doing this job for a few weeks.’

‘Well, got to go now; deliver more stuff; pay the bills, ya know.’

Adam quickly got back in the elevator and finally let out a sigh of relief. ‘That was close,’ he thought.

He quickly made it down to the forty-third floor to change elevators and get out of that building as fast as he could, but remembering not to bring attention to himself by rushing too much.

Once outside, Adam managed to get well away from the building’s CCTV cameras and got to his bike, but before he could ride off he needed a breather. He took his helmet off to take in a full breath of fresh air – well, as fresh as you could in the city.

As he took a quick drink of water his mobile phone rang.

‘Adam, come back quickly. I have Dave here and he’s in a right state.’ Milo sounded worried. Adam feared the worst but quickly composed himself and rode as fast as he could back to church.

Once back in Pastor Miles’ office Dave was in a bad way and Adam had seen it all before.

Adam pulled off his helmet and gloves and this further alerted Dave; he was having some kind of panic attack.

‘Dave, Dave, it’s me. It’s Adam. Calm down. You are safe. Don’t worry, just try to calm yourself. Breathe! Breathe!’ Adam tried his best to calm Dave but it just seemed to make him worse.

Pastor Miles stood up. ‘In the name of Jesus, calm this man, Lord.’

Dave immediately calmed and just sat down as calm as calm could be. It even impressed Adam.

‘Dave, what is it, mate? What’s troubling you?’

‘They know. They know that I’m working with you. They know – those two guys know – they just know. They keep ringing that phone they gave me and then hanging up just as I’m going to answer it. They know. They know. I’m a dead man.’

‘Give me the phone, Dave.’ Adam quickly checked the received calls list on his phone; there were no calls listed. Adam was worried. ‘I was worried about this. They are playing games with your mind, Dave. Dave, look at me.’ Adam was very intense looking into Dave’s eyes. ‘Tell me the truth. This is important. Have you ever done drugs? Dave, tell me the truth.’

‘What’s that got to do with it?’

‘Just tell me, have you?’

‘Maybe, maybe I have. So what?’

‘How have you been sleeping, Dave?’

No response from Dave.

‘Have you been eating enough, Dave?’

‘So, I’ve been a bit stressed lately and forgot to eat as much, and a few late nights don’t hurt anyone from time to time.’

‘Dave, I believe that all this is in your head. It sounds like you are suffering from anxiety and are severely stressed out. You need to sleep, Dave, and to eat right. Get your head in gear, mate. You’ll be ok. We are still praying for you. Maybe you should start praying yourself from time to time, mate. It really does help a stressed heart.’

Dave’s whole being was lifted. It seemed he was released from a pressure that was far beyond just physical or mental, but spiritual.

The next few days were pretty normal as far as Pastor Miles and Adam were concerned, but for Dave it was close to miraculous; he prayed like he said he would and he had totally given himself to God, which gave Adam and Pastor Miles a real faith boost.

And, in the meantime, Derek Greyer had been to his country manor to continue his much overdue training with Seth in mind. The mystery surrounding him intrigued him the more he thought of him and – most of all – his advancement in sword skills and martial arts. How did he come into contact with Milo and what was their plan? Deygar didn’t have time worry too much; his plan was getting into gear now and he didn’t need distractions. He would have to but Milo and Seth to the back of his mind for the time being.

As Derek Greyer stepped from his treadmill, unusually, the phone rang. Everyone knew not to call Mr Greyer at home especially when he had implicitly requested ‘No calls’.

He quickly picked up the phone, preparing to yell at whoever had the audacity to call him, but didn’t get the chance.

‘I’m so sorry, sir, before you yell, but I thought I’d better call you. It is urgent. I have received a parcel from BarnsTech and it’s nearly a month late, looking at its post mark. It came yesterday but I was too nervous to call, so I opened it this morning and found gift items and a sealed letter from Mr Barns himself. I am so sorry again, sir.’

Derek just stood there in silence. ‘No, you were right to call. I’ll be right in. Thanks.’

Within twenty minutes Derek was there. He quickly took the parcel into his office. He saw many boxes but decided to open the attached letter first, and it read:

Dear Mr Greyer


Thanks for all the interest in our two great business empires merging. We do realise that it had gotten out of hand and we, as a company and more personally, would like to give you these one-off, specially commissioned pieces to grace your office, just to prove that there are no ill feelings between us as business men. I hope in the distant future we could form a business partnership, that would be mutual and beneficial to all parties involved, but at this time I would like to thank you for your offer.


Many Thanks

B Barns, BarnsTech Ceo


P.S… I do hope that we can successfully do business together in the future.  

With that read, Derek let out a roar of laughter. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! I know exactly where those are going.’

He quickly grabbed the Microchip paperweight and placed it on his desk. As for the fountain pen, he slipped that in his inside jacket pocket and grinned. As for the pen stand, that was also placed on top of his desk. The paper knife was placed in the top drawer.

He sat there grinning for the rest of the day, totally unaware that the letter and all the items were all faked for the benefit of the Master Disciples’ mission.

At 7.17am the phone rang at Adam’s house.

‘Hello.’ Adam held out the cordless phone to try and make out who was calling from the caller I.D. It was Scott.

‘Yes.’ Adam said with a tired tone.

‘It’s there and it’s working. One question: Why Derek Greyer?’

Adam awoke fully and sat bolt upright in bed, Rachel was still sound asleep. ‘Never mind. I’ll tell you later. It’s working? How do I listen in?’

‘Use the LPS, but you have to type in a code – 0748. It’s the same code for the computer base station.’

‘Cool! Thanks for all your help. I’ll see you soon.’

Adam hung up the phone and immediately called Milo.

‘It’s a huge result for us. We will know his next move. We can sort of relax a little with this in place.’

Milo was coming round to the idea, finally. Adam thought ‘Praise God’.

That was exactly what they all did on Sunday at church. Everyone was there, even Dave, and it was electric. The power of God was amazing and filled everyone with a new found faith. It even brought Paul out of the hospital to share in some much needed fellowship.

But as with everyday as a Master Disciple, it had its challenges, and the following Monday morning’s training session was no exception.

Whilst Adam was training alongside Pastor Miles they had the computer on listening to Deygar’s office through their newly-placed bug, neatly placed on Derek Greyer’s desk.

He was on the phone. Adam and Milo could barely make out the secondary person but could hear Derek so clear it was like he was in the same room.

‘Okay, G.D. I will arrange to meet you. You have proved yourself. But one condition – no weapons. We are from one, after all. Don’t forget.’

‘Okay, Number 2, but where shall we do this?’

‘Take the satellite phone with you and call me on the corner of the industrial estate, Oak Lane West, corner of the city, in one hour.’

‘So you’re in the country already?’

‘One hour!’

Adam and Milo just stared at one another.

‘What was that all about, Adam?’ Pastor Miles was shocked to hear Derek being spoken to like that.

‘He was talking on a satellite phone.’

‘So what?’ Pastor Miles was being so naïve.

‘Well, he could have being talking to Deygar from anywhere. That’s why he was surprised when he said he was in this country and arranging to meet him in one hour.’

‘So what do we do now, now that we know that piece of useful information?’

Adam answered ‘Nothing. Let’s just hope he takes something with him so we can hear that meeting.’

The pair carried on with their normal training and eagerly waited for Derek to meet the mysterious voice, hoping he would be considerate and take the fountain pen or something so they could listen in.

Exactly fifty-nine minutes later Derek made the call.

‘Good, I hate bad time keepers. Punctuality is one of my many rules. I take it that’s your Black Bentley Continental. Well, listen; drive that thing round to unit 4 and drive inside.’

‘Okay,’ said Derek, but it was too late, he had already hung up.

Adam and Milo were still listening. Thankfully, Derek had the fountain pen inside his jacket pocket; they could just barely make out Derek’s voice.

As Derek pulled up to unit 4 the giant steel shutters went up and he proceeded inside, the building tightly gripping the wheel of the Bentley as he drove. Once the car was clear of the shutters they went back down. The shutters hit the floor with a huge bang that startled Derek. For the first time Derek Greyer was a little scared and he had every right to be.

He saw the shadowy character walking towards the car and reached for the handle.

‘Hello, Mr Greyer. We finally meet.’

‘Hello, Mr Williams. The honour is all mine. Thank you for finally agreeing to meet with me.’

‘It’s been a long time coming for me, Mr Greyer. I knew your Grandfather; he tried to contact me also, but I declined his offer.’

Adam and Milo were awestruck. He knew Deygar’s Grandfather?

‘Hey, he seems like a team player, Milo, and he’s playing on Team Judas.’

Milo was troubled by this new outcome and was thankful Adam had gone to the trouble of planting those bugs.

‘We could be in serious trouble with this guy. I’ve got a very bad feeling. I’m discerning a frightfully evil character here, Adam.’

‘So, what’s your Lord Name, Derek?’


‘Very good, very scary indeed.’

‘Mine is Hullem or Slayem. I have many an alias. Which one did you find me under?’ Slayem had a smug grin and confidence that even unnerved Derek.

‘Hugh Williams.’

‘Ah, Hugh; good old Hugh.’

‘I crossed-referenced some accidents that had been recorded over the past few hundred years and your name came up a few times. Your name came up as the only survivor when a boat sank whilst crossing the Menai Straight in 1664 and then again another boat sank in the same spot in 1785 and yet again the sole survivor was a Hugh Williams – an amazing coincidence. There was another disaster when, in 1820, twenty-four passengers drowned and only one survivor was recorded – a Hugh Williams. Fancy that!’

Adam and Milo nearly choked on their coffee.

‘So this guy is over 400 years old and counting.’ Adam was in serious shock at this, his first encounter of a true immortal.

‘Ssshh!’ Milo was getting impatient and was trying to listen in on the mysterious voice of Hugh Williams.

‘So, after all this time looking for me, you have managed an audience with me. What’s on your mind?’

‘I belief we are the last two immortals left; the last of a once mighty force that ruled the dark world.’

Hugh was just listening intently at the words coming from Derek’s mouth, nodding every now and again to give the impression of encouragement and to prove that he was indeed hearing the words spoken.

Once Derek had paused just enough for Hugh to speak, he gave a hand gesture to just say ‘Wait a moment.’ The pair paused for thought and then Slayem spoke – not Hugh – he was like a spilt personality. A real Jekyll and Hyde character, which unnerved Derek further.

‘So what if we are the last two, Deygar? I could strike you down now then there’d be only one.’

He gave a look so evil that it stopped words from forming in the mind of Derek Greyer and rendered him speechless.

Slayem continued. ‘You’re giving me the impression that you want to join up as a team. Well, let’s just say; I’m no team player. You see the only disadvantage to being an immortal is that anyone you team up with may die or becomes an adversary and in my line of work it’s dangerous.’

‘We could be a force to be reckoned with.’ Derek’s head was getting back into gear, but he was soon shouted down with Slayem’s next statement.

‘A force to be reckoned with, eh? I have studied over twenty-six martial arts; I’m deadly with a sword. I’ve spent over two hundred years in the Far East. And you want me to join with you?’

Adam almost passed out with the shock of hearing that Slayem was potentially a Grand Master in all of the major martial arts.

‘There’s no way I can bring this guy down, Milo. You’ve got the wrong guy. I’m the wrong guy.’

Milo had to intervene; he grabbed his hands and told him to calm down, fearing Adam was having a minor panic attack. ‘Seth! Seth! You are thinking in the natural, not in the supernatural. Your faith will be the definitive factor here. God will assist you in your quest. I have tried to train out of you that kind of thinking that makes you rely on your natural abilities. God will help us both. Trust in your Lord and keep His word close.’

‘How old are you, Deygar?’ His tone was demeaning.

‘I’m thirty-nine; forty in a month’s time – natural years of course – but I am an immortal.’

‘Deygar, you are young. You’re naïve. You see me; I look as young as you but when your eyes have seen only a quarter of what I’ve seen then you can call yourself an immortal. So why work as two when I have achieved what I’ve done for nearly a Millennium. I think that you just want me for my vast – and it is vast – experience.’

Derek was failing and was running out of arguments for Slayem to stay and join up.

‘No, that’s not my motive. We both could benefit from teaming up: your experience and my knowledge.’

‘What knowledge? You know nothing. What could you possibly teach me?’

‘Listen to me, Hugh; I have created a multi billion pound empire in relatively a short lived life. What have you created?’ Derek was getting a little confident with his barrage and was now attacking his achievements, or lack thereof, in his eyes.

Slayem held up his hands. ‘So I don’t boast a billion pound empire, but I manage quite well, thank you. You see, I’m not a greedy man. I may not have the billions but I will never spend what I have acquired throughout my life. If wealth is your quest, you will lose in the end. You see, with all that wealth brings unwanted attention. Shall I just give you this one piece of advice then I’ll be on my way. If you want to be around for as long I, try to keep a low profile.

‘How much is enough? Ten million? Twenty million? Where does it end? This will eat you up faster than being mortal.’

Derek Greyer was looking a little dishevelled and his confidence was going south.

Slayem held out one finger. ‘Remember this one thing and you’ll do well, you may even survive for a little longer: The key to long life is to downsize. Downsize your living; downsize your public profile; downsize your friends; basically live just for yourself and involve no one.’

Derek, at this point, was looking down at his shoes – £480 pounds worth of Italian leather loafers. He was slowly moving into depression.

‘I don’t understand. You want me to live a lonely, singular life with no meaning? No goals? No drive?’

‘No, I didn’t say that; have passion, but a passion to be the greatest warrior ever; to possess a life that will last forever; to have your immortal life here and now; to have your thirty pieces of silver and not feel guilty about it; defy your peers.

‘Look at your car, for example. What did it cost? A hundred grand or so? I could live on that for a whole year in Thailand learning more skills, learning to be a better warrior.’

Slayem’s thirst for knowledge excited Derek and he soon realised what he had been missing out on, chasing all the trappings of business like his father did, and it was his undoing. He thought to himself ‘If only my father was better prepared for his battle, he would have defeated Milo.’

What then followed shocked Deygar to his core.

‘Who is this Milo you think on? Your heart is troubled by this, isn’t it?’

Derek Greyer was completely in shock and was also scared at the level of intelligence Slayem possessed. He had the ability to read minds or at least see what was troubling someone’s thoughts.

Slayem let it go for a moment whilst Derek composed himself.

‘You have to slay this man, Deygar. You do realise that, don’t you? I can’t do it for you.’

Derek looked to the floor in disgust; ashamed at the levels he had aspired to, as a so called Dark Lord of the Judas cult, in his short life.

‘This seems to be a waste of my time. I can’t stand around here giving the wealth of all my years of experience to a man who can barely call himself a Dark Lord. I look at you and see a weak man; a man who wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in just one of the many battles I fought during the crusades. You are an embarrassment. You should get yourself together and maybe give me another call in – let’s say – five hundred years time; if you’ve survive. See it as a test, eh. What do you say to that, the great and powerful Deygar?’

Derek was at an all time low but felt he at least needed to try and convince Slayem to stay for a little while longer.

‘No! Slayem, wait. You’re right. I could gain from some of your wisdom. In a way, I think I already have just from this meeting. I have learned so much and could gain more.

‘I know that you really wouldn’t gain anything from teaming up with me. My father knew when enough was enough. If he’d only been around long enough, maybe I would have gained from his years of knowledge but, as you know, he is no longer here to guide me, nurture me, but you are. Don’t you have just one nerve in your body that would just say yes? Don’t you want to help someone; someone who needs help rather than just helping yourself just once? Just once pass on knowledge instead of learning more? Teach me. What’s a few months to man that’s been around as long as you, eh? What do you say?’

‘Did your father teach you anything other than gaining more wealth?’

‘He taught me this: our mission is ‘Keep immortals immortal’.

‘That’s right, Deygar. He’s right. You’ve got lazy, greedy and most importantly there is a Master Disciple walking and breathing, full of blood, whose sole purpose is to protect his church and their precious believers, who could keep us going for a thousand years.’

Deygar was in shock. Were his ears deceiving him? Did he hear an ‘us’ in that last statement?

‘Does that mean you will help me; help me avenge my father’s killer and feed on their blood?’

Slayem this time heard a word that shocked him.

‘What do you mean, ‘their blood’?’

‘There’s two Master Disciples. There’s the MD who killed my father, a disciple who goes by the name Milo, and his apprentice, Seth.’

The enraged Slayem couldn’t believe his ears. ‘So there’s two Master Disciples and the one who killed your father he is still breathing? Why isn’t this man running off a slow drip to feed your immortal thirst? Instead he’s had the opportunity to pass on knowledge to another. His son will die for this outrage.’

‘No, No, you don’t understand; his son, the person whom he should pass on the knowledge, is already dying; he has cancer, so he has taken on a neutral – a nobody; an outsider from the flock.’

Derek was nervous to tell the full extent of it, but felt it would be better to be open about such important details, like a break in the code; a long established code dating back many centuries.

‘The secret’s been told to a neutral? This is an outrage. It seems that you need me a lot more than I need you right now, but I will help you in your vengeance.’

Deygar was crushed only moments ago but now felt encouraged by Slayem’s harsh words. No one would ever speak to him like that, only his father, but instead of feeling worse, he felt inspired to recommit to the mission his father had spoken of many years before – ‘Keep immortals immortal’.

The two Dark Warriors shook hands and agreed that Deygar make the kill of Milo and Slayem would kill his apprentice, Seth.

The pair of Master Disciples listening back at the church felt ill with the knowledge that had been provided.

‘Well that’s been his plan for the past eighteen months – contacting Slayem. I thought I was retiring. I’ll need a sword then.’

Milo was at an all time low with the thought of starting again. He was, after all, a seventy-seven year old man; a prime of life that had well passed him; he was too old for such a quest and feared the worst. His faith was already failing him and Adam could tell.

Adam was trying to remember what Milo had just said to him about the natural and supernatural but he was finding it hard to put into practice after hearing that he’d be up against probably the toughest man in the entire world, who can apparently read your very thoughts.

The knowledge didn’t have the desired affect; knowing such plans was damaging in Milo’s eyes and had turned their hope into madness.

The pair had, had a week for the news of Slayem coming too assist in the killing of the two of them to settle in. Milo was quite optimistic and his faith was improving by the day. He was joining Adam in the training room, just relearning his defence sword techniques to start with, and then out of the blue he received a phone call from a distressed Rachel.

‘Pastor Miles, I really worried about Adam. The past few nights he’s really gone security mad, locking doors, rechecking them, and last night I found him walking round the house in the early hours. He really scared me, Pastor. What shall I do?’

‘I know it’s hard, but try not to worry, Rachel. I will talk to him and try to calm him a little. God has really been speaking to him the past few days. He is really being used by God and his body needs rest.’

‘But I can’t cope with him becoming ill with stress. I just can’t take it, Pastor.’

‘Rachel, you calm yourself down. We don’t need another person worried sick. Let me pray for you, right now.

‘Lord, take this anxiety and worry that’s deep within Rachel right now and refill her with a strong and courageous faith, faith that could move mountains and reassure her of her calling to be a disciple. And bless her in her other roles as a mother to beautiful Grace and a powerful prayer warrior to her husband. Grant a peace throughout her household; let your spirit dwell there, Lord, in greater measure than ever. In your name, Lord. Amen.’

‘Thanks, Pastor.’ Rachel was grateful for the prayer and was most encouraged by it.

‘And, Rachel, before you sleep tonight read Psalm 91 together.’

‘Thank you again, Pastor.’

Rachel was on her way. The Pastor had always got a great way of helping, encouraging and nurturing all at the same time through a prayer.

The day went as normal. Milo didn’t feel right to mention the chat he had just had with Rachel and they proceeded with their training. The computer was switched on the whole time but unusually there was no Deygar and Slayem chat. He was out of the office and he must have put the pen down some where else because all they could hear was the cleaner coming in to tidy his vast office at around 12:30.

The very next day, Milo felt he should talk to Adam about the lack of sleep he was getting. He could clearly see Adam looked terrible; the bags under his blood shot eyes were so obvious.

‘Adam, come sit, sit down here. What is troubling you? Rachel called me yesterday beside herself with worry.’

‘I know, and thanks for the prayer and the scripture; it really helped her get off to sleep.’

‘It was supposed to help you both get some sleep, not just Rachel.’

‘I just want to reassure you I’m not going mad. When I do finally get to sleep I keep having the same reoccurring dream, and the dream is about someone breaking in the house and taking Grace. I’m getting so bad with this dream that I’ve started to make gadgets to alert me.’ Adam then turned up his trouser leg to reveal a strange looking strap around his ankle.

‘What’s that?’ Now Milo was seriously worried about Adam’s well being.

‘Well it was part of one of those electronic muscle stimulating packs, you know, the kind that promise a six pack in two weeks; so I took one and strapped it to my ankle and then wired it to a sensor that works in conjunction with our alarm system. So when someone comes towards the house and sets off the security lights, via the proximity sensor, this thing sends a signal to my attractive ankle bracelet, giving me a little electronic shock to me Achilles tendon. It wakes me up so I’m ready to defend my family.’

Milo slumped back into his chair. He was worried and he had every right be. Adam was on the verge of a breakdown. His whole behaviour was unlike his usual self. He was jittery, chatty and was moving around a lot; he just couldn’t keep still for a moment and kept checking his phone or his watch or the LPS system, and then it dawned on Milo that he was taking on too much too soon. All the gadgets he had on his very person were enough to take anyone over the edge. He was trying to be all to all people and Milo needed him back on his feet, well and his mind re-focused on the mission at hand.

Milo had to lay it out thick for Adam; he was tittering on the edge. ‘Adam, you’ve got to start practicing faith and not all this madness.’

Adam was quick to point out the obvious. ‘But the word says faith and actions.’

‘Yes, but actions that won’t harm you; actions that don’t involve you sitting up half the night whilst wearing ankle bracelets that give shocks when a cat enters your garden. Can you see the madness of it all? Lack of sleep is bad. We need to be more alert than ever. You will see what your mind wants you to see without sleep and then the worse can happen; paranoia can set in and you lose control.’

Adam was curious about Milo’s knowledge on the subject of mental health issues and it seemed all too familiar. ‘It seems you’ve had some experience in this area.’

‘Yes. I went through a very similar time when Paul was a baby and it drove me mad; a total wreck I was – so out there. I was scared of the scriptures, the radio was speaking to me, and I even thought Margaret was in on the attack, and that’s what I thought it was; I was convinced it was an attack. I was so sure I was going to die without passing on the knowledge to my son – the next in line Master Disciple. As you could tell the pressure was truly on, and it was all created in my own mind. Please, Adam, see the warning signs and keep on top of it, please. I need you at your best.’

Milo’s tone was of sincerity and he was truly meaning every word of it. He didn’t want to see Adam in that kind of state. He’d been there and received the scars, the mental ones that can be easily be reopened.

Milo’s words were words of help and you could clearly see Adam’s mind relaxing and his whole body calming down, like someone had just put the air conditioning on in a hot car.

Milo suggested he take the next couple of days off, take Rachel and Grace out and come back on Thursday, fresh with new found focus, and for him not to worry, but the last part was difficult for Adam. From Adam’s point of view he was the one chosen. He was an outsider to a family secret and, what worried him most; he was the only one who could possibly stop Slayem and Deygar. After all, his partner was a seventy-seven year old man. Milo was a wealth of hope and faith and knowledge of God that Adam truly believed could move mountains, but physically he could barely move himself around, especially when compared to Slayem.

The very next day Adam had decided to take the Beamer out and take Rachel and Grace on a picnic in the country and get away from it all.

Adam placed the picnic basket in the boot of the car and quickly glanced over to the far corner of the boot to see the LPS handheld, along with his sword and extendable baton. The only thing missing from his arsenal was the beanie gun. He was being especially cautious when Grace was in the vicinity and didn’t want to upset Rachel on their only day off together in ages.

As Adam drove, Rachel was just grateful to be with her husband and was chatting away like a monkey in a tree, not giving her mouth time to rest and trying to take on board what Pastor Miles had said by encouraging Adam at any opportunity in his mission. Adam was loving their time together; it was just what they needed. Milo was very wise indeed, as Rachel had said earlier in their journey.

‘It seems like our early married days back in BC,’ (That was Rachel’s way of saying ‘Before Children’) ‘being out in the car and being a normal family.’ Rachel was so grateful for the time together; the only thing giving the game away was the flashing light from the LPS system that Adam had placed in the centre consol of the car.

The afternoon was going great and once they’d stop for their picnic the family could truly relax and enjoy the reality of ‘being one’ with one another. The next amazing part of their day was about to unfold; Grace took her first unsupported steps. Being on a beautiful grassed area she felt so much more confident and a lot braver than usual, which gave the tired Adam and the weary Rachel a much deserved boost.


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