Chapter 7…

Chapter Seven

The Encounter of Deygar


Exodus 23:22 ‘If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you’

Milo got out of the car and started walking towards Deygar’s, slamming the door behind him.

‘You’re late, Milo. You know I hate shoddy time keeping. I am a very busy man.’

Deygar looked over Milo’s shoulder and noticed the beamer; Deygar was a big car enthusiast and had a substantial collection.

‘It’s been a few months but in that time you’ve finally found some taste in cars, eh! Well, that’s an Evo Sport M3 BMW. Nice car. I’d like to add it to my ever growing collection once I’ve taken it from you.’

‘It’s not my car for you to take. It belongs to a friend.’

Deygar quickly remembered that the M3 only came as a left-hand drive car. He then realised that Milo wasn’t alone. He was suddenly on his guard, wondering why Milo would bring back up.

Milo cut to the chase and pressed Deygar for the reason for the meeting.

‘So what’s this meeting really for, eh? You running dry on the believer’s blood? It’s an addiction with you trying to overdose yourself. It won’t make you any stronger, just weaker, weaker in spirit.’

‘A little bird tells me that you were attacked recently.’

‘Well that little bird must fly slow; that was over three months ago’.

Milo knew what Deygar was trying to do; he was trying to aggravate him, make him lose his cool, but Milo wasn’t having any of it.

‘Well, it’s good to see you up and about, especially a man of your age and condition.’

As he spoke Deygar was looking towards the Beamer, still wondering who the mysterious figure was. Plus, Deygar could clearly see that Milo was without his sword.

‘Where’s your long coat and what goes on underneath it? You are missing a vital piece of equipment for an M.D.’

‘I’ve had to give it up you see – too ‘Old’.’

‘I wonder who’s told you that, eh. Someone very wise I suspect.’

‘If all you called me here for was to insult me I’ll go because I too am a very busy man.’

‘No, Milo. I’ve called this meeting for a reason. I am in need.’

‘Oh? Mr Billionaire is in need? So what is it that your money can’t buy? So, finally the scripture comes to you; you know the one about the camel, a rich man and that elusive needle.’

‘Shut it, Milo. And less of the Bible lesson. I need Betrayer’s blood! And I need it now.’

‘So that’s it, eh! You’re weak. Your strength is failing you.’

‘No! No not at all! I have all the strength I need to strike you down now.’

‘So you would strike an unarmed man? Very brave. Very noble of you.’

Adam was getting very nervous just waiting for something to happen, until he saw Deygar reach for his sword. Adam grabbed for the sword behind his seat, he also had the extendable baton on his belt.

Milo stepped back noticing Deygar reaching down slowly to his side for his sword.

Deygar pulled his sword clear from its sheath.

‘We can do this the hard way or the easy way; you decide, Milo. Just deny your faith and I will make it painless.’

‘Strike me down, Deygar. It’s no loss, for I will be in glory forever.’

‘I’m already there; I’m immortal. Get ready to die Master Disciple.’

Adam got out of the car. The sword was behind his right leg hidden from sight. His left hand gripped the baton, ready to extend.

Deygar stepped back seeing a new face running towards them both.

‘Who is this boy?’

Deygar pulled his sword ready to strike Milo. Adam leaped into action extending the baton and pulling his sword clear, blocking Deygar’s sword just before it hit Milo.

‘Who is this?’ Deygar was full of rage and had a hate-filled anger towards Milo. He kept trying to strike Milo, but Adam guarded him from each deadly blow.

‘Milo, step back. It’s time to finish this, right here, right now.’

Milo could clearly see Adam’s skills but feared the anger in him was too much.

Milo grabbed Adam’s arm. ‘Stand down, Seth. Your anger is getting the better of you.’

Deygar stepped back and for the first time looked scared and shaken, not his usual cool calm self.

‘Thank you for your defence, Seth, but lower your sword.’

Adam was confused. He could clearly see that this was a trap to lure Milo here to kill him.

‘Who is this?’ Deygar shouted a third time.

‘This is Seth, ‘Appointed by God’ and my new student and Master Disciple.’

‘Excellent; two of you to kill or maybe just one and the other will denounce his faith.’

‘How about it Seth? What would you say to a billion for a few pints of blood? Just believe in me, Seth, and you could be rich beyond you wildest dreams. Just think what you could do with a billion.’

‘Don’t listen, Seth.’ Milo instantly recognising his tactics to lure Seth to deny his own faith. ‘It’s a trick to tempt you, Seth. He wants you to betray your beliefs.’ Milo could see where this was going but Adam held firm.

‘I am the richest man I know. You can take your money and shove it.’ The anger was welling up in Adam again and Milo was concerned.

Deygar raised his sword again but this time it was towards Adam. Milo feared the worst; he was too angry to fight effectively – it was a battle of the hearts.

Deygar struck with his sword. Adam defended to the best of ability but was overwhelmed by how strong and powerful Deygar was. Adam was thinking that if he could just relive him of his sword he could take him down. He prayed in his heart; ‘Lord grant me the strength at this, my darkest hour.’

Within a moment Deygar’s strength seemed to diminish or was it that prayer that made Adam’s strength increase. He took it as answered prayer and quietly said ‘Thank you, Lord’ in his heart.

Their swords clashed and then Adam hit out with the baton with his other hand, knocking Deygar’s sword from his hand.

Adam kicked the sword towards Milo, and Milo stood on the blade so Deygar could not retrieve it.

Deygar was defenceless and had nowhere to turn.

‘Seth they call you? You know that I am without sword or weapon. A Master Disciple’s role is for defence only. The only way to make this fair is for you to put down your sword or give me my weapon back.’

Adam had no idea of what to do in this situation. With that pause Deygar reach into his jacket and pulled a gun.

Adam immediately recognised it as a Glock 34 – a 9mm semi-auto with a laser dot sight – and it was pointing directly on his chest.

‘Ok!’ Adam raised his hands. ‘If you want to play it that way – I give up. There’s no way I can beat a gun with a sword.’

‘I should kill you both for this outrage, removing my sword in combat.’

‘There are no rules, Deygar. You know that it’s just because our new ‘boy’, as you call him, made a good tactical move on his part and you don’t like it.’

Milo was just as surprised as Adam to see Deygar with a gun. It just wasn’t the way of a ‘Dark Lord’, even one as bad as Deygar. ‘Eh! What’s with the gun? Come now.’ Milo was scared for all their safety.

‘Just give me my sword Milo and we will finish this.’

‘You leave us no option, Deygar. Why the gun if you don’t mind me asking?’

‘You have your back up, in the form of a ‘new boy’ who is good with a baton and a sword, so I have mine, in the form of a semi-automatic pistol.’

Milo picked up the sword by its handle. It was an evil looking weapon with a black carved ivory handle in the shape of a dragon. Milo handed it over, blade first, just in case he was bluffing and had to strike in defence.

Deygar sheathed his sword, still pointing the gun in their direction. Then, as quickly as the gun could fire, he pulled the trigger twice – a bullet each for Milo and Adam. The pair feared for their lives, both praying that this wasn’t the end for the two of them. But the bullets didn’t make contact. They were flash powder rounds temporarily blinding the pair and giving Deygar the perfect amount of time to get away; he quickly jumped into his car and sped away.

Milo and Adam both fell to the ground, blind, clutching at their eyes, fearing what Deygar could do with them, so vulnerable and open to attack. Within a few moments Adam’s eyes were starting to clear. He could see and hear Deygar’s car rushing away in a cloud of dust.

‘It’s okay Milo. He’s gone. Can you see now?’

‘I barely heard the shot but didn’t look away. I got the full extent of that flash powder stuff. My eyes are just a blur.’

‘Don’t rub them, Milo. I think there’s a trace of CS gas in that stuff too, that will just prolong it. Stand up and face the wind; the breeze will blow out any trace of the CS without you putting it back each time you rub your eyes.’

The pair just sat for a moment until Adam could see a hundred per cent clearly before the pair headed back to the church.

Once at the church Milo had to speak to Adam about his anger and attitude but not before Adam got off his chest what he had got to say.

‘No! Milo, I’m speaking first. There was no mention of guns. This is getting out of hand. For all we knew those bullets could have been real and where would that have gotten us, eh? I’ll tell you, Pastor – Dead with a capital ‘D’. And where would that have got the mission?’

With that said Milo slumped over his desk. He looked up to Adam looking down at the sword and seeing the scriptures.

‘He couldn’t afford to shoot us dead. He would have the full extent of the law after him. It’s murder.’ Milo was trying so hard to reassure Adam.

‘Milo, people like Deygar probably own the police. He is one of the richest and most influential people in this city. You should know; you told me.’

Milo stood up. ‘You still don’t get it do you? We have secret, a secret that, if it got out, would cause panic throughout all mankind. Every continent, every nation, all the world would be at war with each other, and so does Deygar; his secret is part of it. He would be exposed. The whole ethos of the Dark Lord cult is selfishness and greed, all of the deadly sins, he is maybe one of the last ‘Judas Cult’ members so he can’t afford the secret to get out either, so he has to go by the book, so to speak. Where else do you think he amassed his enormous wealth? Like his father before him, he has betrayed people for greed, killed people and, like his father, he won’t stop until he tries to attack our church, God’s people, then we can strike a defence blow for our Lord – a God of justice and of peace.

‘You see, he has sold mortality to influential people in order to build a kingdom and gain world wide influence. If the world knew how he’d come across this power they too would have the upper hand, but he could never tell if that secret was made known because he would have no power.

‘You see, Adam, he needs betrayers’ blood every tenth year of his natural life to maintain an immortal existence, but to keep from dying he has to drink blood from a believer who is willing to betray their beliefs or kill a believer in battle whose faith has failed them. Doubt, temptation and lack of faith all can lead them to destruction and, as it says in the scripture, we are protected by our ‘shield of faith’. We must put on the whole armour so we will not suffer the consequences of being without faith.

‘And that’s why it’s important to keep your ‘cool’, as you would put it. Be calm; let the power of God flow through you. Anger is a step closer to losing your faith. Then you are running on your own strength and understanding and lastly ‘emotion’. So, don’t go there, okay?’

Adam left the church a few minutes later, after the pair had prayed and thanked God for keeping them safe. The battle with Deygar, however, was far from over.

Adam pulled on to the driveway. It was then he realized that he had come back in the Beamer and left the Golf at the home. Rachel’s car was parked up; they were back from Rachel’s mum and dad’s.

Once in the house Adam found Rachel in the kitchen busy cleaning from giving Grace her dinner.

Adam tried to play the whole events of the day down until later.

‘Hi, Rach. Good day?’

‘Not bad. Yourself, dear?’

‘Not bad either, until I had a call from Pastor Miles. That’s why I’m late and I’ve come back in the Beamer. I didn’t have time to take it back. I’ll do it tomorrow at some point.’

‘So the Golf’s at the home then?’ Rachel could sense that Adam had something on his mind but was prepared to wait till Grace was safely in bed.

Within the hour Grace was fast asleep and Rachel wanted to know what had gone on.

‘So, what went on today? I know you, oh so well. There’s something that you’re not telling me.’

‘Ok Rachel. Pastor Miles had received a call from Deygar. He is the Dark Lord that I am to protect the church from. Well, he wanted to meet Pastor at the edge of the city, you know, the industrial zone. Well, I took him in the beamer.’

Rachel was shocked then went running upstairs to wake Grace.

‘What’s wrong? What is it, Rach?’

‘We’re taking that car back now. How many people own a 1991 M3 Evo Sport, eh?’

Adam quickly realising the gravity of the situation. The whole family got ready to take the Beamer back to the home. Rachel didn’t let Adam out of her sight for a second, constantly watching him and around him for any danger.

They were quickly on their way to the home, but it was all too late; Deygar had already assigned someone to trace and follow the Beamer. Being a very distinctive vehicle, it wasn’t hard to find the whereabouts’ of such a rare car. He was desperate to track down the mysterious Master Disciple, and Deygar’s spy didn’t take long to track him down. It wasn’t long before Deygar knew everything about Adam and his family.

A week or so later and Rachel had started to think she had overreacted over the Beamer being traced, so things were back to normal – or as normal as it could be for them.

Adam wasn’t too happy at the prospect of seeing Deygar again; the whole gun issue had given young Adam a bit of a scare, so he decided to go and see his dad, Andrew – ‘Handy Andy’ to his close friends, who knew of his amazing skills and knowledge of all things gun related. He was a gun guru. He knew everything there was to know about guns and ammunition.

As well as martial arts, Adam’s dad introduced him to firearms and reloading. However, all that knowledge that Adam had picked though was to be wasted because by the time it came for Adam to apply for his firearms certificate, all small hand guns and firearms had been banned. But now that knowledge could be finally used for good, so he decided to see his dad for some advice on a weapon that he had in mind, just right for the job.

When Adam got to his parent’s house Andy was mowing the front lawn.

‘Hiyah, Dad.’

‘Hiyah, son.’ Andy turned off the mower and walked over to Adam. ‘So what brings you here without the Rachel and Grace, eh?’

Andy could sense something; this was a father – son moment, so he decided to go to the workshop up in the top garden round the back.

On the way, Adam popped his head in the kitchen to say Hi to his mum. Even though Annie did it for a living, she loved to cook and bake healthy cakes for Adam to take home for Grace.

Once in the workshop, Adam started to talk but tried not to say too much on the current situation. Andy wasn’t a believer but even if he was he could still not tell the whole truth.

‘I’m a little scared at the moment, and basically I need a gun to protect my family.’

Andy, like a true father, went on the defensive.

‘What’s wrong? What’s the problem? Why do you need a gun to solve it, eh?’

‘That’s not all, Dad. I need you to make some special ammo for it too.’

Adam totally ignored is dad’s questions.

‘Like I said, son; what’s it for? What’s the problem?’

‘There’s no problem, Dad. I just need a little protection round the house, you know.’

‘I don’t know. Enlighten me.’

‘Dad, you have seven shotguns. I just need one.’

‘Son, I go shooting; it’s my hobby. I don’t have them for the time when someone tries to break in to our home.’

‘Dad, what about that gun you’ve got by the side of your bed with those special bullets, eh?’

‘Ok. You got me there, but I have a licence for those.’

‘So do I, Dad. Eighteen I got my shotgun certificate as well because I couldn’t go for my full firearms certificate.’ He paused. ‘Okay Dad. I’ll tell you but don’t go telling mum, she’ll just worry.’

‘So dads don’t worry?’

Andy was really wound up by that, but decided to let it go.

‘Someone tried to carjack me the other day in the Beamer and shot two rounds of flash powder to attempt to blind me whilst driving, but I managed to get away – just. I was wearing my sunglasses.’ Adam hated lying but had no choice. He could never tell Andy the truth, he just wouldn’t understand.

‘Well, its no good me telling you to sell the car is there. I know how much the Beamer means to you. So, what do have in mind, son?’

‘I haven’t giving it much thought, but I think a shortened, pump-action shotgun, 8-10 rounder that shoots those little bags, like the police use – you know – the ball-bearing shot bags; just enough to knock someone down; not lethal. Do you remember the cartridges we made for your berretta 9mm? We took the 9mm casings and half filled them with rock salt then topped them off with melted wax tips so they would hold together.’

Andy just smiled along, nodding as Adam excitedly told the story.

‘Do you remember we took them to the gun club and we shot Mick in the chest wearing that body armour? He still hit the deck clutching his chest, severely winded.’

‘Ok. That was a nice trip down memory lane, son, but where am I going to get a weapon like that without too many people asking questions, eh?’

‘Couldn’t we go and see Mick at the gun shop? He’s an experienced gunsmith. Surely he’ll know of something along those lines.’

Adam was excited by the chance of seeing Mick. He hadn’t seen him for at least ten years.

‘A lot of the guns you’ve mentioned were destroyed years ago during the dangerous weapons amnesty. I’ll call Mick and see what he can do. I don’t know why you don’t come shooting with me again; it would be fun.’

‘I’d love to, Dad. But, as you know, I’m very busy at the moment and any free time I get, I try to fit in my health and fitness routine, just like mum does.’

‘But remember, son. I’m not condoning the use of a weapon on anyone, but this is to keep your family safe, and if it does happen again don’t be a hero, call the police.’

‘Ok, Dad. I’ll try to keep that in mind if there is a next time.’

Adam’s phone rang in his pocket; he stepped outside to speak in private. It was Rachel calling.

‘What is it, Rach?’

‘Adam, I think I’m being followed. There’s been a black Range Rover behind me for nearly the whole of my journey. It was two cars behind me but now it’s right behind.’

‘Where are you?’

‘I’ve stopped at the main traffic lights on Station Bridge Road. I’m coming back from my mum and dad’s.’

Then Adam heard a scream down the phone.

‘What is it?’

‘They’ve just nudged the car.’ Rachel was starting to panic. Grace was in the car totally oblivious to the gravity of the situation.

‘Lock the doors. Don’t get out. Try to drive the car, through the red light if you have to, Rach. Just stay in the car. Don’t get out under any circumstances. I’ll get to you as quick as I can.’

Rachel quickly did what Adam said, locking the doors by pushing the door lock down with her elbow, triggering the central locking system, locking all the doors in a spilt second. A man stepped out to approach Rachel in the legacy; he tapped the glass to alert her.

‘He’s trying to get into the car.’

‘Rach, don’t panic. I’m on my way.’

She desperately tried not to make eye contact. Her hands started to shake. She quickly remembered what Adam said; she put the car in gear and drove through what seemed to be the longest red light in history.

Adam ran to the car, quickly saying goodbye to his dad through the workshop window. He got into the Beamer and plugged his phone into the hands free holster fitted to the dash board.

‘Are you moving yet, Rach?’

‘Yes, I am moving at high speed but the man is running back to the black Range Rover.’

‘Are they trying to follow you?’

‘Yes! Yes! Where are you, Adam? I need you here with us.’

‘Never mind that; I am on my way to the big shopping mall near to your parents. Get to there, Rachel. They won’t dare to try anything with a lot of people around. I will meet you there. In the meantime, try to lose them. The Legacy is a much quicker car than any Range Rover. And remember to stay calm; you are a great driver. Don’t let me down.’

With that said, Rachel began to pray quietly in her heart, ‘Please, Lord, help me drive this car, and please protect us and others on the road. Protect the innocents, Lord.’ That’s all Rachel could say – ‘Protect the innocents, Lord.’

Adam furiously drove the Beamer as fast as he could and still kept a running relay with Rachel on the phone.

‘They’re still behind me. I’ve got Grace in the car, Adam. I’m so worried. I’m scared they are going to ram us off the road.’

‘Ok, Rach. Just try to keep it together. There’s just a few more turns and I’ll be at the shopping Mall.’ Adam was nowhere near but he had to give Rachel some hope. This was getting out of hand and Adam feared the worst.

‘Where are you, Rach?’

‘I’m just getting on the duel carriageway.’

‘’Ok, Rach. This is good. Try to outrun them. Use the turbo pressure switch on the dash.’

‘No, Adam. I hate that thing; it’s too fast. It always scares me when you use it, and anyway I’ve never used it. I don’t know how.’

‘It’s easy, Rach. Just turn it on.’

‘No, Adam. I’ll just try to lose them some other way.’

‘Listen, Rachel, it’s the only way of distancing yourself enough to lose them. Just listen; turn it on and the car will do the rest. Trust me.’

‘Ok. What button is it?’ Rachel relented. All she could think of was Grace and getting to her husband safely.

‘Rach, press the red button next to the water spray button on your right of the steering wheel.’

‘Ok, Adam. I’ve pushed it. Now what?’

‘Ok, now the turbo pressure will build up until it’s at maximum. A red light will come on to tell you this. Is the needle at 2.5 bar on the turbo pressure gauge yet?’

Rachel was frantically looking for the turbo pressure gauge the car was fitted with. There were all sorts of clocks and gauges: oil temp, water temp, fuel pressure, rev counter and the only one Rachel used on a regular basis was the fuel gauge and that was half-empty.

‘Oh, found it. It’s nearly there. The red light has come on. Now what?’

The Range Rover was still at the rear bumper of the Legacy but not for long.

‘Ok, Rach, when you’re ready to go, make sure there’s nobody in front of you. When you are ready to go press the right-hand button next to the pressure gauge. There’s a two second delay so you can get both hands back on the steering wheel safely, then all that turbo pressure will be released at once. It will be very fast so just hold on.’

Rachel was very nervous about doing such a dangerous thing but it was the only way to lose the very determined men in the Range Rover, and she was worried at what they might do if she was to stop or eventually run out of petrol, which could still happen if this plan didn’t work.

Rachel was getting herself ready to press the button, to release all that pressure, when the Range Rover made their last ditch attempt to stop them by ramming the rear of the Legacy. The car slid to the side of the road but Rachel held the car with immaculate car control, the four-wheel drive system fighting to control the rear shunt. With that last attempt, Rachel hit the button to get away. She couldn’t afford another rear end shunt like that.

And within five or six seconds the car went from 70 to 120mph and was still accelerating, leaving the Range Rover behind.

‘Adam, how do I stop this thing? I’m doing nearly 140mph.’

‘Take your foot off the accelerator; that will release the remaining pressure through the dump-valve and bring you back to normal road speed.’

Once at a normal speed Rachel had a quick look to see if the Range Rover was still there – she’d lost them. Rachel felt very proud of herself and then headed for the shopping mall to meet Adam, who was just pulling up on to the second level car park, in the purple zone, overlooking the road where Rachel was turning off to meet up with her husband.

When the pair saw each other Rachel just lost it; the emotion of it all just hitting her as she got out of the car to greet her husband. He ran towards her – big hugs all round for the pair and a big thank you to Adam for talking Rachel through it all.

‘Thanks, Adam. I couldn’t have done it without you.’

‘No, Rach. I’m sorry I wasn’t quick enough to come to your assistance.’

The whole issue had brought about serious anxiety for Adam; they were on to them. Whoever they were, it was no coincidence that he had had a run in with Deygar and then this happens. Adam felt they needed a rapid response vehicle of some kind to get to people in an emergency. Adam’s mind was starting to consider the whole situation would have been a different story if it wasn’t for the speed and skill of Rachel in the highly modified Legacy.

The pair of them went to see the pastor to tell him of what just happened to them.

Pastor Miles was shocked at the story and praised God for the safe delivery of them both.

‘So what do you have in mind for a rapid response vehicle? ’Cause you know you are more than welcome to my Mondeo ST200.’

‘No offence, Pastor, but your car is slow compared to the Legacy and we want something quicker than that. We could already have the quickest car in the form of the Legacy, but you’ll never beat the traffic problem. I couldn’t get to Rach in time even in the mighty Beamer and that’s got 238bhp. We need something that cuts through traffic – a bike! A super fast bike!’

‘It’s all getting out hand, Adam.’

‘Pastor, what’s getting out of hand? My wife and daughter were chased today – followed. For all we know, these people know where we live.’

‘Calm yourself, Adam. Everything will be alright. Let’s just pray together.’

Adam felt that prayer was the last thing to do, given the situation required a practical solution, but he soon succumbed and was quick to practise a calm approach; maybe prayer was the right way to go to achieve calmness.

‘Lord, you know everything about us and, Lord, I pray that you will create an edge of protection around us all, especially around Adam and Rachel and their little baby, Grace. Protect them all and bring about a peace so they can enjoy a full night’s sleep and rest. Bless and protect Grace. I know she is very young, but it doesn’t mean that she still can’t be affected. So bless little Grace, Lord. We know you love children. And let their home have a super natural edge of protection around it, for it is holy ground. Let no evil be able to stand near it, Lord.’

Adam and Rachel just looked at each other and smiled.

‘Thank you, Pastor. It’s just our lack of faith. Our flesh was starting to do the thinking for us both. We were very scared, Pastor. Thanks to your wise words, we know we can overcome any situation with faith,’ Rachel said, but in her heart she echoed the same opinion as her beloved husband; we do need a response vehicle of some kind. And Adam felt the same way and let his thoughts rule his mouth, yet again.

‘Yes, Pastor, but we still need a rapid response vehicle of some kind. Remember, prayer is one of the tools we use, but that sword plays a pretty big part also.’

‘Just leave it with me, Adam. I’ll pray it through on my own. I am hearing you and I do understand that it has been a traumatic experience for you all, but we have to continue with the mission at hand. God will succeed. We are on the winning side.’

With that said, Adam and Rachel left to go home for something to eat. They were still too shook up to stomach anything but they still tried to get some nourishment. Adam needed to keep up energy levels. He didn’t know when he would be needed again.

As the couple retired for bed that night, Adam just said this to Rachel, as they fell asleep: ‘I’m going to see ‘Tatter’. See if he can help us with anything.’ And so Adam prayed, ‘Lord give us rest. Grant us a full night’s sleep. Let no one disturb us as we sleep and, like Pastor Miles said, put an edge of protection around this, your house, Lord. Amen.’

Later on the next day, after Adam had finished his training with Milo, he headed to his brother’s. Adam’s mind was a rush; he had a plan, and an idea.

Adam pulled up at Scott’s place. Everyone called him ‘Tatter’ that was because of his nature; ever since he was a small child he had messed with and taken things apart, fixed things and improved things. He had always been tatting with something, hence the nickname.

Scott lived in an old Victorian fire house with the traditional huge arched front double doors. He lived upstairs; all the space downstairs, where you would normally find the tender, was his garage and workshop. He even had the original fireman’s pole; he still used it to get down from his room upstairs. It was a mess, but it was a really cool pad.

Adam rang the bell at the side door. Above was a camera; it quickly focused on Adam.

‘Buzzzz!’ And the door clicked open.

‘Hiyah, bro. What brings you here?’

‘Well, I need a favour. I know that you are a modern day genius, and I do know that you always like to rise to a challenge.’

‘Just spit it out, man. What do you want?’

‘It’s a strange request, but I need you to make me a tracker, so I know the exact location of someone – and its got to be mobile – handheld if possible.’

‘Is that all?’

‘Oh, it needs to be able to have a GPS built in, if poss.’

Scott just looked at Adam and smiled. Scott loved a challenge but this wasn’t going to make Tatter sweat at all; he just loved to make things.

‘I’ve just made the finishing touches to my latest gadget and this is totally un-detectable to police cameras and Radar guns.’

‘How come?’ Adam waited with baited breath.

‘I’ve invented a stealth box for my car.’

‘A what? Did I hear correctly? A stealth box? What does that do and how does that work and can you make me one?’ was all Adam could muster in the split second that he had to speak before his brother spoke up about the much-anticipated new gadget.

‘I’ll tell you but you can’t have one yet. When the stealth box is fitted to a car it sends out a digital or analogue signal blocking the police’s tracking signal and gives them a speed readout of zero mph and that’s not all it does; it also messes around with VHF frequencies. I found out this part; when I tried it out, the TV screen started rolling, so then I figured out that even if the police record you, they won’t be able to make out what’s on the screen.’

‘That’s really impressive. How long have you been working on that?’

‘Just a couple of months.’

‘Just a couple of months? Man, you are a genius. Just a shame you can’t patent it.’

Scott just rubbed his chin. ‘This GPS system: does it need to be global, ’cause the software is huge for the entire world? For example, if it was just the city limits we can get all that information from a single CD rom from the city library, copy it, load it on to your tracker and – hey presto! – an LPS system: a local positioning system.’

‘Cool!’ was Adams reply. ‘So you can get to work on it then?’

‘Yeah, just need a few things first.’ Scott rubbed his chin; this time he was really thinking. ‘What do I need from my brother? Can’t think! I have everything – damn!’

Adam started to have a little mooch around the place when something caught his eye around Scott’s workshop area.

‘Ah! What’s this, Scott?’

Adam lifting a mobile phone sized object up to show Scott.

‘Don’t press the button on the side whatever you do.’ Scott took the item from his brother and placed it back on the workshop bench. ‘I shouldn’t even have this, you see, they only issue these things to fully qualified pilots.’

‘Why? What is it?’ Adam was confused. It just looked like a phone with a lot more features on it – a lot like a radio scanner. ‘That’s it; it’s a radio scanner. You listening to the police band?’

‘I wish! This is a transender. It’s what a pilot would use on a small aircraft or a large one if the plane went down in an emergency situation.’ Scott switched it on. ‘Listen.’ It was air traffic control talking from the city’s airport in the middle of bringing a 747 down to land.

‘Okay control: bringing her down. This flight, 0003459, requesting to land on runway 6.’

‘All’s clear. You are in runway 6 flight plan and request has been granted. All clear, flight 0003459. Thank you.’

‘Thank you, control, out.’

‘That’s amazing. Let’s have a go.’

‘You can hold it; just don’t press the button on the side – that’s that talk button – ’cause these things can be traced if illegally used. They have a multitude of uses. In the past one of these things brought down a 777 to land by a member of the ground staff. The whole power system had failed, even the backup systems. This type of equipment was their only alternative, but no one’s to know that because it was all hushed up. You know the press would have made a field day from that kind of knowledge.’

‘Well, how did you know it happened?’

‘Well, I had this thing, didn’t I. Eh, I’ve got an idea; if you can track a signal with this I could use it for the LPS system.’ Scott was excited to have a project but was getting a little carried away with himself. ‘So, how many receivers you gonna need?’

Adam thought for a minute. ‘Do I go for two or three? Well, it’s no good just having one. Make two to start with – one for me and one for Rachel, so we will know each other’s exact location. It will be the ultimate mobile phone.’

That was it for Adam; this would give Rachel peace, having a handheld piece of equipment that would give her the reassurance that she so desperately needed.

So with that sorted, the next thing on Adam’s agenda was to see his father to see if he had come through with a little extra protection in the form of a gun.

Once Adam had left his brother’s he thought he’d better phone ahead to see if the folks were at home. There was no answer so Adam decided to go straight home. He tried calling again later but there was still no answer.

Later that evening Adam’s father called back.

‘Hi, son. You called earlier?’

‘Yes, Dad. I was wondering: did you manage to see Mick?’

‘I gave him a call; he’s working on it. I’m seeing him later in the week. He couldn’t talk much; he was on his mobile, so I was brief.’

‘Ok, dad. Call me when you go. I would like to come too if that’s ok.’

‘That’s fine. Mick would like to see you. It’s been so long.’

Adam and his father had a way of communicating in code over the phone if there was anyone listening on a phone scanner, so there was no way that they could understand what they was talking about. It was a little childish but they were talking about an illegal weapon after all.

‘So I’ll come at TT2at,’ said Andy then he hung up; no response; no answer; nothing from Adam.

Adam put the phone down. He knew what the code TT2at meant and was excited.

‘Who was that on the phone?’ Rachel was surprised by how short he was on the phone.

‘Was that your dad? How come you didn’t say goodbye? Have you had a falling out?’

‘No, of course not. It’s our phone code. It’s a childhood thing. Anyway, I’m seeing him on Thursday at around teatime to see if we can get some extras for our defences.’

‘What do you mean extras?’

‘You’ll see. Don’t worry.’

Rachel was a little worried. She had no idea what Adam was up to with has dad, but she was reassured by the fact Andy was involved; it couldn’t be that bad.

The rest of the week was pretty much normal – Adam, with work and his endless training and looking after Grace, and Rachel, with her work and taking care of their emotional needs which was becoming the new item on the current agenda.

But there was a man whose week had changed dramatically, Derek Greyer – Deygar. He was sitting in a huge leather chair in his extravagant office, clearly disturbed by the introduction of a new Master Disciple. Seth was on his mind and so was his family.


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