Chapter 10…

Chapter Ten

More Knowledge Please!


Proverbs 10 v 14 ‘Wise men lay up Knowledge: but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction’.


With Adam’s new and exciting idea, Milo had reservations; he had a moral issue with the whole idea of spying.

Adam tried to explain: ‘He is a billionaire; he can dig into our pasts and he can pay off police. He could do anything. How do you think he managed to have Rachel followed and chased and scared half to death, eh? It’s money, Milo, and he has plenty of it. We could get the edge on him here, if you just let me.’

‘How? I’m not ‘Q’, ya know.’

‘No probs. My ever faithful brother, Tatter; he could knock something up in minutes. He’s an electronics’ genius.’

Milo didn’t enjoy throwing a spanner in the works of Adam’s ideas but he had one burning question.

‘How do we get close enough to Derek Greyer to bug him, eh?’

‘Simple; we fake a correspondence from a business partner or something. Businesses are always trying to impress with gifts and stuff like that; my idea is to send something from Bill Barns from Barns Tech, you know; fake the postmark from before the accident and I could deliverer it on the bike like a courier. They won’t recognise me. I’ll have my helmet on and he won’t see the bike forty stories up, and I’ll be wearing old tatty leathers.’

‘Why Bill Barns, eh?’

‘Because if he’s as evil as you say, he will be more likely to keep something like that as a trophy and may not throw it like most business people do when they are sent stuff, that’s why.’

‘Genius, Adam. Simply genius. Get to work on it. Tell ya brother. He is now on the payroll.’

Adam was soon at his brother’s place explaining what he wanted and he was excited by the latest project.

‘More James Bond stuff, eh! Fantastic!’

‘And, more excitingly, we’re going to start paying you for your strokes of genius.’

‘We? Who’s this ‘we’, eh, Adam? Are you in the spying business or something?’

‘No, Scott. I’ll start to pay you on a job per job basis.’


It was a dream come true for Tatter, being paid for is inventions.

‘All I need is an idea of how small I should make these.’

‘Just go with small, like a paper weight, just so we can know that it would be placed somewhere close,’ said Adam without giving the game away. ‘How long, Scott?’

‘Give me few days, mate. I’ll have it sussed then. Hey, do you want this to configure with your LPS and computer system?’

‘Do I! Yes, that would be fantastic.’

Tatter noticed the bike leathers and gave Adam a double-take. ‘You brought a bike, Bro?’

Adam was excited about the bike but how could he tell Scott the real reason behind having such an item, when it was really a company vehicle? He would never understand. But Adam underestimated Scott; on the surface he was an unbeliever, yes, a total atheist, but on the odd occasion he would utter the little prayers that would more than convince a non-believer near to him that he was a fully-fledged believer. He would often brag about the work his brother and wife did for their local church, but if only he knew the half of it; it was more than work – it was a fight for survival.

‘An M.V badge I notice, eh. You’ll have to show us this, Bro.’

Scott walked Adam out to check out the bike, but just gave it the once over. He was eager to get started on the latest gadget, especially now he was in business.

The day that Adam longed for all week – the day when all the leaders, Pastor Miles and Jason felt relaxed – had finally come; Sunday was the day when the whole flock was under one roof and safe.

Since Jason’s new revelation, his sermons have been delivered with more passion and compassion for the flock, realising the importance of keeping the faith and encouraging the church to search the scriptures in more depth for themselves, and for the pastoral care of the people on the edge of faith to protect them, watch after them, and nurture them.

Ultimately, he wanted a self sufficient church that was strong in faith and understanding; stronger than just the four walls of a physical building; as Jason put it in his sermon ‘the building could fall, but the church would still be there standing bolt upright.’

Adam had been a little cautious of late and today he wasn’t as relaxed as he’d liked, and he had good reason; the church was expecting a lot of new people; it was new members’ day.

New members’ day was a concept dreamt up by Paul when he was fit and well, a few years ago. The concept was to help people fit in and feel part of something. The church was forever growing and the numbers were hard to manage from time to time. The home group leaders had the difficult task of checking who was new to the church and, more often than not, the person that they would ask had been coming for years which would create a very awkward moment.

So the new member’s day was born. It provided a platform for new people to be seen and be formally introduced to the church. They received a certificate of membership and shook hands with all the leaders. It was a very exciting day for a new member; they felt special and it gave people a warm holy glow.

Paul’s words were: ‘It was one of the single most important meetings for new people to feel part of something, not apart from.’

Adam gave a quick look at his watch. It was 5.45; fifteen minutes to go and the place was packed. The first two rows were all seated. The first row had all the leaders in it then directly behind them were the new members. Adam gave a quick glance over to Pastor Miles; he looked nervous for some reason which was reflected by Jason. It was his first new member’s service. Adam felt it was his responsibility to be on high alert for some reason, he just felt it was right. He was unsure if it was God telling him or his own intuition; with both, he guessed, he couldn’t go wrong.

With just five minutes to go Pastor Miles signalled Adam over.

‘Adam, I don’t know what it is, but I feel uneasy in my spirit.’

‘That’s weird. I was feeling a little on edge, and I feel that God is saying now you have called me over that I should sit near the leaders just for tonight. I was going to ask you first because I know you always sit at the end of the first row.’

‘No, Adam. If God’s told you, who am I to get in the way? Be obedient. Do as He said.’

Adam felt increasingly on edge but, at the same time, he felt a surge of the Holy Sprit fill him with hope and reassurance.

The service started with a nervous Jason in the lead position conducting the normal run of announcements and prayer requests, and thanking the church for their constant prayer for Pastor Paul.

‘Paul sends his love and prayers for you all. He has been feeling better and has been walking around the hospital. He has been a constant inspiration to me and tonight’s service, being my first new members’ service.’

The music started and the congregation stood to worship. The sound was great and very loud, with everyone in good voice. It was like the church couldn’t wait to start. The excitement was electric; there was defiantly something happening tonight.

Adam gave another glance over to Pastor Miles. He wasn’t singing; he had his eyes tightly closed, his face all wrinkled up and his fists tightly clenched, waving them above his head, deep in prayer, but not normal prayer; this was battle prayer, and Adam knew something was going to happen.

Adam continued to sing but had one eye on Pastor Miles. During the third song it happened; a man came walking down the aisle towards the front.

Adam knew straight away that something wasn’t quite right with this man. He had a fiery look about him and his fists were also clenched as if he was about to have a fight. Adam could clearly see the adrenalin was flowing.

Adam had seen this look many times before but did anyone else notice it? Pastor Miles was still in deep prayer and this guy was getting closer.

As he got to the front he stopped just in front of the pulpit, where Jason was stood, but even he didn’t notice. He eventually caught a quick glance but carried on with the service. He glanced over to Adam. Adam acknowledged this with a wink, like ‘I’ve got it sorted, don’t worry.’ And Adam had. He slid the extendable baton down his sleeve, holding it just in the palm of his hand, ready just in case it all kicked off.

Adam made a move; he just took two side steps and met the man standing at the front, his face like a furnace, blood red and ready to explode. Adam could feel the tension radiating from him, his jaw firmly clenched.

Adam could take him out right there but there was no way he could do that in a service, so he did it the meek and mild way.

‘Do you require prayer, sir?’ Adam said, as calmly as he could, still holding the baton firmly up his sleeve.

A pause, then the man spoke, ‘Are you Pastor Miles?’ The man was speaking through gritted teeth; it was like he was being controlled by an evil sprit. Adam felt uneasy, but he had to deal with it the best way he could.

The singing and the worship continued thankfully for Adam.

‘I’m not Pastor Miles but if you want to come with me we can see him in private, if that’s alright with you, sir.’

‘No. I was told that he sits there, where you are sitting. Are you Miles or not?’

Adam feared the worst. Was it a contract killer here to kill Pastor Miles? Adam quickly sizing this guy up. He was a big guy, around the twenty stone mark, heavy set and quite muscular. There was no way Adam could take him down in church, not without taking a few rows of people with him. Adam dared not look over to Pastor Miles who was still deep in prayer. Then, thinking quickly, he came up with an idea.

‘No, I’m not Pastor Miles. He wasn’t feeling well. He’s next door. I could take you to him if you wish.’

‘Yes. Take me to him.’

The man quickly turned to walk back down the aisle. Adam quickly indicated to Pastor Miles and he broke from his prayer like he knew what was going on. He gave Adam enough time to follow on after them without the man seeing him.

Once next door, in the fellowship hall, Adam felt he could drop the nice act.

‘Hey, what is your problem?’

‘Hey, where’s Pastor Miles?’

‘I’m right here.’ Pastor Miles walked through, just behind the man.

‘Hey, you were just to my right the whole time. Hate liars!’ With that, he threw a punch towards Adam. Adam blocked it and brought the man down with a swift sweep kick to his legs and restrained him. It was over in a blink of an eye. The man didn’t know what had happened to him.

‘Who are you, and why did you come tonight? If you cooperate with us, you won’t have to with the police.’

Pastor Miles saw a real street edge to Adam’s attitude and felt confident with him being there.

The man instantly calmed down. The fiery temper had gone. ‘Okay, I’ll tell you, but will you promise to let me go?’

‘There’s no promises, mate. Talk!’

‘You’re breaking my arm.’

Adam had him in a typical police hold with the suspect on his front with his arm up behind and just the right amount of pressure on the shoulder socket.

Pastor Miles was getting a little more nervous, quickly checking no one could see what was going on, but Adam had it all under control, even though this guy out weighted him by at least six or seven stone. Adam was using the best weapon he had: his voice and confidence.

‘I’m not breaking your arm.’ Adam’s voice calmed a little. ‘If I was a copper you would need your arm resetting into this shoulder socket by now. Firstly, your name.’

‘Okay, okay. My name is Dave, Dave Smith, and that is my real name before you ask.’

Pastor was observing this whole engagement on the floor unfolding and was struck with the notion and the phrase ‘Mind Control’. Dave was the victim here, not Pastor Miles.

‘You’re hired help, aren’t you, Dave.’ With that said Adam gave a little more pressure to his arm until he felt the shoulder pop. His arm was dislocated from its shoulder. Dave gave out a scream, but no one would hear; the music was too loud to bring any attention to them.

Pastor Miles stepped in, feeling Adam had gone to far, his anger guiding his motions.

‘Steady on, Adam. Please, he’s in pain.’

Adam was angry that Pastor was trying to defend him – a possible hit man.

‘Do you realise, Pastor, that if you had sat in your regular seat and not heard God tonight and confirmed that I should sit there in your place, what do you think would have happened?’

With that said Adam started to frisk Dave. ‘Are you carrying? Are you tooled up?’ ‘Carrying what?’ Dave asked.

‘You know; a weapon.’ Adam’s theory and hunch had lead to his right side jacket pocket. He pulled out a gun of some kind, but it was no weapon that Adam recognised, and Adam knew weapons well.

Adam turned Dave over and placed the weapon under his chin. ‘Tell me what this is. Now!’

Pastor Miles was scared at what he was witnessing – a side to Adam that let Pastor know that this seemed all too familiar, and Adam had been in this kind of situation before.

Dave was in fear of his life. He soon realised that Adam was more than able to carry out his threats and back up his words.

‘It won’t do what you think; it’s an animal tracking gun, the type that game wardens use to inject projectiles into an endangered animal.’

‘Why, and who set up the contract?’ Adam’s questions were coming thick and fast.

Adam picked Dave up on to his feet. ‘This is going to hurt.’

‘What’s going to hurt?’

With that said, Adam pulled Dave’s arm so hard that it was slammed back into the shoulder socket. Dave let out an almighty scream that someone had to have heard.

Pastor Miles was still looking on in wonder and shock at what had just happened. He ran it back in his mind again like an action replay in a football game.

Adam had just brought a possible hit man out of a busy public church sanctuary, tackled him to the ground, dislocated his arm from his shoulder and disarmed him.

‘I should call the police, Adam.’ Pastor Miles wasn’t thinking straight.

‘And tell them what exactly? Tell them a man came into church to shoot you with a tracking device to which he hasn’t done and no one witnessed? I’m not defending the guy but it won’t tell us nothing if he’s locked behind bars, and for what? It wasn’t even assault, well maybe. Call them, Pastor. They’ll probably end up taking me away in hand cuffs.’

Pastor Miles looked hard into Adam’s eyes. Adam gave a quick wink like ‘trust me, Milo; I know what I’m doing. We’re probably better off letting him go. He’ll lead us to his contact and we will all be the wiser.’

Dave’s face went pail with fear. ‘No. I’ll tell you what you want. I need sanctuary. Please, please; you have to forgive me, you’re a minister for God’s sake.’

‘Fitting words, Dave. ‘For God’s sake’, eh! Don’t play with us, Dave, for your sake. Start talking, mate.’

The three all pulled chairs as Dave started to tell his story.

‘Well, I’m a bit down on my luck. Fate – whatever you would say – but I hit rock bottom. I used to do door work and minding and the occasional muscle for debt collecting.

‘I’ve racked up quite a gambling debt and need fast money so these two guys found me out. I never met them before. I don’t know their names before you ask, so I’ll continue. Well, these two guys offer me ten large – ten grand, if you don’t know.’

Pastor Miles was looking a little confused but was struck with the realness of it all. It shook him to his core.

‘So I took the job. They gave me the gun and the details: where, when and who, and to come back when the job was done–’

‘Stop there. Come back? Come back where? Where did you arrange this job?’

‘At this bar.’

‘What bar?’

‘The Old Mabel Tavern.’

‘What time, Dave?’

Dave paused for a moment, checking his surroundings and the possibility of an escape. With an old man clearly in shock and in a church he felt he had nothing to lose.

Adam sensed something with Dave and quickly acted on a definite prophetic word from God; he was going to go for an escape attempt at any moment.

Adam quickly put the gun against Dave’s arm ready to pull the trigger. ‘Maybe we inject you with a tracker, eh, so they – whoever they are, Dave – follow you instead. I know that you’re thinking of escaping. He might be an old man but he can move when he has to.’

Dave was clearly disturbed by Adam’s ability to read his thoughts.

‘No, no. I’m not going anywhere. It’s cool. You obviously have ability and you know your way around a weapon and you can use your hands in a fight. I’ll yield. I won’t put up a fight.’

‘We’ll see,’ Adam thought.

‘Firstly, Dave, tell me how you unload this gun.’

‘You first need to disengage the trigger. The thing is still ready to fire, you see.’ Dave leant forward to demonstrate.

‘Not a chance!’ Adam was quick to see what Dave was trying to do.

‘No, I wasn’t trying to take it off you.’

Adam quickly worked it out for himself, pulling the trigger action back, then he broke the gun in half a lot like a flare gun. He pulled out the tracker, a very small bullet about the size of a multi vitamin tablet. Adam then threw the weapon back at Dave. Dave sort of grabbed it in nervous fumble.

‘Okay, the question still stands; what time are you meeting your contacts?’

Dave was in a situation where he had to give up the information. It was clear to him now, that this was the winning team. Maybe it was true that they weren’t as well financed as his contacts, but image wasn’t everything that it was all cooked up to be. It was becoming very clear that these two men were working for the greater good.

‘After the service, around eight.’

‘That didn’t hurt at all. We’re coming.’

‘No, that’s a bad idea. They won’t like that at all.’

‘We’re coming whether you like it or not.’

Reluctantly Dave went with their plan, with the threat that if he didn’t Adam would turn him in to the police or worse, his hired contacts.

The plan was to carry on as if the job had been carried out, to give Adam and Pastor Miles the edge they so needed.

Dave and Pastor Miles went together in his car with Adam following behind on the bike. Once they were a street away Pastor Miles dropped off Dave so it wouldn’t look suspicious to anyone in the bar. Adam drove ahead and quickly noticed a black Range Rover with a private registration. It read ‘DEY 10’; not obvious who that belonged to.

Dave walked up to the bar and then proceeded to the table where the two men were sitting.

‘So, Dave, how did it go then?’

‘It went well. The old man was feeling a little unwell so this guy took me to him to this quiet room out of the way. It was a piece of cake.’

‘So you shot him with the tracker gun?’

With that question asked, the other guy got a tracking device out of his pocket and switched it on. It immediately started beeping and gave what they thought was Pastor Miles’ location, but it wasn’t. The tracking projectile was on Pastor Miles’ desk back at the church, and that was the place where they figured Pastor Miles was.

‘Fantastic job, Dave. Here’s another five grand. We like people who deliver in our rapidly competitive business.’

The quiet one of the duo was a wall of a man: 6’8 and weighting at least 21-22 stone. He reached into his pocket again to pull out a mobile phone and gave it to the talkative one.

‘Another gift from your new business partners. Keep it with you, mate, just in case we can throw some more work your way, okay, Dave. We will be in touch.’

With that said Dave got up to leave.

‘Not staying for a celebratory drink?’

‘No, it’s probably best if I’m not seen with you, if we’re going to be working together again.’

‘And again, Dave, you surprise me with your level of professionalism. Yes, you are right. You should go.’

Dave quickly walked towards the door, left the bar and then proceeded to the street where Pastor Miles had dropped him off. All being observed by Adam who was watching, sitting on the M.V. and then the two men came out and walked towards the Range Rover. They too were quickly on their way, with Adam following behind on the bike, remembering to keep well back so not to be noticed.

After several miles, they exited the city and were in the countryside, heading towards a large manor house. Adam quickly turned off the lights on the bike to appear invisible to the vehicle in front. The Range Rover stopped in front of some large metal gates and an arm reached out of the vehicle to type a code into the security system to deactivate the alarm and open the gates. The vehicle then proceeded up through a heavily wooded area until reaching the top of a hill where the large manor house sat.

Adam had seen enough. He turned round and headed back to the church.

Once back at church he headed for Pastor Miles’ office. Pastor Miles was sitting at his desk and Dave was in front of him, on his knees crying.

‘What’s wrong, Dave?’

‘Once they find out what really happened they’ll kill me. They gave me a phone to keep tabs on me. You may as well have shot me with that gun, Adam.’

‘Dave, don’t worry. They won’t kill someone who does good work for them. To them, you’ve done a good job. How are they going to find out?’

‘Like, when there’s no movement from the tracker.’

‘Dave, I was thinking about that. I do have a great idea. We are going to post that tracker all over the place using the postal system as way of moving it around. They’ll be following shadows.’

Dave was reassured by Adam’s idea and felt a little calmer by it.

‘Dave, we will be praying for you and your safety. Keep in touch. Take the church’s number but use your own phone not the phone that was just given to you,’ said Pastor Miles.

Dave broke down in tears. ‘I can’t believe you can trust me after what I tried to do. I was hired to shoot you.’

It was Pastor Miles’ time to shine now and Adam stood back and didn’t dare step in. This was Pastor Miles gift: loving people and not judging them, whatever they’d done.

‘Dave, that’s why I’m a pastor. I learn to see the good in people – their true destiny, there true calling and most of all forgetting their pasts and seeing there true potential.

May I suggest, Dave, you do the same. You’ll find that doing good is far more beneficial than doing bad, for temporary things, such as money.’ With that said Dave pulled out the envelope containing the five grand and threw it on the table.

‘You can use it far better than I ever could.’

‘Dave, we forgive you. You don’t have to give us the money. You need it; you are in debt.’

‘Dave, you are clearly emotional at the moment. We will keep hold of the money for you, if you change your mind or do need for anything, just ask, please.’

‘No. If you say that you forgive me I have no debts. You are good people, Godly People, and I do feel honoured to know you both and please pray for me won’t you. That wasn’t just church speak was it?’

‘Yes we will both be praying for you, Dave. When we say we’re going to pray that is exactly what we will do, Dave.’

The very next day Adam got the call he’d been waiting for from Tatter.

‘Got that stuff done, Bro.’ Scott said excitedly over the phone. He sounded more excited than Adam.

‘I’ll pop round on the bike. I’ll be there in ten, mate.’

Adam gave Pastor Miles a quick glance and said ‘We’re on!’

Pastor Miles gave a disapproving frown towards Adam but just nodded and said ‘Carry on; the Lord is with you and your plans.’

Adam quickly put on his bike leathers, gloves and helmet, and was soon on his way. It was a glorious day for mid-March; the sun was shining and Adam was extremely excited at their new challenge. When he arrived, Scott was outside washing his car.

As soon as Scott heard the M.V’s engine roar up he dropped the sponge back into the bucket of soap suds to admire Adam’s new toy. All Scott said once Adam had removed his helmet was ‘Quick?’ And Adam’s answer was simply ‘Oh Yes, very.’

‘Suppose you’ve come for that stuff?’

Adam just nodded with the biggest smile on his face. Scott could just sense Adam’s excitement and was envious of the possible challenge that lay ahead for his brother.

Once inside Scott showed Adam the stuff he’d been working on. Scott had built a paperweight, pen and stand, plus a paper knife. He’d been busy but it was the complexity of it all that struck Adam. His face was alight with excitement. The paperweight in particular was amazing. It was a large oversized processor chip from a computer encased in resin plastic glass and virtually unbreakable. Amazingly it was totally self-powered thanks to a solar panel used to top off the chip inside. And it was voice activated. The pen acted as back up for the paperweight ‘bug’. When the person was too far away, the pen boosted the signal, thanks to a proximately sensor inside the top. It would never be found. Even when the ink cartridge ran out it still wouldn’t be seen and was powered by a kinetic movement sensor stolen from a wrist watch.

All of the items worked independently. Even the pen stand and the paper knife had sensors so that if the knife was placed in a drawer it would be backed up by boosting its signal from the bug and vice versa. Scott had out done himself this time.

Adam was awestruck with only one question on his mind: ‘How did you do all this so quickly? You could work for the FBI or MI5 or something. It’s genius.’

‘Well, we had trouble with the moulding; the liquid plastic glass would melt the complex electronic parts, so we coated them with liquid Teflon. It’s so cool.’

‘Hold up a bit, Scott. I heard a ‘we’ in that last statement. Who’s the we?’

‘Hey, Adam, I’d love to get all the credit for this but I’m sorry, I’ve got a mate who does plastic injection moulding. He’s a genius too.’

Adam was worried to hear that a third party was privy to their plans.

‘Who is this guy and can he be trusted, Scott?’

‘He’s cool. It’s Dave from the plastics factory from across my work. For all he knows it’s for my boss. He doesn’t even know that it works. To him, it is a paperweight, pen, stand and a paper knife. No worries, man. Chill!’

Adam was quickly struck by the name. Could it be? No, he was telling himself, but God does work in mysterious ways. Could it be his Dave, the Dave who had surrendered to God after trying to inject Pastor with the tracker. Adam quickly put it to the back of his mind, packed up all the stuff and gave Scott a brown envelope.

‘Okay, if you’re cool with this mate of yours, Dave, so am I. I’m sorry for doubting you.’

Adam left Tatter’s and was soon back at church showing Pastor Miles all the amazing stuff Scott had come up with. He was amazed and was really getting behind the whole idea. There was, however, something truly puzzling Pastor Miles and that was how were they going to fake the post mark. It was a major problem in their plan. Adam put it to one side for the moment and took the bullet from Pastor Miles’ desk.

‘We should post this today. They could be tracking it as we speak.’

Pastor Miles came straight back with ‘Post it to where?’

Adam’s quick thinking again: ‘Just post to our self for a few weeks. It will keep them on their toes for a while.’ And just as Adam walked towards the franking machine in the office it hit him. ‘We can fake the post mark ourselves with the franking machine.’

‘No we can’t, Adam. That machine’s state of the art. It’s a digital machine that records all dates and it can be traced back to this building by the post office. We would be breaking the law. No, find another way, Adam.’ Pastor was quite adamant about it.

‘No, Pastor, not this one. The one downstairs in the training room. I noticed it down there when using the gym. It’s the old type that you can roll back the dates manually and it can’t be traced and we can fake a post office stamp mark easily.’

Pastor Miles looked worried but he had to admit the plan just might work.


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