Chapter 2 and 3…

Chapter Two

The Morning After

1 Thessalonians 5v4: ‘But you brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all sons of the light and sons of the day.’

Miles began his day as usual, with a healthy breakfast, vitamins and then his morning walk, to commit his day to the Lord.

After his meeting last night Miles was struggling for words, his mind a rush of emotions: the mission at hand, his son’s health, but the more he dwelt on his circumstances the more his faith was rising, which puzzled him. Why should this give him a great rush of faith? A normal believer would be at the depths of despair.

Miles began to pray, ‘Lord, I know that we have to go through times of trial. I know it creates faith but this desert time is very hard on my son. Please grant this, my prayer of mercy, heal my son, heal my son; he has a mission, a destiny to fulfil.’ Miles was at the end of his hope for his son Paul, and was worried for his church. ‘Please, Lord grant me this, my only hope, my hope is in you alone, Amen.’

Later that morning Miles went to the church that his son Paul had planted almost twenty years ago with his father’s blessing, but Miles worried about this even though scripture says not to; it was a big venture to take on at such a young age.

Paul was a youth pastor and went into assisting his father, Pastor Miles, then was given the vision to start again even though people told him that it was a foolish idea when he already had a church his father would eventually retire from and pass on to him.

Nevertheless, Paul had a vision and Pastor Miles honoured that by passing his church on to an elder that was an existing pastor and came with him to be a mentor and a help for Paul.

But Miles never expected this, his son to be dying of cancer and with a church of 450 strong members. However, the church was full of faith and really on fire for God, but he knew the time was coming when he would have to appoint a new pastor, a new visionary to lead the church after Paul goes on to glory.

Paul’s understudy, Jason, had been taking on a lot of the day to day running of the church in these later days of Paul’s illness since he found it hard to get around. Paul, still with good solid judgment and a sound mind, found time to seek God through the scriptures and wrote amazing sermons for Jason to bring to the church in preparation for what he called ‘going back to the maker’. Not only that, Paul came up with real words from God for the church that were confirmed by others.

Jason had a unique gift and excitement about him that really lifted the church to new heights of faith and understanding of the scriptures.

Jason was in his mid-thirties and was married to Lorraine with two children, Luke who was six and Jessica who had just gone two. Their relationship was strong. They met in prison – Jason was a prison chaplain which he went into after leaving Bible College five years earlier.

He hated people calling it a prison; it was a young people’s detention centre. He enjoyed his work and you could tell; everyone got on well with him, even the people who had no or little faith in God.

Lorraine was the manager of the catering section and head cook. She had been doing the same kind of work since leaving school; she had received her degree in cookery and hotel management whilst on placement in a big fancy restaurant nearly ten years ago. The detention centre would be a challenge.

She saw no difference in the work, just that the customers didn’t complain much, food was never sent back if it wasn’t right and once the guests were in their rooms they didn’t have the key to get out again.

Jason hated her attitude to her work but it was just Lorraine’s way of coping with it.

Jason was very active in the centre and found time to create a library and young offenders’ fellowship, and that was the time when he met up with Paul.

Paul immediately saw the potential in Jason, and was very impressed by the work he had done at a relatively young age. Jason had confidence by the bucket load and Paul had a burning question on his mind only after their second meeting with one another.

Paul asked Jason his burning question knowing the answer full well before he asked it. Paul’s gifting in the prophetic was amazing and sometimes quite scary.

Paul asked, ‘Do you have any other burning ambition left, any other goals? You have achieved so much at such a young age; is there anything else for you to do here at the centre?’

Jason had always secretly hoped for a real man of God, a man of destiny, to ask that question and there it was ready for him to answer. He had rehearsed it over and over in his mind. He knew of Paul and the amazing church that he had the privilege of leading and was ready for the next chapter of his life to start.

‘Yes, yes I do still have a burning ambition to lead a church of my own one day, but that may be a few years down the line.’ Jason was so excited that he just had a permanent smile on his face.

‘Well, what about becoming my assistant, being my understudy as a part of your training to fulfil that ambition?’ Paul couldn’t believe the excitement of one man, his joy filled the room.

‘It would be fantastic. I know it’s what I want to do, but I still want to pray it through and talk it through with Lorraine first, maybe her discernment is what I need to give me balance. I’m an emotional wreck. I’m so pleased with a new challenge. I mean my youth work is good here, don’t misunderstand me, but because I’ve done a good job – well I hope I’ve done a good job – it more or less runs itself.’

In the last two years Jason’s work had exploded and he ran two young offenders’ fellowships at different centres corresponding between them on email writing sermons and working through studies for them.

‘All that work isn’t hard for me to pass on to my understudy at the centre; he too has had a vision to continue the work I had started. He used to joke about it, ‘when I die I’ll be doing this job’, but now he hasn’t got to wait for that now, eh.’

Jason always made a joke of every situation. It was his way of getting past his shyness, if you could believe that.

Paul was still amazed by his excitement and told him to go away and pray it through and for him to talk it through with Lorraine.

Jason did just that and Lorraine was so pleased and impressed with the offer that she said she would see what God wanted her to do. Lorraine ended up doing what God had called her to do years previously and that was to support her husband in his calling and she eventually founded the ‘Pastors Support Network’, now it was a nationally recognized organisation with male members joining in too.

Lorraine and Paul’s wife, Anne, founded the ‘Women of the Clergy’ support group and she now finds herself just as busy as Jason. The pair so looked forward to the challenge of working for a busy church but nothing could have prepared them for the next chapter that was about to unfold.

Miles, Paul and Jason had arranged to meet in Paul’s office in the afternoon.

It was one of Paul’s good days and he felt quite well considering his condition and arrived before Jason, but Jason wasn’t far behind and the pair were puzzled at this unprompted meeting; the monthly senior leaders meeting wasn’t due for a few days.

‘So what’s this all about, Dad?’ asked Paul.

‘We need to both talk to Jason. I think it’s time that we come clean and tell him of our unique situation here at the Good Hope Centre.’

The name of the church was a specific need of Paul’s. He didn’t want a traditional name; he wanted a name that spoke to the people that counted, hence the Good Hope Centre.

‘Paul, I want you to introduce me to Jason in the M.D way if you don’t mind. I think it’s time that we do, considering the unique circumstances of our church and your health.’

Miles was very nervous but he hid it well; it was one of his many gifts.

‘What do mean introduce me? I’ve known you nearly nine years Pastor Miles and what’s this M.D thing all about, eh?’

Jason was truly puzzled by Miles’ behaviour.

Miles and Paul took a quick look at one another and nodded to confirm to each other that it was time to come clean and tell the whole story of the church and the true destiny of the father and son vision.

‘Jason, we are going to tell you something that might come as a shock. My father, Pastor Miles, I know that he’s not a pastor but we all still call him a pastor; it’s kinda stuck. He has two roles in the church or he had when he was full time at his old church.’

He was Pastor, yes; Jason nodded along leaning in on his chair, trying to follow a conversation that so far he didn’t totally understand.

‘Well, his other job was, well…’ Paul was stuck for words so Miles took over.

‘My other job was more of a ‘spiritual cleanser’. I would pray and take on a more active, active…’ Now Miles was struggling for words. The pair just couldn’t sugar-coat it; they just had to come out with it.

Paul stepped up the game and started at a place where his father could take over at any point.

‘You know Pastor Miles as ‘Miles Leonard’ but he has another name which his father, ‘William Leonard’, my grandfather, gave him; it is Milo. Milo is his M.D name; M.D. stands for Master Disciple.’

Jason looked even more puzzled by this new information about Pastor Miles and what was all this M.D. stuff was all about, he thought.

‘What’s this all about M.D? I thought an M.D was a managing director, now it’s a Master Disciple?’

Jason was getting truly confused and he started to get all nervous and move about in his chair, loosening his collar.

‘Ok, Jason. Calm yourself. There’s a lot we haven’t told you,’ Miles said, trying to calm Jason’s nerves a little before the real news came.

Paul interrupted, ‘It was for your own good that you didn’t know. It’s a secret that most of the world doesn’t know anything about, and we want it to remain that way. So this is just between us here in this office, okay Jason?’

Jason nodded, but looked very confused by this.

Pastor Miles got up – ‘I think it’s time for a coffee.’ – and went to make three cups: black with plenty of sugar in; they’ll need it before the days out.

Jason sat up thinking it was just a big wind up and was waiting for the punch line. Once Miles had handed the coffees out they all sat waiting for someone to speak first. Miles glanced to Paul then Paul glanced to Jason. No one was going to make the first move and make true eye contact with each other.

In the end Jason spoke up. ‘I can’t continue. This is your meeting and you both are telling me the big secret that nobody else knows.’

‘Ok, the other role,’ Pastor Miles started this time, having the most experience in this matter. ‘It’s like I said, like a spiritual cleanser but I don’t just pray–’

‘Yes, I heard it’s an active role as well,’ Jason interrupted.

‘Well, it’s a lot more active than you think.’

‘Come on tell us, then.’ Jason was now getting a little impatient.

‘I’m a Master Disciple, which means I protect the church from principalities and powers.’

‘What? I know that we have to pray about principalities and powers and God protects us. What do you do that’s so different, eh?’

Miles had to try and calm Jason down. He started to pace up and down the room and this unnerved Paul.

‘Whilst you’re up, Jason, will you lock the door please. We don’t want to be disturbed.’ This request made matters worse and Jason wanted to know why.

‘Why lock the door, eh? What’s the problem?’

Paul tried to calm him down, ‘It’s ok, Jason. Trust us. We are still your friends, you know. We just don’t want anyone else to come in the room. It will all be revealed. He just wants to show you something that will make this all become clearer, ok?’

Jason calmed down once again. Paul had amazing gift of reading a situation and once Jason had locked the door Pastor Miles continued.

‘Oh Jason, could you also get me that dusty old bible from the top shelf of Paul’s book case.’ He tried to reach but the shelf was too high. ‘Use the chair if it’s too high,’ he said, knowing first hand that the shelf was to high, and he would need a chair.

So he placed the chair directly under the bible on the top shelf. The pressure of the chair and Jason’s weight triggered a counterbalance; he heard a noise and wondered what it was then paused for a moment.

‘It’s ok, Jason, just creaky floor boards,’ Paul added, now knowing what Miles had in mind.

So, he continued for the dusty bible and grabbed hold of it, but the bible wouldn’t budge. He just managed to push it back, and with that the old bible tilted. A few more pulleys and counterbalance weights move around making the whole section of wall behind Paul’s desk move to reveal a stair case going down.

Jason jumps from the chair startled by this. ‘What’s going on here, eh?’ He moved to unlock the door and leave.

‘Don’t go, Jason. All will be revealed soon. Just come.’ Pastor Miles called Jason over and tried to give him some reassurance to continue and trust the pair in this ‘new revelation’.

Miles helped Paul down the stairs to the secret room and Jason followed reluctantly. The way down was dark and this unnerved him. Miles and Paul got to the bottom and the passive inferred detectors triggered the lights at the same time. Jason made his last step down, which also triggered the mechanism that replaced the wall in Paul’s office; this startled Jason to the point of almost a heart attack.

Jason stood motionless in front of a huge room filled with an array of fitness equipment, running machines, rowing machines, a free weights bench, a load of dumbbells and barbells and a large punch bag hanging from the ceiling, looking rather used and abused. Jason stood amazed then thought, ‘Is this it? This is the big secret – a gym?’

‘No, Jason. This is not the big secret. It’s what the gym is used for that’s the secret.’ Miles was worried for Jason; was this going to be too much for him to take on board?

‘Well, it’s for keeping in shape isn’t it?’ Jason’s question sounded obvious but it was a gym and what else is a gym used for, he thought to himself.

Jason tried a different approach, with humour. ‘Ok, which one of you is Batman, then? Well, it can’t be Paul. No offence, Paul,’

‘None taken.’ Paul said.

‘So it’s you, Pastor Miles, or should I call you Milo.’ Jason started to walk around and as he went he kept talking of Milo being a Batman superhero character. ‘No, no. I’ve got it; you’re a spiritual wizard type who goes around solving crime and keeping our city safe at night.’

Jason was hysterical and Paul was worried for his state of mind. ‘Dad, Pastor Miles, sorry, maybe this wasn’t a good idea.’ Paul’s concern for Jason had Miles worried but he couldn’t go back now; he needed to know to whole truth.

‘Jason, calm yourself please. You’re not far off with the Batman comment. Yes, I am a sort of spiritual wizard like Gandalf but I like to think of myself as a spiritual warrior and a defender of this church, but the rule is that it’s a role, and it should go to the next in line, my son Paul.’

The pair looked to Paul and Paul looked ill. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy had taken its toll on him, and Jason looked back to Miles thinking the worse.

‘No way! You want me to become a Master Disciple thingy – whatever that entails? With whom am I supposed to be at war, eh? I’m not prepared for this kind of work. I’m a pastor, just a normal run of the mill pastor. I visit the sick, preach, serve the people of God.’ Jason’s breathing was out of control; he was starting to have a panic attack. He dropped to his knees struggling for breath.

Miles quickly moved over to him. ‘Calm yourself, Jason. Breathe! Just try to breathe normally.’

‘It’s… easier said… than done… you know.’ Each word that came from Jason’s mouth was blasted out with a burst of air, air that Jason needed to regulate his breathing.

‘Jason, calm yourself.’ Miles had to reassure him quickly. ‘It’s something you know nothing about, so why would we ask you to do something that you clearly don’t fully understand or have full knowledge of.’

Paul managed to find a paper bag for him to breathe into to regulate his breathing, which slowed the panic attack down. Jason composed himself and sat on the weights bench still breathing into the paper bag, which he nodded his appreciation to Paul for.

‘Is it ok for me to continue, Jason, or do you want a break?’ Miles asked.

Jason just nodded, still breathing into his bag.

‘Ok, hear it comes, the real reason for this gym and, Jason, we’re not going to ask you to become a Master Disciple, so you don’t have to worry. So are you ready for this new revelation?’

Jason pulled the paper bag away and said in a deep and clear voice, ‘Yes, I am ready for the truth, for this new revelation.’

Chapter Three

A Secret Revealed

Psalm 40:11 ‘Do not withhold your mercy from me, O LORD; may your love and your truth always protect me’.

‘Jason, I am a warrior and I have had battles with the enemy. I have killed and we know that killing is a sin and I am answerable to God but he has appointed me to this role, as this church’s Master Disciple. I will explain but for that we must go back in history and start with our Lord Jesus.’

Jason was very worried but at the same time intrigued by this new information and felt very privileged to be the one receiving it.

‘Ok, are we all ready?’ The pair both nodded. Pastor Miles commanded the highest authority and the two of them listened intently. It took Paul back to when he was a small boy watching his father preach; he said on many occasions, ‘That’s what I want to do when I’m bigger, Daddy.’

Jason’s face lit up when Pastor Miles mentioned Jesus’ name and found comfort in something familiar, with all the secrecy and this talk of a new revelation.

Miles continued with the pair intensely looking on. ‘Ok, in Jesus’ time there were Master Disciples even though they didn’t call themselves that. They knew they had a role to play even in the early church. You see, Jesus had enemies, many of them, but there was one that was paramount to Jesus being handed over to the Roman Soldiers.’ ‘Judas,’ Jason shouted out, like he was in a Sunday school class expecting he would get a prize for getting the answer first.

‘Yes, Jason – Judas. Judas was the main reason for all that you see here today. This whole church, in fact, was built for the purpose of this mission and role of the Master Disciple. Well, once Jesus was handed over to the Roman soldiers and Judas had been paid his thirty pieces of silver for his involvement, he was convicted of his actions and riddled with guilt in the capture and possible death of Jesus.

‘The next part of the story I think anybody could tell but there is one part that’s been erased from the history books; it’s the part after Judas has been driven to his death by Satan and his many demons.

‘It’s the fact that even Judas has his followers. The deed of bringing Jesus to his capture and death has brought him cult status and a small band of men – six in total – was to find his hanging body and what happened then needs more than faith to believe; in fact, it needs a strong stomach.’

Jason, at this point, had no idea what was to come next and there was nothing he could do to prepare himself.

There was no way for Miles to make this easier to say, so he backtracked a little to prepare Jason for the new revelation of Jesus and the enemies’ plan on God’s people and their eternity.

‘We all know about the last supper and that the wine symbolises Jesus’ blood and the bread his body, well the six men that found Judas’ body did the same.’

Miles was finding this more difficult than he first thought. Jason was sitting there with a look on his face that just said, ‘Spit it out, man.’ Miles just went for it. ‘Well, the men didn’t use anything to symbolise his blood; they had managed to find bread to use. Once they’d cut his body down and took it back to a secluded place for sacrifice, they broke bread and ate it, then took a sip, just a sip I might add, of Judas’ blood.’

Jason sat bolt upright with shear shock written on his face and he quickly made a grab for the paper bag again, thinking he would start to panic again, but he didn’t which took him by surprise; he was remarkably calm considering what he had just been told. Jason’s whole belief system had been thrown into disarray and he just looked at Pastor Miles nodding his head. His body was saying to Miles that he was in shock but his whole being was calm, which scared Jason more; it scared him that he didn’t mind that he’d been lied to his whole life, that these two highly respected pastors and leaders, that he knew, had known this the whole time, but as he thought about it all, it made sense. However, he was going into hysterics again; he started to move around frantically knocking the paper bag to the floor and then stepping on it so it popped, which startled everyone. His breathing was getting out of control. He would soon pass out or worse if he didn’t take control of himself. Paul started to panic a little for Jason’s state of mind if he didn’t pull himself together. He looked around for another paper bag, but Jason had burst the only one.

Miles took control. He grabbed hold of Jason by his shoulders and shouted, ‘In the name of our Lord Jesus take hold of your servant and the servant of your church and sent him free.’ Within seconds Jason was calm, coherent and sitting on the bench to listen to the rest of the story.

Paul was in awe of his father. He had a real gift and authority in God and in spiritual matters that most people wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t believe.

Now that Jason was calm, Miles continued. ‘Once this act had happened, this created the Judas Cult. The six originals didn’t realise this until it was obvious that they couldn’t get ill, and worse; they were living beyond there years. The men regrouped then formed the cult, preying on believers for their blood to quench their thirst for life. You see, these Dark Lords were immortal. They tried to keep it a secret for over a thousand years, but a few times it got out. The elite would go out and slay them, fearing they would tell more people the secret of their long life. People feared these Dark Lords and they’ve played a serious part in history, in the crusades, and throughout most of the church’s folk law and myth.’

‘So these Dark Lords were vampires, and they obviously still are a risk to us if the Master Disciples are still needed.’ Jason voice sounded fearful and he dreaded to hear more but at the same time was intrigued by it all.

Paul felt he needed to answer that remark. ‘No, Jason. We feel that the whole vampire myth was just a smoke screen to divert people from the Dark Lords. It was taken to extremes – you know, biting necks to drink blood, they can’t be in contact with daylight and that nonsense with turning into Bats. No, Jason; they have become, throughout history, normal looking people, but with a need to be everything that we believers are not – they’re greedy, selfish, full of pride, deceitful and most of all: evil. They are indwelt with Satan and are very dangerous. That’s why the Master Disciples are needed.’

Jason just paused with the new information that he’d received and took a deep breath, getting prepared for the next part; he could see Pastor Miles was eager to start again.

‘Jason, the last of the original six men who cut the body of Judas down lived to over nine hundred years old, and like most of the men they had a numerous amount of wives and partners and created a great number of offspring. We’re not sure how many of them were told of the secret of their long lives but they had to gain trust and be careful of the people they did tell.

‘Like everything, we don’t know for sure because most of what we know has been passed on by family and trusted members of the Council of Reference.’

Jason interrupted. ‘Did I hear a mention of a Council of Reference? What is that and why are they involved?’

‘Oh, Jason, the Council of Reference was founded over four hundred and fifty years ago and ran a lot of churches throughout the late eighteenth century. When there was a sudden rise of Dark Lords and most of the clergy left the churches to gain employment elsewhere, a great number of churches fell to the Dark Lords, and that’s the true reason for the fall in numbers, not what you’re told, like the rest of the world.’ Jason looked even more confused; Pastor Miles needed to go further into history.

‘You have heard of the Knights Templar, the Priory of Zion, the alleged bride of Christ and the possible blood line myth, haven’t you?’

Jason just nodded with raised eyebrows, thinking to himself this was a test and should he be taking notes.

‘Well, all that nonsense was in fact, nonsense made up by the church to protect the world from the absolute truth. Everything was constructed to make a compelling argument throughout history. Even the Dark Lords themselves would contribute to the cover up, trying desperately to protect the secret. They would leave clues to the whereabouts to the Holy Grail, the sacred bloodline, even give names to high ranking members of the illuminati, a shadow government created to make major decisions, but it was all a charade. The real decision makers were the Council of Reference, a line of spiritual titans that would intercede and would overrule the illuminati’s authority. The church was still the controller and distributor of a majority of the world’s wealth; they had the control, but were a secret society – a kind of puppet master. Yes, it sounds underhand but it was the way it was done. Yes, yes, you knew about it; sometimes you would even catch a glimpse of the strings but you would never see the puppet master himself. The greatest of illusionists were the Council of Reference and could still be; we don’t know.’ Pastor Miles winked at Jason, knowing full well that would take some serious thought, or maybe he would take Pastor Miles’ word on the subject.

‘As you can see, Jason, it is very important that it remains a secret and this information cannot fall into the wrong minds, the type of minds that can be tempted. You see, that’s what these Dark Lords use, weak minded believers, just like Judas before them; he betrayed his beliefs and was tempted by greed. You do remember the seven deadly sins; well that’s what these Dark Lords use. Apart from their physical actions, the sins are their best and most used weapon of choice to use on believers.’

Jason had a burning question; his mind couldn’t think of anything else. ‘I have a question to ask if I may, Pastor Miles.’

‘Yes. Ask away, Jason,’ Miles said, intrigued by Jason’s new found enthusiasm. ‘How does a Master Disciple destroy a Dark Lord if they are immortal?’

‘Good question, Jason, and we will get to that important point in due course. Throughout history the M.D. found out the hard way, with many Master Disciple being killed. The best way was to remove their heads from their bodies. Many people have had a lot of different theories.’

Jason’s face had a look of panic all over it. ‘Beheading!’ He shouted out. He began to panic again, but Pastor Miles put a stop to it before it started,

‘Get a grip, Jason, and pull yourself together man.’ Pastor Miles’ tone was firm and commanded respect, and Jason quickly calmed himself.

Pastor Miles continued. ‘A good sharp strike to the back of the neck, the part where the spinal cord connects to the head would bring them down, but in most cases I’ve known, it’s best to remove the head totally to make sure of the kill. There is an alterative to killing them.’

‘And what is that?’ Jason asked, intriguingly.

‘It’s very rare, but they need to denounce the work of the evil one – Satan – and fall to their knees, seeking forgiveness for their evil doings and become a believer in Christ.’

‘Has anyone ever done that, that you’re aware of Pastor Miles?’

‘No, Jason, not in my life time.’

‘You see the mind is a fragile thing and once corrupted by evil it can dwell there forever, for an eternity in most cases’.

Jason gave a long sigh and paused for a moment before he spoke again. Then Miles got up and walked over to a picture on the wall; it was a picture of a waterfall and was a calming influence on the room until Jason found out what was behind it.

Miles pulled the picture and behind it was a cabinet, so Pastor Miles pulled out one of the drawers and then grabbed a case. It was about the length of a violin case but slimmer.

Miles brought the case over to Jason, sitting patiently, then he placed it on Jason’s lap. Pastor Miles lent over and unclipped it and then let Jason open it for himself.

‘Go on then, Jason. Open it. See for yourself,’ Paul said, wondering how Jason was going to handle this one.

Jason’s fingers were shaking and he felt very nervous. He had no idea what was in the case. All he kept thinking to himself was that it was too slim for a head to be in it, so what could be worse? He opened it and there it was, in its shinning glory, Pastor Miles’ sword. Jason gasped but then looked deep at the sword and was taken aback by its beauty. The sword was samurai in its style and the handle was made from an ivory-type material and was engraved with angels, archangels and cherubs. Right at the top was an engraved lion: its head at the head of the sword’s handle with its mouth open in mid-roar, symbolizing Christ as the head of the church.

Jason was in awe of such a weapon and then realized it was just that – a weapon that was designed to destroy – but he was still struck by its beauty and that this mighty piece of art should have been in a gallery or a museum, anywhere but not actually in use.

‘It’s ok, Jason. You can take it out of the case,’ Pastor Miles insisted.

Jason was starting to get a bit flustered and began to ramble on. ‘This reminds me of a film that I’ve seen; you know, Paul, the film with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert in. What was it called?’

Pastor Miles was dumbstruck at what Jason was saying out loud.

‘You know, Queen did the soundtrack for it. Highlander – that was it. They had to cut heads off men that lived forever.’

Paul was worried especially now Jason had a sword in his hands and was waving it about. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to give the sword to Jason to hold in the current state his mind was in. Miles took control of the situation after seeing the look on Paul’s face.

‘Ok, Jason. Just calm down and place the sword back in its correct and safe position, back in its case, eh, Jason.’

Pastor Miles nodded his head to Jason, trying to reassure him of the situation.

As Jason placed the sword back, Miles came out with some wise words for them both. ‘There’s no glory in death, any death. A lost soul is still a lost soul if one doesn’t have faith in God. It is the death of deaths. There will always be a way out of any situation for people who have faith and truly believe.’

Wise words that rung true in Jason and Paul’s mind. Paul especially found comfort in those words.

‘The most important thing to remember is to never go back on your beliefs. Never betray your belief system. Our faith is greater than anything that these Dark Lords can throw at us.’ Pastor Miles insisted on this.

Jason raised his hand to ask a question. Pastor Miles whole demeanour seemed to create a student/teacher relationship and Jason felt like the student now.

‘You have a question on your mind, Jason?’ Miles asked and tried hard not to smile at Jason with his hand raised like a young child.

‘Why do the Master Disciples, and the Dark Lords, use swords for there choice of weapons? Wouldn’t it be easier to use another form of weapon like a gun? After all, we now live in the modern world.’

‘Well, Jason. That is a good question but easy to answer; as well as being tradition, it is also a weapon that is hard to trace. A sword is an elegant weapon that commands respect and requires a lot of training to use with any effect. Guns, you see, require bullets and they leave a lot of evidence. Plus, a bullet won’t kill a Dark Lord; a sword will.’

Jason was struggling to retain his train of thought and asked Pastor Miles for a drink of water. He feared the worst and was waiting for the part when they would ask the doomed question.

Pastor Miles could sense the fear in Jason’s heart so he tried to address it. ‘The reason we are telling you this is because the way of the Master Disciple is that it can only be past on to family members and you know that Paul is too weak to take on the role of M.D.’

With that Jason jumped up from where he was sitting and shouted out ‘There’s no way I’m going to become this church’s Master Disciple. I can’t do it. I just can’t.’ Jason began to panic. He was starting to go into a kind of shock. His hands started to shake, his head was spinning inside and then he just passed out with the shock of it all.

A few moments later Pastor Miles and Pastor Paul had managed to bring the stricken Jason round and tried to reassure him that he wasn’t going to be the next Master Disciple.

‘No Jason, the reason we have told you is that we want you to help us find the church’s new Master Disciple, and as a new team is formed, we will defend this church to the end.’

Miles couldn’t have said it any clearer. Jason felt better but was still very nervous.


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