Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter Five

To Make The Right Decision

Revelation 4 v 20 ‘Here I am I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me’.


The meeting with Adam ended with Milo praying; now he and the others were allowed to call him by his M.D. name, but only when they met.

Adam was more nervous than ever as he walked towards his car. ‘How am I going to explain this to Rachel?’ was all Adam could think of. His mind was racing with thoughts of letting down the pastors, church members, the community and most of all God. But Adam hadn’t got long to think of something. The church was only a ten minute drive to the family home and he knew that Rachel would be waiting with baited breath to hear of what went on in that fateful meeting.

Adam was trying to rehearse some kind of speech but as he pulled up on to the driveway the passive infrared sensor picked up the car’s movements and the security light came on. With Rachel’s alertness being heightened by her anticipation of Adam’s arrival, she was out the front door and next to the Golf’s driver’s door before Adam could get out the car.

‘So, how did it go then? Go well, eh?’

Adam had no choice but to just put her off for the moment. She was holding Grace and she was fast asleep. Rachel, being a complete bag of excitement, had lost track of time and not put her to bed at her normal time of seven o’clock.

‘It went well. I think I just need to get in the house, eh, so we can chat it through around the table.’

Rachel immediately knew it was serious. All their major discussions happened around the table in the kitchen with a strong cup of coffee at hand. She then immediately took Grace to bed once Adam had given her a kiss goodnight. Within ten minutes of getting Grace settled, Rachel demanded to know what had gone on at that meeting.

Adam was struggling. He’d only just been told the truth himself a short time ago and now he had to go through it all again, barely believing it himself and it would seem harder to someone who wouldn’t be seeing the training room as they were being told. So he plucked up enough courage and began to tell Rachel the story he had been told by their trusted pastors only hours earlier.

‘Ok, Rachel. What I’m going to tell you may come as a bit of a shock.’ That was an understatement if there was ever one, but Rachel sat there still, with, what seemed to Adam, a holy calmness and tranquil attitude that had to have come from God. Any normal person, hearing this, would probably pass out with the shock of it all. So Adam twittered on for over an hour telling Rachel all about the Dark Lords and their rampaging throughout history and especially throughout the time of the early church and for the need of a defender: a warrior so filled with the power and might of God to defend them and protect the church.

Rachel sat there amazed by Adam’s excitement and attention to detail to a new truth he had just heard and trusted straight away; and then to tell it with such conviction was inspiring to her. As Adam was getting to the crux of it all Rachel soon remembered the previous meeting with the pastors. Rachel interrupted and was so excited to tell Adam.

‘That’s it! That’s what that meeting was all about.’

‘What meeting, Rach?’ Adam was puzzled and had lost his train of thought.

‘The meeting asking us to pray for an assistant to the pastors.’

‘It’s not an assistant, it’s a new M.D. to replace Paul as Pastor Miles is worried about Paul not pulling through. I know Pastor Miles and, him being a thorough man, he is even planning a replacement for his own son. What an honour.’

‘Why would the church need a managing director? It’s not a company or anything, is it?’ said an utterly puzzled and confused Rachel.

Adam tried to explain the best he could: ‘No, Rach. In church terms an M.D. is a Master Disciple.’

‘Well, how come I’ve never heard the term before? I’ve been in the church most of my life and I have never heard of a Master Disciple.’

‘Rachel, what I’m about to tell you and everything else you are going to hear tonight must never be discussed with any one. Do you understand me?’

Rachel took notice of the seriousness of Adam; his eyes were piercing. He looked full of emotion, like he was ready to cry.

‘Ok Adam.’ Rachel poised herself, ready for more revelations.

‘You have never heard the term M.D. because it’s never been discussed with a non-bloodline church leader or member.’

‘What do you mean a non-bloodline church leader or member?’ Rachel was getting more confused and then she got up from her seat and started to pace around the kitchen.

‘Well, you know that Paul’s got cancer and it’s terminal?’

‘Yes, Yes.’ Rachel was getting more wound up by Adam backtracking.

‘Well, Paul should have been the M.D. because his father was pastor of a church and so was Paul’s grandfather. Their family goes back seven generations of pastors and church leaders. So it’s the first time in history that the role of Master Disciple has been offered to a non-bloodline church leader.’

Rachel paused for a moment. She stopped pacing around and thought of what an honour it would be for her husband to fulfil a role, a position in the church, that could potentially affect future history. Rachel was getting a little ahead of herself and was being carried away with the emotion of it all.

Rachel walked over to Adam, gave him a hug and said, ‘What an honour. What a privilege to be asked – such a role for the church and community.’

Adam was awestruck. He couldn’t believe Rachel was excited about it all. But once all the excitement had gone Rachel soon realised the seriousness of the role of Master Disciple and was scared for her husband and fearful for his life.

‘Adam, there’s no way that you’ve agreed to this. Just because you know the secret doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do it, because that’s bribery.’

‘Rachel, I told them that my decision will be made up by the mutual agreement of both of us praying about it and seeking God.’ Adam soon realising that what he just said was a lie. In his heart he wanted to be the next Master Disciple. He hated lying to Rachel, but there was a time when Rachel had misled him too.

Before the couple met, Rachel’s grandfather had set up a trust to be passed on to her in the light of his death: a trust fund that had to be kept secret until Rachel was married. The secret was a property that had an estimated value of over 1.5 Million pounds, but it couldn’t be sold. The property was an old people’s home but Rachel hated that term and liked to call it ‘a rest home for the seriously over-worked and under-appreciated’, or the term that was family friendly was ‘The Home’.

Rachel had managed to gain the qualifications to successfully manage and run the home through no intention of her own when gaining her degree in nursing and nursing management. The home had successfully been running for years whilst Rachel’s grandfather, William Winters, was still alive and ran for a further ten years after he died, with Rachel still unaware of any secret will or trust.

The couple found out on their wedding day (May 17th 1997) when a letter was read out during the announcements and reading of the cards; it read:

To the happy couple,

This is a message from your grandpapa. I hope this message finds you well, Rachel, my dearest and only grandchild. I know that I did spoil you, but I felt that my legacy should live on and I know I was especially close to you. I have left you both a little something that I know will be of some help in those hard years to come when the thought of children and a family of your own are in mind, but with the hardship of the extra finance I now feel that this is the appropriate time to give you this. The home that I ran and owned for over forty seven years is now the rightful property of the newly-wedded couple here before you all today. Whatever Rachel’s new married name is; I hope it’s a strong name.

I hoped you picked your husband well and remembered what we both said.

Please forgive this, my dear, I just wanted you to get the right man first, a man of integrity, Rachel. I know that was the most important item on your ideal man list.

I would like to thank a few people myself at this point if I may: my solicitor for writing up the complex will for me and having it in your possession for all these years – a speech for a wedding that hadn’t even taken place – and most of all for keeping your word for so many years; you to are a man of integrity and honour.

With thanks always,

W.A. Winters

You could have probably imagined Adam and Rachel were more than surprised by the news and very shocked to learn that the couple had just inherited a place where Rachel had spent many years of her youth, running around the fabulous grounds, playing hide and seek with members of staff and, most of all, spending time with her beloved grandpapa.

But with all that water under the bridge, this new news had come as even more of a shock. Rachel was beside herself with the worry of it all, the way Adam seemed set on becoming the new Master Disciple – it troubled her. The fact they’d only just become parents for the first time and were having to adapt to a new way of living was one thing but this was a total life shift; their whole belief system, the way they lived their lives, would change forever.

But the couple sought the Lord on it and prayed throughout the night to seek the face and thoughts of God about an issue they already knew the answer to.

Within the early hours, the couple came back together after seeking God in different rooms so not to get emotionally tied to one another.

The very next morning the pair woke from the best night’s sleep they had had for a long time. Grace slept through without making a single noise, and both came to the same conclusion.

‘Yes, Adam, you are a very gifted individual and have many talents with many of them God-given. You will make a great defender and Master Disciple. It will be an honour to be your encourager in this your God-given calling.’

Adam’s response was of similar content but with a slight change: ‘Rachel. Yes is the answer I got from God but I kind of knew when I was first told. After last night, praying it through, that did it for me and confirmed that this was my calling, to become a Master Disciple.

The couple hugged and a still moment came over them, standing there in the bedroom. It was like God was there in the room with them getting in on the group hug. Adam and Rachel felt greatly blessed by the way God had communicated to them and confirmed it by his presence in the room.

Later that morning Pastor Miles gave Adam a call from the church office; He already knew Adam’s decision. He had also been seeking God throughout the night with amazing accuracy, his great prophetic gift at action yet again.

‘Ok, Adam. When do we start the training then, Eh?’ Pastor Miles didn’t even give Adam a chance to say that he’d decided yet.

Taking Adam by surprise, he just responded with ‘Yes, ok then. We’ll start when you are ready, Eh!’

‘I’m ready now. Come to the church and we will begin your training.’

‘Pastor Miles, er, I still have a job to go to you know. I thought this was a volunteer role for me, not a full time gig, Pastor.’

‘Well, what did you expect? A phone call for when we needed you? This is not the movies. It’s not Batman and Robin. We don’t know when the Dark Lord will attack and we don’t have an M.D. signal.’

‘So you want me to give up my job to be the full time M.D. of the church? Man! This is fast becoming the biggest burden to carry – knowing a secret, having to replace a dear family member into the role of a warrior that I was not born into and now you want me to give up my job? That’s great! Just perfect!’

‘Adam, I think you’d better see me at some point this morning and we will talk it through then.’

‘Ok Miles. Would lunchtime be alright with you? I’d hate to clash with your break time, I know how busy you are with everything else going on, with Paul and all the rest of your schedule.’

‘No, lunchtime will be fine. This is important. It’s the most important issue that’s on my agenda anyway. So I’ll see you then. Bye!’

‘Bye, Pastor.’

So Adam went to work as normal, but his mind was filled with doubt and was weary about the future. What would they do as a family if Adam had to give up his job and be the Master Disciple 24/7, on call to defend the church.

Once Adam was at work he decided to call Rachel and get her views and most of all pray about this situation that had arisen.

‘Yes, Adam. What is it?’

‘It’s Pastor Miles. He’s made a suggestion. Well, I should put it a different way – he’s made a change to the M.D. role at church.’

Rachel was getting rather impatient. ‘Well? Spit it out.’

Adam was reluctant to say, especially after Rachel only just hearing the initial news of the M.D. role. ‘Well, it’s the fact that it would probably be better if the person asked to fulfil the role would be prepared to do it full-time.’

Adam waited for the shock factor to taken on board, but Rachel was silent, which surprised Adam and he started to worry.

‘Adam, I love you. Didn’t you realise that when we both prayed last night? We’ll just have to release some of the money from my work at the ‘home’ to cover some of the salary that you won’t be bringing in, that’s all, and the church will probably give you something, well I hope so, with you risking your life and all.’

Adam was so relieved to hear Rachel sounding so encouraging and supportive to the discussion that had just turned the family’s life upside-down in every way possible.

At lunchtime Adam went to see Pastor Miles at the church. He was so excited to see the pastor now that he had all the green lights to start his training.

Adam explained the phone call to Rachel and the two of them laughed. Adam continued to tell him that he had considered handing in his notice at work and would be giving the whole idea of working two roles a month’s trial just to see if he could maintain the two together.

‘Adam, there is a meeting that I would like to call for tomorrow night and I would like Rachel to come to it and settle her thoughts and worries. That’s all, for now, then once you have finished work we will start your training. Please forgive me for my lack of patience.’

Adam was unaware of the urgency of the situation and also the fact Derek Greyer existed as a Dark Lord.

The very next evening, the time had come for the meeting at church. Even Grace was in attendance; a babysitter was out of the question. It would have probably been someone from church, and Adam and Rachel didn’t want too many awkward questions about the reason for this secret meeting.

As Adam and his family pulled up into the church car park, Adam noticed a lot of familiar cars, so he parked next to Pastor Miles’. Adam tried to make light of the situation by talking about the pastors’ car: ‘Mondeo ST200, eh! Not as fast as this thing, eh Rach!’

Rachel took no notice. She was too busy thinking of the meeting.

The family car – as Adam called it – was a Subaru Legacy Quad cam turbo estate and it had been beefed up by a company called Prodrive. They were responsible for the world rally team’s cars. It was a very fast car and Adam was immensely proud of it. And once again, it reflected another side to Adam’s personality – an old car but practical and quick.

But at this time Rachel wasn’t ready to talk about cars and their performance; all she could think of was the impending meeting with whoever was there.

The couple carried Grace (asleep in her car seat) and as they all walked in to the pastor’s office, to their surprise, all the pastors and their wives were there also looking very nervous as well; this put Rachel’s heart at rest.

In attendance were Jane (Paul’s wife), Margaret Leonard (‘Mrs Leonard’ – no one called her by her first name) and finally Jason’s wife Lorraine.

Rachel felt really at ease with the other wives there and sat next to Lorraine.

Pastor Miles spoke first.

‘I’m glad all of you could make it at such short notice. This is probably the single most important meeting of this church’s history and I find great honour to be part of it.’

‘You are all aware of the discretion of the nature of this meeting. Adam, all the pastors and their wives have been brought up to speed on the issue of you succeeding Paul to become this church’s new Master Disciple.’

Rachel was starting to get very nervous at what her husband was getting himself involved in, as she looked at Grace in her car seat, sleeping soundly, unaware of what her father was about to embark upon.

Pastor Miles noticed Rachel’s tension and said, ‘Rachel, I bet, if I was a betting man, you’ve been thinking a lot about this, in the short time you’ve had to think that is. So tell me what are your worries?’

Pastor Miles didn’t need the gift of discernment to figure that one out; it was written all over Rachel’s worried face.

There was a short pause. Rachel then cleared her throat and said, ‘Of cause I’d be worried. I was shocked to hear this new revelation and the facts of this Judas cult and then even more shocked to find out that you needed my husband to become a guardian for the church.’

Jane and Lorraine nodded and twittered on in agreement, both acknowledging their own experiences in finding about this new revelation.

Rachel was putting a lot of emphases on her husband, sort of claiming ownership on him. She held a tight grip on Adam’s hand; the other was on Grace’s car seat. She felt she was losing everything, and then Paul’s wife, Jane, spoke. She had a quiet, delicate, angelic voice that always calmed and brought about a stillness to any given situation. She was a spiritual giant. She had to be; her whole life had been spent preparing for this and to find her husband couldn’t do it due to the cancer was nether a blessing nor a relief. It was the ultimate catch 22 – a healed husband with a high risk of death as a Master Disciple, or a husband with cancer who would have to deal with the illness for years.

Rachel just looked at Jane and immediately felt guilty.

‘Please forgive me, Jane. I was just being selfish.’

‘No, Rachel. No matter how spiritual we are, we still need to protect the ones we love. It doesn’t make us less of a believer. Trust me, I was just the same when I was first told.’

All the wives nodded in agreement and even Lorraine spoke out saying that even Jason knowing such a secret was bad enough.

Rachel started to cry in relief. Jane reassured her saying, ‘We are all here if you need us. We are the backbone of prayer for these guys and they need us just as much as the church and community need them; you just don’t forget that, Okay Rachel!’

Just then Grace started to cry.

‘It’s strange how a baby can sense when their mother is upset,’ said Pastor Miles.

Pastor Miles then asked Jason to open up Adam’s new office.

‘I think we need to stretch our legs a little. Jason, would you be so kind as to show us down to Adam’s new office please?’

‘It would be an honour,’ said Jason. So he grabbed the bible and released the mechanism to open the secret door that was the rear wall of the office and started to go down stairs. ‘Ladies, would you please follow me down.’

Rachel looked shocked but quickly picked up Grace, who was now settling off again; she was so intrigued by the other partners rushing down the stairs to the training room that Adam had spoke about so enthusiastically. She couldn’t have been held back by anyone or anything.

Once everyone was down, the training room came alive with light for all to see. Rachel’s face was alight with excitement and a smile from ear to ear.

Some of the wives started to chat among themselves.

‘I haven’t been down here in such a long time,’ Jane said to Margaret.

‘It’s been at least twelve months, Jane.’

Lorraine quickly stood next to Rachel; it was also a first time experience for her seeing the training and she was clearly nervous about the whole thing.

They all gathered around Pastor Miles, waiting for him to address them.

‘I know this is a lot for the both of you to take on board, Adam, Rachel, but this will be your office from now on, if you still want it to be?’

Adam looked to Rachel and the pair nodded to Pastor Miles. ‘Yes, Milo, now that I can officially call you that. It would be our honour for us both to defend and protect this house of God in His name and through His Son with the assistance of His Spirit.’

Pastor Miles closed the meeting with a prayer.

‘I thank you for these people who stand before you now. Bless them in and through your name oh Lord and bless and honour their hearts that hold such knowledge dear to themselves and only share their worries and anxieties with you. So bless them I pray in the name of our Lord and saviour, Jesus. Amen.’

Adam and Rachel said their goodbyes and then left to get Grace to bed.

Once home and Grace was all tucked up in bed, Adam took time out to seek God on the next stage. He spent over three hours in the study just trying to get focus on the idea of being the sole person responsible for the whole community. Rachel’s excitement was soon dampened by Adam’s actions and the seriousness of the situation took its place.

Within an hour of Adam going into the study the phone went and it was Lorraine.

‘Hiyah! It’s just me, Rachel – Lorraine. I just thought I’d phone to see how you were. It was a nervous experience, eh, seeing the training room.’

‘No, not at all, Loraine. I thought it was really exciting. It’s now that I’ve got really nervous. As soon as we got back and sorted out Grace, Adam’s gone and shut himself in the study to seek some focus on it all.’

‘I wouldn’t worry, Rachel, our Jason did the same but he was in his office at church. He was there half the night. I was so worried. At least Adam’s there, eh. It could always be worse.’

‘Thanks, Lorraine. Thanks a lot for the phone call. It was really appreciated. I feel a whole lot more relaxed, if that is at all possible with what we’ve taken on, eh.’

‘Ah well, God Bless. Have a good evening and see you soon, eh.’

‘Thanks again, Lorraine, and God bless you. Goodbye.  See ya!’

The very next day Adam had decided to give Rachel a break and take Grace out for the day – a ‘daddy and daughter day’. Once in the car the pair reached the bottom of their road and for a split second Adam didn’t know where to go. ‘Free time and no idea how to spend it,’ he thought. Then it dawned on him. ‘I know where we can go, my precious,’ he said, as his eyes poured over his beautiful Grace.

The ‘Home’ was on the agenda and Adam was grinning from ear to ear. He hadn’t been for a while and the last time they’d visited the Home it was to show off Grace to all the staff. It had been over six months and at that moment Adam was struck with guilt.

That was that! He’d made up his mind; they would go there and maybe pay a visit on something else whilst there.

From time to time Adam had helped out at the home and had frequently helped out Joe, the grounds keeper, a life long friend to Rachel’s grandfather.

As the pair approached the Home, the tall iron gates were closed as always. So Adam wound down the window and typed in the security code to access the main gates. Once opened, Adam could see Joe in the distance driving along in his converted golf buggy along the half mile road to the main car park. He pulled along side to greet him.

‘Hi there, Joe. How’s things mate?’

Joe turned with a startled look all over his face. ‘Oh, it’s you, Master Adam. And look who’s here then.’ Joe jumped from his buggy and ran round the car to give Grace his normal greeting to a baby – the obligatory pinching of the cheek and the squeaky voice. ‘Who’s a beauty, eh, eh?’

Joe was a wonderful man who had one of those work-worn, weary faces but with a smile that could heat the coldest of hearts. He seemed to live in his tweed jacket and wellies. In fact, he was always impeccably dressed (well, for a grounds keeper); he always wore a shirt and tie, what ever the weather, and his straw-like, wiry hair poked out from beneath his flat cap.

Adam hugely respected Joe. He’d worked at the home for over thirty-eight years, full time. He and his late wife Katherine shared a cottage within the grounds of the home for over forty years together. To say that she was warm-hearted would have been an understatement; she had a molten lava heart that overflowed into every life she touched and she would kill you with kindness; she would bake cakes for England.  But unfortunately the beautifully large-hearted Katherine fought a long battle with cancer and died in Joe’s arms at the age of seventy-two. She was buried within the grounds of their humble cottage which Joe tended to every morning before he started his duties. Joe’s immaculate temperament and his impeccable character shone for the two of them now; he was a pillow of strength – all noble characteristics that Adam envied, and longed to gain in his old age.

Joe got back onto his buggy and went about his duties as he always did without query or complaint.

Once the pair had pulled up to the home Adam gave a swift wave to Julie working in the front office.

The home was like a cross between a Victorian school and a hotel; it had about seventeen self-contained flats in the grounds and Adam had a few of the old stage coach garages for himself – what he called his ‘hobbies’ space. But he felt he had to show his face in the office at least to show Grace off.

Julie had only seen Grace a handful of times, so it was long overdue to see her again. Adam always struggled with the attention a baby brought, feeling even more pressure to succeed as a parent, especially now in the new secret role he found himself in.

Julie cooed and cuddled Grace for as long as Grace could stand before she let everyone know it was enough. Julie could sense the genuine reason for the visit; Adam had itchy feet and wanted desperately to get to his garages round the back of the home. It wasn’t a long drive round but Adam placed Grace (now settling down again from another ordeal of face pinching and all round cuteness that no normal baby could tolerate) back into the car. He drove round past Joe’s sheds and up to the many old stagecoach garages at the rear of the home.

He opened the garage door to see a dusty sheet over a car; Adam quickly pulled the sheet off to reveal his immaculate 1991 BMW M3 Evolution Sport, one of the last ones ever made.

It was his twenty-fifth birthday present from Rachel. It was Adam’s favourite car in the whole world; he had loved them ever since he was fourteen.

Adam walked around to the driver’s door, opened it up, got in and started it up; it roared into life on its first turn of the key.

‘First time!’ Adam shouted. He slowly pulled the car out of the garage and left it running whilst trying to find the hose to his jet wash. After washing some of the dust off that the sheet can never guard against, Grace woke up.

‘Ok then, Grace. Time for your first run in the Beamer.’ Adam then quickly closed the stagecoach doors, turned off the ignition and locked up the Legacy. Within a few minutes Grace was back asleep again.

Adam was really enjoying himself with the open road ahead with his favourite car and his daughter by his side. He was a true petrol head; he loved everything about cars and the freedom they gave him, not in the selfish way, but his mind was free just to concentrate on one objective; he could give his all just to one pursuit.

Adam was grateful to God. He felt so close to God when behind the wheel because he felt his most relaxed. And with that in mind, Adam began to pray about the mission before him. Adam’s mind wondered onto spiritual matters and felt a closeness he had never felt before; he was overcome with emotion and love for his Lord.

Just as Adam was getting the car straight round a fantastic right hander, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Adam quickly pulled up in a convenient place to answer it. The caller ID read ‘Rachel’.

‘Hello Rach.’

‘Where are you? We need you quickly. It’s Pastor Miles.’ With that the phone went dead. Adam, thinking the worst, turned the beamer around and headed for home. But this time the drive was very fast. The car behaved like it should and Adam’s driving was a little panicked but he held it together. His mind was racing like the engine was. Grace was being tossed around a little more than before but she was still sound asleep. A few minutes later he was back home, but as Adam pulled on the driveway, Rachel ran out clutching a medical bag.

‘Adam, we’ve got to go to the church quickly.’ The panic on Rachel’s face was clear; something serious had happened. ‘It’s Pastor Miles,’ was all she said as she jumped into the car.

Adam was clearly worried, but Rachel had turned into ‘super-nurse’ mode and that made Adam calm for the moment.

Adam had never seen Rachel in ‘full flight emergency’ mode before, then he realised that is was an everyday occurrence for her on an intensive care ward. He was a bag of nerves but Rachel was calm and professional.

He drove the car like a true professional; every turn was taken with just pure speed in mind – a confident driver but in total control of the vehicle.

Once at church Rachel just left the car with her medical bag in hand and shouted back to Adam. ‘You bring Grace, ok.’ She ran, rushing as she would for a patient at work when the life support machine would bleep warnings to the assisting nurses.

It was this nature, of the ‘nurse’ Rachel, which made Adam feel more nervous than he already was. Adam’s mind was all a rush like someone had filled his head with cotton wool and decided to kick it like a football.

He quickly grabbed Grace’s car seat and followed into the church after Rachel.

Pastor Jason was waiting at the door. His face was white with fear; he looked very ill like he was ready to pass out.

As Rachel passed Jason she shouted out again. ‘Get him some water and sit him down before he falls down,’ was the last thing Adam heard as she turned for the stairs to head for Paul’s office.

‘I’m ok, Adam. Just carry on. He’s in the training room. Quickly! Just be quick!’ Jason said just before he fell to his knees with the pressure of it all.

Once all were down into the training room, they soon realised the importance of Rachel’s presence. Pastor Miles had been attacked; it was an obvious plan by some of Derek Greyer’s hired men.

Pastor Miles was in a bad way. Rachel rushed to his side and straight away started to go to work on his injuries.

‘Where does it hurt the most, Pastor?’ asked Rachel, trying not to inflict more pain for Pastor Miles.

‘My legs,’ he yelled out in pain. ‘It hurts everywhere. I can’t breathe properly.’

As Rachel was tending to Pastor Miles the pair of them realised the importance of the role of Master Disciple. The two of them caught each other’s eyes and just nodded: a sign that confirmed that her husband’s gifting was needed in such a high position, such a high calling.

Rachel gave the pastor a high dose of pain killers to settle him. He was in immense pain, with a dislocated ankle, massive muscle damage to both legs, three broken ribs, bruising to his face and chest area; the list seemed to go on.

‘A lesser man would have died from such injuries,’ Rachel said. ‘It just a good thing he’s a fighter and an extremely fit seventy-seven year old.’

Once all was calmer, Pastor Miles called Adam and Rachel over.

‘You two are a gift from God and…’

‘Pastor, please save your energy. You are going to need it if you’re going to start my training,’ Adam said with a hint of anger in his crackled voice. He was now even more determined to complete his training as a Master Disciple.

‘No Adam. You are going on aggression. Anger’s not the way of the Master Disciple. Now that is your first lesson. You will learn fast enough. I pray you will learn at a pace that God allows you to, so not to go on your own strength, but to learn to hear God’s voice in defence of His house and His people. You will learn many things – the skill of the sword, hand to hand combat, and you will receive the most powerful weapon of all.’

‘What’s that?’ Adam asked, just wondering what on earth it could be.

‘The power of faith.’ Then Pastor Miles passed out and went into a deep sleep on the makeshift bed that they had made for him in the training room.


Chapter Six

The Training Starts


1 Timothy 4:8 ‘For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come’


1 Corinthians 9:25 ‘Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.


With Pastor Miles getting around with the use of a stick, a whole three weeks had passed since the attack and Adam had started his training to succeed Milo as the next Master Disciple.

Adam and Jason were discussing the attack on Milo and were worried for the mental effects it might have caused. Adam had seen the marks inflicted before firsthand.

‘Those marks on Pastor Miles’ legs; the only way they could have been caused is with the use of a baseball bat, one of those aluminium types.’

Jason was disturbed by this and more concerned by what had possibly happened to Adam; his chequered past, showing its way through gradually, greatly worried Jason. ‘Pastor Miles is a very fortunate man. A lesser man would have died from that kind of attack, like Rachel said.’ Jason’s voice was breaking under the worry of it all.

‘But Pastor Miles is no ordinary man; he is a Man of God, full of faith, and as a strength of character like no other,’ Adam quickly replied.

‘Rachel had said that it was a combination of fitness and faith and I like that idea.’

To the rest of the church Pastor Miles had had a fall. Paul and Jason were talking in Paul’s office about what was going to happen when Pastor Miles was fully fit and well.

‘I think we’ll all have to rally around when the training really starts. At the moment it’s all been book-based training whilst my Dad is getting fully fit. The past two weeks have been relatively easy for Adam. It’s going to be pretty tough on both Adam and Rachel, especially with young Grace.’

‘How long do you think it will take your Dad to train Adam, Paul?’

‘My Dad said nine to twelve months. He’s been a believer for ten years so spiritually he should be pretty solid. I know when I started my training fifteen years ago that’s when my faith really grew and the scriptures started jumping out at me. I mean I’ve always believed the Word of God but your whole faith changes when your life literally relies on them in battle.’

Jason’s face lit up with fear when Paul mentioned the word battle.

‘I remember my dad telling me a story once of him just yelling scripture at a Dark Lord called Treygar and he was thrown over six foot to the ground, just by the power of the Word, eh!’

‘Tell me more stories, Paul.’ Jason felt a lot better hearing these faith-building tales. He needed to hear it more than Adam did; he needed the reassurance.

Jason was on the edge of his seat but at the same time scared of what he might encounter in this new faze of his spiritual life.

‘There is one story that will never leave me; when I was young teenager – about fourteen or fifteen, not sure – well, we were driving back from my father’s church one Sunday evening when we were overtaken by a huge black car. As the car passed us the rear window came down and a gun barrel pointed at us. A man lent out of the front window, ordering us to pull over.’

Jason’s face showed what a thousand words could never tell.

‘So my dad pulled over. I think he was more worried for his family than anything else. All I remember him saying was ‘Marge if this is it. Get out of here as fast as you can. Paul, son, lie down and don’t get up until I or Mom says so’.’

‘So what happened to your dad?’ Jason was so intrigued now nothing could pull him away from this tale.

‘Well, I heard a lot of commotion and shouting and then a single gun shot. I was just lying down in the back of our car scared that I’d just lost my father. My mother lent over the seat, stroked my head and said, ‘It’s alright, Paul. Your Dad’s coming back soon. He’s nearly finished talking with the men,’ thinking that would calm me down. But she was right. He got back in the car and showed me something that I will never forget. He asked me to hold out my hand and there it was a 38 calibre bullet from a revolver.’

‘He was shot?’

‘Yes, at point blank range, in the back of Treygar’s car, Derek Greyer’s father. And now, years later, you really understand scripture when you are put in that situation. My dad said, ‘No weapon formed against you shall stand. No weapon! Do you hear?’ I’ll never forget that, never.’

Jason was amazed to hear such an amazing tale of when Paul was a young boy growing up with an amazing father like Pastor Miles; his faith had been quickened by it which he greatly appreciated.

With that story finished the phone rang.

‘Hello Paul, it’s Adam.’

‘Oh, hi Adam. How can I be of help?’

‘Well, I was wondering when we could get together to get started on the real training.’

Adam was so excited but at the same time fearful at what lay ahead.

‘I will have to ask Dad – I mean Milo. If you give fifteen minutes I’ll call you back.’

Adam hung up and just waited for the call from Paul, but within ten minutes Milo rang himself to just say, ‘Adam, tomorrow at seven in the a.m. – the training room.’

And that was that – brief but to the point.

That Saturday Adam was as ready as ever he was going to be and arrived at the church at 6:49a.m. He was well watered and in the training room at 6:55a.m. where Milo sat waiting for him.

‘Have you been here long, Milo?’

No response from Milo. His eyes closed and he appeared to be deep in meditation and prayer.

Adam just sat next Milo and he too closed is eyes to think on what lay ahead for him. Milo began to pray.

‘Lord, I pray that you would be with us in power. We don’t like keeping secrets and deceiving people, Lord. But we are sworn ambassadors for your kingdom and spiritual protectors for this, your church. Grant us clarity of mind, dilute our anxieties and worries. Let our minds just be focused on you and this, our mission. Bless and do likewise for Rachel and Grace and the families represented here and the further leadership of this, your church.

‘We know that these are the last days that we read about in your Word. We know that the world has become something that you didn’t create it to be. The evil that has gripped our world is polluting its people more so than ever. Lord work in us; let us be what you want us to be. We know our mission and we gladly take on the responsibilities that our mission brings.

‘Just bless and give Adam the strength now Lord. Amen.’

Adam was moved by the prayer and sat in silence then Milo stood up to get started.

‘Okay Adam. Let’s get started, eh.’

Adam nodded with a slight look of excitement on his face.

‘Okay Adam. If you can get warmed up, like you would do for a normal training session.’

Adam began to do his stretching exercises to warm up the muscles then went to the punch bag to bring his heart rate up to the optimum level. Once Milo was satisfied that Adam was warmed up enough, he got three cardboard boxes; each box measured roughly two feet long by one foot wide and one foot deep. Milo stacked them on top of one another so they stood just over six feet tall.

Adam looked confused by this but Milo soon enlightened him.

‘Adam, come let’s see what you can do with this little exercise.’ Milo placed Adam in front of the stacked boxes. ‘Ok Adam. Can you kick off the top box without disturbing the other boxes?’

It felt strange to Adam to be training with boxes, but he trusted Milo and his methods, so he tried.

Adam approached the boxes then he leaped up and turned in the air; his right leg swung out, the heel of his foot connecting with the top box, knocking it clear with immense power and absolute accuracy.

‘Excellent, Adam. Just excellent. Have you kept up your kickboxing training?’

‘Just a little, Milo. But I think it was your prayer before we started that did it for me. It really spoke to me, especially the part about diluting our worries and having our minds clear. I just saw the target much more clearly.’

‘Ok Adam. Let’s try again.’

Again and again, Adam did the exercise and each time he did it, he was spot on. He was now doing a combination of kicks: sweep kicks, kicking out the bottom box, then a reverse kick, flying kicks, roundhouse kicks and various combinations, including punching the middle box once the top one had been kicked clear then sweeping the bottom one before the top box had hit the floor. Pastor Miles was very impressed with Adam’s skill and agility; he was already so accomplished in many of the martial arts, skills that were new to Pastor Miles.

After a few hours, Pastor Miles decided to call it a day; he was exhausted just watching Adam achieving amazing feats of dexterity and coordination.

‘That’s it, Adam, for today. It’s been a pleasure watching and training you or should I say training me, cause I’ve learned a few things as well.’

‘Thanks, Pastor – sorry – Milo.’

‘Well, if you keep this up, at this rate we will have to speed up your training to the next level. The only thing I see slowing us down is this old man before you.’

‘Don’t be silly, Pastor. I just hope I’m as fit and active when I reach my seventies.’

Once Adam and Pastor Miles had finished in the training room, Pastor Miles decided to stay a while and do some work in Paul’s office.

Adam felt so inspired by a man close to eighty that as he walked towards his car he said to himself, ‘That man doesn’t know when to stop.’

As soon as Adam got home, Rachel was quizzing him on how his day had gone. ‘So how was it, then?’ she was so excited but at the same time was quickly reminded of the danger of the intended training and what it was all leading to.

Adam quickly answered; ‘Brilliant! Fantastic I mean. That man is an inspiration. I just hope I’m as fit and full of wisdom as him.’

Four weeks later, Adam and Rachel’s routine had totally changed – work in the week, training at the weekends (even though Adam was doing some kind of exercise everyday) and the care of Grace had to be fitted in.

All of this was taking its toll on the family; they were exhausted and both felt that they should talk to the only man they could – Pastor Miles – so they set up a meeting.

Pastor Miles felt he should go to their home rather than the family coming to the church; ‘Less formal that way,’ Pastor Miles thought.

They were all sitting in the lounge drinking coffee. Pastor Miles felt he should cut to the chase and get to the point; all that small talk always annoyed them, especially Pastor and Rachel with all the church meetings they attended.

‘Is everything alright with you both?’ Pastor didn’t give them time to answer. ‘I know that the past few weeks must have been hard for you both, but Rachel let me encourage you by saying Adam is an excellent student and is teaching me a thing or two.’

Rachel quickly made her point known. ‘I know Adam won’t say anything; he’ll just keep going till he drops but I can’t see us maintaining this pace for nine months.’

‘No, No, at Adam’s rate we’ll be all done in six months easy.’

‘Well, even six months, Pastor. We’re both finding it very tiring.’

Adam quickly made his point known. ‘Rachel and I have been discussing the possibility of my working part-time for the church and part-time for Rachel at her rest home for the old folks and leaving my current job. We have both felt for a while that we do too much and financially we do quite well from the home. We don’t have a mortgage and we own everything we have. Our jobs do give us great satisfaction and the money does help with giving to the church and life’s little luxuries. Rachel will continue to work at the hospital for three days a week and the other days we will take care of Grace as normal. I will work at the home a few days a week. I know it will be tight for a while but we will adjust to it. It’s like everything in life; you just get on with what you’ve got.’

Pastor Miles was shocked, thinking he would have to give a lot of thought to the problem and the pair of them had sorted it all out themselves.

‘Well it’s obvious that you’ve given this a lot of thought, eh.’ Pastor Miles was giving his chin a little rub. ‘Yes! Yes! I’ve got an idea; Adam, you work for church part-time and work for Rachel for a few days a week. Yes! Yes! I think that’ll work lovely.’

Rachel and Adam just looked at each other and thought, ‘Didn’t we just say that?’

Pastor got up and just looked at the pair and winked, in his cheeky way. Sometimes he would just pretend to be old and forgetful.

‘I must meet with Paul before telling you this. no! Actually, I’ll give him a quick call.’

Pastor Miles was acting very strangely. Adam and Rachel had never seen him like this before. It was like he was a small child with a secret not sure if he could tell.

He quickly called Paul on his mobile, in the kitchen, out of ear shot of Adam and Rachel.

The pair were puzzled by all this, but moments later he came back into the lounge.

‘We have the means in which we can put your plan into action.’ Within two months the plan was up and running. Adam resigned from his Government job at the office and worked his month’s notice. A job that brought Adam satisfaction; he had been there since he was eighteen. Most of his colleagues were very proud that he was going to work for the church, knowing full well that he was intended for a role in church, seeing the good in him there, but others mocked his decision. That was not going to put him off the call on his life.

The many that respected Adam and his decision to leave made a presentation for him on his last day, and even the chief executive was informed of his departure. After implementing many new ideas that affected the whole business and never wanting any recognition for it, they presented him with a time piece to be a constant reminder of all the good that he had done there.

Adam went forward to receive his watch and shook hands with the chief executive. Mr Powell shook Adam’s hand (it was a firm handshake filled with genuine gratitude) and then gave him his timepiece.

Rachel and Grace had even turned up to see the proceedings. Rachel was welling up with all the emotion of it all and then Adam came back down from greeting Mr Powell and getting his award for ‘faithful service’, as Mr Powell called it.

In all the time that Adam had been there he had never witnessed a leaving like this. People had left before with many more years served and retired only to receive a normal run of the mill gold plated watch.

But Adam was astounded to see a Bretling Navitimer, a personal favourite of Adam’s, with a price tag of over three and a half thousand pounds; it would have remained a dream, until now.

Adam was dumbfounded and Rachel was a mess of emotion after seeing what her beloved husband was giving up so he could fulfil his calling. Everyone there was under the impression that he was going to become a clergyman and wear a collar – the whole nine yards. But they were never to know the absolute truth.

Adam’s training was going from strength to strength and he was also settling in quite well at the home. Rachel’s work was also going well but still very busy at the hospital. Grace was doing well, crawling faster and starting to show signs of wanting to walk: going round the lounge by holding the furniture and sidestepping round the sofa and chairs.

Everything was working out quite well for them all.

The next time Adam was due for his training session with Pastor Miles, Pastor Miles said, ‘Adam, it’s exactly halfway through your training, and would like to say that it has been a fantastic experience for me and has opened up the power of the scriptures for me, as well as you.’

Adam nodded his appreciation and went to speak but was quickly stopped by Pastor Miles.

‘It is time to give you something very precious. It is one of the most important tools to becoming a fully operating Master Disciple.’

The pair walked up to Paul’s office where Pastor Miles reached under the desk to pull out a long wooden box. He placed it on the desk.

‘It is time for me to do something that I thought I would be doing with my son, Paul, but as you now know God had other plans and that plan was for me to give God’Sword to you. This has been in our family for four hundred years. There are six of these, five of which are locked away in a metal locker buried in the floor of our training room. Only one God’Sword is allowed out at one time, because there has only ever been one Master Disciple appointed at one time.’

Pastor Miles motioned to Adam to open the box.

‘It is your time, Disciple. Just Master it’.

Adam stepped up to the box. It had a metal plaque on the top it read: ‘Trust in the Lord your God only and do not be Tempted.’

Adam opened the box to reveal a sword of such exquisite beauty, with the utmost highest craftsmanship ever seen. It looked like it should have been in a museum with its ivory handle, carvings of angels and angelic beings, and lion’s roaring mouth with fire in its breath. The sword wasn’t finished there; on the blade itself was inscribed with a small segment of Psalm 23 – ‘The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want…’ – right down the centre of a double-edged sword.

Adam picked up the sword and turned it over; on the other side there was another inscription that read in larger writing: ‘Godsword keep this by your side at all times’.   Adam quickly noticed the play with words: ‘Gods word’ and ‘God sword’ – keep this by your side.

‘It’s amazing, Pastor. It is such a beautiful piece of art. It has to be worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.’

‘Yes, Adam. It is worth something. Well, there is no price for His Church, is there.’

Adam quickly remembered its use and was humbled by its beauty. He tried to lighten the mood: ‘Well it’s better than my rod and staff.’

‘What! I have one of them as well. Your rod, Adam, is a defence weapon only. It will fit in your coat or jacket at all times.’

Pastor pulled out a titanium, extendable baton; it only measured approximately ten to twelve inches in length but once Pastor Miles thrust it out to its full length it measured over four feet. ‘Enough to defend yourself with, eh, Adam! It’s lightweight and very strong. Go on, try it out on the punch bag downstairs.’

Adam quickly grasped the skills needed to flick the baton out and strike the bag in one fluid motion. Pastor was very impressed by Adam’s quick grasp on these skills that took him years to master.

‘Very good, Adam. You will always amaze me. Next week we will start your sword training. You had mentioned ‘Kendo’ a while ago. What did you learn?’

‘I learned only sword and staff play, just the stuff needed to round my other skills off. I’d learned a lot of the kicks, punches and blocks from other martial arts I have studied. I felt a little weaponry was needed so I learned staff, sword skills and little with the Sais – they are like big, three-pronged forks.’

‘How old were you when you learned all these skills?’

‘I started when I was about seven or eight, onwards to about eighteen or nineteen, on and off. I’d get bored of it, leave, get in trouble, then my parents would encourage me to do something else. You know the old story to try and keep me out of trouble but some how trouble would always find me, plus I loved to watch old Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies as a kid; I still do.’

The sacred sword that Pastor Miles – Milo – had given to Adam was a new spark of inspiration that got him to find out all his old martial arts manuals, books and old VHS tapes from his parent’s attic space. Adam’s parents were an amazing couple, a source of inspiration as well. Andrew, Adam’s father, a non-believer, ran his own building firm and had done for over thirty years. He was very strong and fighting fit for fifty-five. Annie, Adams mum, ‘would like to believe’. She was head chef at a very famous hotel and ran the London marathon two months after giving birth to Adam. Fitness was her church. A true fitness guru, she had done over one hundred full marathons and countless others in her fifty-three years of life.

Once Adam had got the books and stuff home he started to read up on Kendo and various other martial arts.

A lot of Adam’s skills were self taught. He would learn the basics from a qualified instructor then go it alone. He found that a class wasn’t at the same pace level. He would get frustrated by the slower ones and others that would drift in and out, coming for a few weeks then they wouldn’t come for a month; the whole class would then have to wait until they were up to speed. This frustrated Adam till the day he confronted his kickboxing instructor at the age of fifteen; the situation got a little heated and Adam knocked the instructor out sparring, just to prove his progress above the others.

Adam started to learn things from the books and manuals that he hadn’t noticed before; a lot of the doctoring and head knowledge from the martial arts were very similar to passages from the Bible. Adam started to use the scriptures to inspire and to bring about a clear understanding of the truth and what he called ‘dodgy’ doctoring.

He got Pastor Miles involved in his investigations. He also found new insights into the arts and how God could play a big part in their meditation and quiet times. Adam and Milo would take time out from their physical training to train the heart and mind, and to seek God on one of the most important gifts – Discernment: discernment of what to learn and, most of all, of what not to learn. Some of the skills brought about anger and the fundamental status of the Master Disciple was about calm and understanding, and a righteous anger that was guided by God and not by the heart. Adam and Milo also devoted a lot of time to prayer and intercession, and developed a strong relationship. From time to time Paul would also join them in their prayer meetings and would often bring words of encouragement to the pair.

The words also helped Paul and Jason to develop their working relationship; this worked for sermons and words for the greater church leaders who were all still unaware of Adam’s training and mission which always caused Jason great stress and worry. After a time Jason understood his mission and was humbled by the many gifted people around him.

That Saturday, Adam had the day off – some quality time with God. Rachel took Grace to see her mum and dad, so it gave Adam a chance to go up to the home and maybe get the Beamer out for a spin.

Whilst Adam was getting the Beamer out he decided to have a look in the other garage, the one he’d used for his motorbike. Adam sold the bike when they found out Rachel was pregnant with Grace. Adam ached for that feeling he got from riding; the speed the freedom all came flooding back. The bike was a Honda VFR 750, the racing term was the ‘RC30’ – a super bike that was capable of almost 85 Mph in first gear alone, but Adam feared an accident, so sold it to a collector.

As Adam walked into the garage he saw the locker in the corner next to the work bench were he stored his leathers, helmet, boots and gloves. He opened the locker and there, after almost a year, they were still hanging up, still as fresh as the day he put them away. Adam couldn’t understand why they weren’t dusty or looking a little older. He didn’t look into it too much; he quickly grabbed them off the hanger and put them on. Amazingly, they fitted; all that training had got Adam back into shape and amazingly he had a little more room round the midsection.

Joe happened to be walking past, pushing his trusty wheel barrow. ‘Hey, Adam. What you all dressed up for? Got ya bike back, son?’

‘No, Joe. Just trying ’em on for old times’ sake.’

‘Do you miss the bike much, son?’

‘Just a little, Joe. Just a little.’

‘So, what brings you round then? You not working today?’

‘No, Joe. Day off. Just come up for a mess about, you know, like typical Guys – have a mess with the car, bit of a tinker, time alone with my thoughts.’

‘Say no more. I’ll be out of your way. Missus and the nipper alright?’

‘Yes, they’re fine, Joe.’

Adam loved Joe’s old way – the way he spoke and conducted his affairs – it was a generation that Adam adored being around: a much simpler time to live in. Adam envied Joe for a moment, the way he didn’t know of the dark powers, the evil corruption and of his mission to protect the church as a Master Disciple.

Joe carried on. On his way, as Joe walked away, Adam’s mobile phone went off. He quickly ran to the car to get it. He quickly glanced at the screen; it was Pastor Miles.

‘Hello. How can I help, Pastor?’

‘Adam, where are you?’

‘I’m at the home, Pastor. What’s wrong?’

‘Can you get back to the church right away? It’s urgent! Something has come up. It’s not good. Just get here quick.’

Pastor Miles hung up. Adam feared the worst. There was no time to put the car away so Adam quickly got out of the bike leathers. He thought to himself, ‘If I had a bike I’d be there in minutes.’ The next best thing was the beamer; it was a lot quicker than the Golf anyway.

Several minutes later he pulled on to the church car park. Pastor Miles was there waiting, holding a bag and a long trench coat over his other arm.

‘Quick, Adam. We have to go now.’

Adam noticed the sword and it all felt very real indeed. Milo jumped into Adam’s car.

‘We go in your car. He won’t be expecting that.’

‘Expecting what?’ Adam was getting very nervous. ‘Go where?’

‘Just drive out of the church, take a left and carry on till I tell you.’

Adam grabbed the sword and placed it directly behind his driver’s seat which happened to be on the left, so from behind it looked as if Milo was driving.

‘So what is it, Pastor?’

‘Milo! My Name is Milo!’

Adam was starting to worry even more. He had never seen the pastor like this; he looked like he was ready to explode but he also had a spiritual sense about him, a presence that commanded calm and Adam felt at ease for the time being.

As Adam drove on, listening to Milo’s directions, he began to speak of a phone call that he’d had just moments before he called Adam at the home.

‘Deygar has called me. He has only done this a few times and he can never be trusted to be unarmed, so be on your guard. He wants a meeting with me but my spirit says that I shouldn’t go alone. I know that we haven’t completed your training, but if you have any doubts, just leave me there with him. Don’t sacrifice yourself for my sake.’

‘What are you talking about, Milo? There’s no way I’m going to leave you.’

Within a couple more turns here and there, they were in the heart of the industrial area, right on the edge of the city limits. It was a familiar spot. There wasn’t a single person to be seen for two or three miles, and a big plus was that there was no CCTV. This all came as a huge advantage to Deygar, being in such an isolated place on a Saturday.

As the pair drew close Milo spotted Deygar’s Bentley Continental.

‘That’s him, Adam. I should really have told you this at the end of your training but it seems a little late for that. I have to give you your Master Disciple name; we can’t be calling you ‘Adam’ in the heat of battle now can we. Paul and I came up with ‘Seth’. I hope you like it. Roughly translated it means ‘appointed by God’. I do hope you like it.’

‘I do, Milo. It’s perfect. Thank you.’ Adam played the emotion of it all down a tad.

Milo seemed nervous as the car drew closer. Adam got within a hundred yards of Deygar’s car and turned the beamer round to face away in case of an emergency getaway.

‘Good thinking, Seth.’ Adam thought it was strange to be called Seth so quickly after just being named by Milo; he just hoped he could remember it when Milo called it.

‘You stay here, Seth. I’ll go; I will call if I need you.’

‘But, Milo, you don’t have a sword; you’re not armed.’

‘I know, but you are. I’m placing my trust in you.’

Adam felt the enormous pressure of being there, but in his heart he felt ready.


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